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Marcia Harvey Steve Harvey's First Wife


Do you know who Marcia Harvey is? Yes, your guess is correct. She is related to Steve Harvey; precisely, she is Steve's ex-wife. They both divorced almost 25 years ago, then why is she a controversial topic nowadays? If you want to know the answers to all of these questions, continue to read this article, and you will find everything about Marcia Harvey.

Who Is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey is an American woman married to a famous TV host, actor, producer, and stand-up comedian, Steve Harvey. Steve is best known for hosting shows such as the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Food, Celebrity Family Food, and The Miss Universe.

Marcia Harvey was born on January 22, 1955, and grew up in Ohio. She met Steve Harvey at a friend's reception party, and then they fall in love with each other and started dating. Steve worked as an insurance salesman at the beginning of his career. The couple married in 1980.

They have three children: twin daughters, Carly and Brandy, born in 1982, and later in April 1991, Broderick Harvey Jr.

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As Steve became known as a stand-up comedian, the marriage between Steve and Marcia began to experience instability. He is accused of leaving his wife and children behind to fulfill his desire. The couple divorced when they had Broderick in 1990. They divorced in 1994 due to infidelity. Steve began dating and living with his second wife, Mary Lee before Marcia was legally divorced.

Following the divorce, Marcia withdrew from the campaign, but it is believed that she settled in Cleveland and began a relationship with Larry Greene. Currently, Marcia has become a grandmother. Her daughter Karli married Ben Raymond and had a baby now.

Marcia Harvey Age, Height, And Body Measurement

Marcia Harvey
Marcia Harvey

Marcia is almost 66 years old. She is 5'5" inches tall, which is 165 cm. Her weight is 62 kg. Although she is 66 years old, she has maintained herself well. Her body measurement is 34-25-35. Shoes with size 6 UK fits her perfectly. She has stunning black-colored eyes and Blonde hair.

Marcia Harvey Career

We knew very little about the early life of Marcia Harvey. We only knew that she was born into an African-American family, and they were not very wealthy. She started working in a department store called 'Saks Fifth Avenue.'

A few years later, she met Steve at a mutual friend's reception party. The two were in love and married in 1980. In 1982, the couple had twin daughters.

However, by that time, Steve was starting to get volatile in his job and wanted to get involved in entertainment, especially stand-up comedy. It caused a lot of dispute between him, and Marcia and reports indicate that they have lived together since the 1990s.

Marcia Harvey's notable fame came from her marriage to Steve Harvey and her divorce. Although the facts that led to the divorce in 1994 were kept secret, there were no indications that Marcia was pregnant with their third child when things completely broke up.

Marcia finally filed for divorce in 1993. When Steve Harvey refused to provide divorce, livelihood, and child support, Marcia had to consult the law. Then, since she was a very independent woman, she started her fashion line and had a successful career.

The exact details of how she could keep the family together and raise the children safely and happily have not been discussed. As a single mother, she had to look after her three young children, do work, and hold a permanent job. Her humble nature-inspired her three children to dedicate themselves to the great success of life.

Marcia Harvey also became an author and later published her first book of poetry in her life, Marcia: Eyes to the Soul. Released in April 2011, the book is dedicated to Steve and her life after her divorce. Although the book was not a great success, she wrote two more books: Marcia: Poems from the Heart (2011) and Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind (2014).

Since childhood, she has developed a keen interest in writing. She also writes poems from a very young age. She wrote these poems in her high and downtime. In these poems, she speaks about her journey to find love, growing up, losing the love of her life, and rediscovering her life.

She is a successful businesswoman as well. She has accomplished many business ventures and also owns a clothing line. Although she came to the limelight after her marriage to Steve Harvey, she is considered a truly independent woman.

Marcia Harvey
Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey's Divorce With Steve Harvey

Many of you may remember Marcia from the 2005 publicity campaigns after her divorce. She ran an exception campaign against her ex-husband. She claimed that Steve cheated on his current wife, Marjorie, and was responsible for their marriage's death.

Here Is A Quick Timeline So You Should Not Be Confused

  • 1980-1994: Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey got married (first wife)
  • 1982: Steve and Marcia Harvey have twins, Brandy and Carly
  • 1991: Their third son Broderick was born
  • 1990: Steve met Marjorie. (third wife)
  • 1996-2005: Steve and Mary got married. (second wife)
  • 1997: Steve and Mary had a son named Wynton.
  • 2005: Steve and Marjorie reunite and start dating
  • 2008: Steve and Marjorie got married.

Steve Harvey left Marcia and his three children to continue the comedy scene. When he started gaining fame, he left his family completely. Needless to say, it caught Marcia's attention a lot. After the divorce was confirmed in 1994, the court ordered Steve to pay $36,000 a month to support Marcia. But Steve gave nothing. Marcia had to file an affidavit in court.

Steve Harvey was found guilty of failing to pay support to his wife and kids. The divorce proceedings revealed that Steve lived with his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, before his divorce from Marcia. The matter was later resolved.

Marcia Harvey's Net Worth

There is no doubt that Marcia Harvey-Steve Harvey's first wife earned enough money for herself over the years from her job, business, and book sales. Her assets are estimated at $15 million. Furthermore, she has maintained her lavish lifestyle, but she hasn't revealed the exact salary figure.

Marcia got $6.5 million for a divorce settlement with Steve Harvey and another house in California worth $110000. Some reporters claimed that her net worth is about $10 million.

Her husband, Steve Harvey, has a net worth of $160 million. He has a supreme career in comedy and hosting television shows. He owns some costly assets across the USA. He has a house in Atlanta, Georgia, worth $3.4 million.

Marcia Harvey
Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook

Marcia Harvey is not the kind of person who shares everything on social media. And that is why we knew little about her early life. Although Marcia is not active on social media, we can see a glimpse of her life through her daughter Karli Harvey's Instagram stories. She also posts photos of her mother as she loves her so much.


Well, it has been said that behind every successful man, there's a woman. In this case, Marcia was the one who was with Steve in his hard time. But Steve left her when she needed him the most. Overall, they have a friendly relationship now. Marcia proved that women could be successful at any age; all you need passion and motivation.

I hope this article helps you to find information about Marcia. Tell us about which celebrity you want to know in the next article. Till then check out Olivia Washington.

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