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The Most Luxurious Retirement Home Upgrades for Happy Living


A happy home makes for a happy mind. It's pure science that people who are happier live longer, and since you spend most of your retirement at home, naturally it should be the ideal place to be. While there are plenty of technical upgrades you can make to prevent injury and maintain independence, there are additional perks worth exploring. You've worked hard to reach this point in your life, so why not enjoy it in luxury? Here are four home upgrades perfect for aging in place in the utmost style.

A Personal Elevator

Hydraulic lifts are the ultimate in residential elevators. They can hold two to four passengers and transcend floors in under 30 seconds. Create a private entrance to your bedroom, or eliminate a bulky staircase to make your living room more spacious. In addition to providing added modernity to the home, a residential elevator also helps prevent slips and fall injuries as you age.

A Spa Bathroom

Bathroom remodels are one of the most profitable home renovation projects, so if you ever decide to sell, you can expect a good ROI. But the real reason for choosing this upgrade is to pamper yourself every time you head to the restroom. Consider a walk-in steam shower, smart speakers to play relaxing music and a floating vanity. Don't forget to install mood lighting that can be adjusted to suit your mood and the time of day. If you've been thinking about ways to make your house more comfortable, heated flooring is another great choice. Opting for a non-slip, sustainable material like laminate or vinyl makes this upgrade both functional and fabulous.

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A Sunroom

A four-season sunroom may not be one of the top considerations when choosing a next stage living situation, but they are so beneficial if you can find one. They will allow you to feel welcome in nature no matter what the weather looks like. Enjoy peaceful summers with flowers in full bloom just beyond the window, then watch the leaves delicately fall from trees in autumn. If you live in a state with cold winters, nothing will beat bundling up to watch the snow fall through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. You can transform the room to suit your tastes. Perhaps you want an artist's studio for crafting or a home study with a view. The options are limitless, but one thing is certain is this will become your absolute favorite part of the house.

First-Level Master Suite

When it comes to aging in place, a first-floor bedroom can be a blessing for accessibility. It also adds some refinement to your home's layout, and it frees up space on the second floor. Another perk of a master bedroom on the ground floor is less clean up throughout the home. With an en-suite bathroom and laundry room close by, you will be able to keep everything tidy without having to continually pick up the whole house. You can aim for a cozy aesthetic, or you could opt for something more luxurious. Did you know that many hotel lines sell their linens and bedding for home use? Look for your favorites, and install some smart lights and shades for maximum comfort.

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Katya Ryder - School teacher, earned National Board Certification in 2013 I have a passion for science and majored in biology at Arizona State University, where I also earned teaching certificate and Master of Education.

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