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Mount Quidamortem - What Is Its History?


There is a mountain in the Kebos Lowlands known as Mount Quidamortem. The Chambers of Xeric are located underneath Mount Quidamortem, and they are used as a staging area for many kinds of raids.

Violet Grass farming route Mingyun Village marked on a digital map
Violet Grass farming route Mingyun Village marked on a digital map


On the 1,740th day of the 36th decade, King Shayzien VII gave the command to send an expedition to the Kebos Lowlands in the west with the goal of expanding Great Kourend's borders and exploring new territories.

After 60 days, a team was put together to explore the area, with Mount Quidamortem as their main goal.

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The initial exploration of the lowlands was carried out by a surveying team in order to ascertain the level of danger and the scope of the expedition.

Since the expedition team was never seen again after leaving for the Kebos Lowlands, it was presumed that all of its members had been killed while out in the field.

As a result, the King announced that the mission had been a failure. However, an old journal written by King Shayzien VII in the 37th decade suggested that the expedition had some degree of success.

In the journal, King Shayzien VII wrote that the native lizards of the region were suitable for a certain experiment and that mass production was ready.

This suggested that the expedition had brought about some degree of success. It turned out that the lizardmen were the ones responsible for creating this.

The temple was home to a dangerous altar. It is believed that it was built sometime prior to the 38th decade.

On the western side of the mountain, a small cave was carved out, and inside of it, the construction of an altar was begun.

The power of this altar was unsteady, and it was similar to the power of the Dark Altar. However, the power of this altar was amplified so that it could reach as far as the Kebos Lowlands.

Xeric had made his entrance and taken control of Great Kourend shortly after King Shayzien VII had been killed in the Battle of the Concourse.

He ruled the kingdom from the 38th to the 47th decade of the kingdom's existence.

After being cast into exile in the years 332–347, he journeyed to Mount Quidamortem with the most devoted of his disciples.

Here, he explored the caves under the mountain and built the Chambers of Xeric to use the power of the crystals to make himself and everyone who followed him stronger.

A digital palace being constructed in a game
A digital palace being constructed in a game

In addition, it was assumed that the unstable altar that had been built ninety years earlier, prior to the time when he was exiled, had been used by him to lengthen his own life, much in the same way that the citizens of Arceus used the Dark Altar to lengthen their own lifespans.

Over a thousand years ago, Shayzien troops drove most of the lizardmen out of the Kebos Lowlands and into the caves below their colony.

Since then, different groups have been able to explore the Kebos Lowlands again.

After learning about its history, you might wanna know how do you get there. So, all details are given below.

Obtaining Your Objective

It is possible to get there swiftly through the Lovakengj Minecart Network.

However, in order to utilize the mine carts, the player needs to bring a mine control scroll from Miriam to Stuliette, and they also need to have favor with the Lovakengj faction of at least 65 percent.

Before they can do it, gamers have to make their way up to the mountain on foot.

Mount Quidamortem Fairy Ring

Players can get to the mountain by using a fairy ring (the code for which is djr and is described below in the features section), then walking southwest past Shayziens' Wall and running westward till they reach it.

Because there are hostile lizardmen of varying species patrolling the eastern slope of the mountain, it is recommended that some form of poison protection be utilized.


Just before reaching the base of the mountain, you should come across some large frogs and goblins roaming about the region.

At the foot of the mountain, there will be a sizeable population of rock crabs, in addition to several mountain troll encampments.

Finding And Utilizing Mountain Guide

When players get to the top of the mountain, they need to find the Mountain Guide and have a conversation with him in order to unlock a travel point that goes both ways between the mountain and the Wall.

In the event that players who do not have access to the Lovakengj Minecart Network desire to return to the mountain, this saves a significant amount of time for them.

In order for the Mountain Guide to make the mine cart travel option available, players first need to earn the required amount of favor with the Lovakengj and then bring the mine cart scroll to the appropriate NPCs.

After completing the Chambers of Xeric and getting an old tablet as a reward, players are able to put the tablet on Xeric's talisman to immediately teleport to the mountain if they have already done the Chambers of Xeric.

Some of its important features are described below.


The lake to the south of Historian Duffy has places for barbarians to fish, and it also has people and animals that live there.

In comparison to the sites at Baxtorian Falls, these locations are quite a bit closer to a bank, which is something that is very helpful when making use of the fish barrel.

Due to the fact that these mountain trolls are located in a multi-combat zone, a Dwarf multi cannon is a useful tool for completing troll-slaying missions.

A character walking on a mountain in a game
A character walking on a mountain in a game

Just like mountain crabs, frogs, and goblins, trolls are also there to stop you from achieving your goal.

So what are mountain trolls?

Mountain trolls are dangerous creatures that live in mountainous areas and patrol them. Most of the time, they are killed as part of a "troll" slayer task.

And how do you fight them?

Mountain Quidamortem Troll Safe Spot

There is no troll-safe spot, but there is a technique that you can use against them. Even though trolls heal quickly, poison can still hurt them.

Most of the time, they use crush weapons, which, when combined with their high strength, can hit pretty hard.

But they attack slowly and aren't very accurate, so players with high defense don't have to use protection prayers all the time. So you just need to be a high-defense player.

Trolls South of Mount Quidamortem | OSRS Slayer Guide/Location

People Also Ask

Where Is Mount Quidamortem?

In the Kebos Lowlands, there is a mountain called Mount Quidamortem. The Chambers of Xeric are under Mount Quidamortem. It is where raids start and end.

How Do I Get Into Mount Quidamortem?

The player will need to gain access to it quickly through the mine cart system that is associated with the Lovakengj House. However, the player will need to carry along a mine control scroll.

How Do You Use The Mountain Guide Osrs?

When players get to the top of the mountain, they need to find the Mountain Guide and talk to him in order to open a travel point between the mountain and the Wall that can be used in both directions.


The mountain's name meaning "certain death" is derived from the Latin words quidam and mortem, which are combined to form the name "Quidamortem."

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