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Katia Washington - Denzel Washington's Daughter


The lesser identified, young daughter of the well-known actor Denzel Washington, Katia Washington has greatly identified her personal career within the same trade. In distinction to her father, Katia is in love with behind-the-scenes work.

She is an assistant producer, editorial assistant, and in addition works on different elements of filmmaking earning herself a place on The Equalizer (2014), Fences (2016) and Django Unchained (2012).

Who Is Katia Washington?

Katia Washington with her whole family in a formal event
Katia Washington with her whole family in a formal event

Born on the 27th November 1987, in Los Angeles, California USA, Katia is the daughter of Pauletta and Denzel Washington, the second oldest of 4 kids - she has two brothers, John David and Malcolm, and a sister Olivia; Malcolm and Olivia Washington are twins. Her siblings are interested in the film and entertainment industry and have confirmed their performing abilities to the world, with John already earning himself a number of awards, and is the star of the present "Ballers".

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Katia attended a number of the most prestigious non-public colleges in Los Angeles, and upon matriculation, enrolled at Yale School, ultimately graduating in 2010 with a level in Arts.

Growing up Katia Washington got all the love from one of the most accomplished and celebrated Hollywood actors of the time, Denzel Washington, her father. He once said in an interview that Katia is especially fond of dancing and that would start dancing to any tune under the sun, earning her the family title of 'Dancing Little Bird'.

Katia's background allows her to have an innate connection with the movie business which she plans to explore to her heart's content. She has attached herself to various acclaimed film projects and has mainly involved herself in various roles behind the camera. She has explored the fields of acting and has tried her hands at direction as well.

She is quite the reclusive figure and we guess that's one of the perks of having been associated with the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the movie industry - complete privacy! (but she's frequently asked if she is a lesbian and that can be quite awkward so let's clear it up).

Full nameKatia Washington
ParentsFather: Denzel Washington, Mother: Paulette Washington
SiblingsJohn David Washington (Brother), Malcolm Washington (Brother), Olivia Washington (Sister)
Net worth$1,000,000

The Prolonged Marriage Of Her Parents

Denzel and his wife Pauletta are enjoying a prosperous professional career and a happy marriage. The power couple started dating before getting married after meeting on the set of the TV movie Wilma. In a secret wedding ceremony, they were married in June 1983. They have been married for almost 40 years, and things are still going well for them every day.

Causes She Supports And Hobbies

Katia And Colleen Are Adamant Supporters Of LGBTQ Rights

The couple also attended a few of LGBTQ campaigns and women's rights marches together, implying a probable romance. Colleen, in particular, is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ rights.

Colleen, Her Rumored Partner, Also Works Off-screen

According to online tabloids, Katia's rumored partner also works behind the camera. She is a professional costume designer who has worked on various films and television series.

Her Interests Include Dancing And Singing

Her father, Denzel, previously stated that his daughter, Katia, has been nicknamed "Dancing Little Bird" in the family, and would start dancing to any melody.

Washington enjoys singing songs as well. She was a member of Yale's A Capella group.

Is Katia Washington A Lesbian?

Katia & Dashawn Washington

Katia likes to maintain issues from her private life as distant as possible from the media, nevertheless, rumors of her sexuality arose within the last couple of years, principally as a consequence of her photos in association with her famous family. Some sources reported her as being a lesbian and even in an interracial relationship with one other lady. Nonetheless, all these studies stay unfaithful till Katia publicly speaks out.

However, some extra sleuth fans of hers dug up a few photos of the woman whom Katia is assumed to be dating. Her name is Colleen and she also works behind the scenes of the entertainment world as a costume designer, according to her bios.

On her social media pages, fans pointed out that Colleen has several pics of herself with the elusive Katia Washington, the very daughter of Denzel Washington, even including her in her profile photo!

"So I was snooping around trying to find some info on my favorite actor Denzel, and I stumbled upon his daughters Katia's facebook page," wrote one fan online. "So I look at more of her pics and this who has her profile pic as her and Katia. Click on her page and she has some more photos of them together. Her name is Colleen. … If this is actually true congrats to Katia! I don't think I'm 'outing' her (if true) since these are public."

Katia and Colleen have also attended women's right's march together and Colleen is a proud advocate of LGBTQ rights.


As of now Katia has not ventured into any acting roles like her siblings Olivia and John David, but has donned several roles in various arenas of filmmaking.

Yale graduate Katia Washington was thrown into the spotlight after her father told GQ that she worked on the 2012 Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained. Yep, Katia's career began in 2012, when she landed a job as an editorial manufacturing assistant on the highly-acclaimed western drama movie "Django Unchained", directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The Oscar-worthy movie starred Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio amongst others. It was nominated for the Oscar and when the film won, there are now two Oscar winners in the Washington clan!

The film's IMDb page says the 28-year-old served as an editorial production assistant.

Her father proudly said: "My oldest daughter — I see her digging her independence," Washington told the magazine. "She doesn't like me talking about it, but she's working with Tarantino."

Two years later she was an assistant on the movie "The Equalizer", which starred her father alongside Chloe Grace Moretz and Marton Csokas. From there, Katia labored on the movie "The Start of a Nation" in 2016, and according to Katia's IMDb page, she also worked as an associate producer on her father's film Fences. Katia Washington has also acted as an assistant on Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation.

Most lately, Katia was co-producer of the movie "Assassination Nation". All of those tasks contributed to Katia's recognition, nevertheless, she nonetheless stays higher identified to the world because of the daughter of Denzel Washington.

Katia Washington's Net Worth

As of 2022, she has a $1 million fortune. She primarily earns money by working in the background. In addition, Denzel, her father, is thought to be worth $250 million as of 2022.

The legendary actor resides in a home in Los Angeles, California. In the gated neighborhood of Beverly Park, the estate boasts a pool and tennis court.

Katia Washington’s Father, Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington smiling and wearing a suit on stage
Denzel Washington smiling and wearing a suit on stage

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. was born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York, USA, to Pentecostal minister father Denzel Hayes Washington Sr. and beauty salon owner mother Lennis. After his parents split up when he was 14, his mom enrolled him at Oakland Military Academy.

After that, he attended Mainland High School and then, upon graduating, enrolled at Fordham University, where he eventually earned a BA in 1977. After deciding to give acting a shot professionally, he continued his study at Fordham University's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and then spent a year at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California.

Denzel Washington's Net Worth

Denzel has been in over 50 films and TV programs since beginning his career, all of which have added to his wealth. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Denzel Washington is? According to credible sources, Washington's net worth might be as high as $250 million. He certainly deserved every penny.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Katia Washington?

She is currently 34 years old as of time of writing this article, her birthday is on November 27, 1987.

What Does Denzel Washington Daughter Do?

Despite the fact that Katia Washington is still predominantly known as Denzel Washington's daughter, she has worked really hard to establish her own name and is steadily progressing through the numerous production and creative positions required for a career in filmmaking. It is undeniable that she may have an advantage because of her last name, but it is also undeniable that she is destined to succeed in movies regardless of the character she chooses to play.

Despite coming from a well-known and media-savvy family, Katia is the most private member of the Washington clan. She avoids the spotlight and prefers to toil away in secrecy. She is keen to establish her value before entering the spotlight of the media, which is unusual for star kids who are typically used to and even a little dependent on all the attention.

Does Denzel Washington Have Twins?

Soon after getting married, Pauletta, who is also an actress, and Denzel began their family. John David, the couple's eldest child, was born in 1984, and Katia, their daughter, was born in 1987. Malcolm and Olivia, their twins, joined the family in 1991, completing it.


Although Katia is still primarily recognized as Denzel Washington's daughter, she has worked very hard to make a name for herself and is gradually working her way through various production and creative roles necessary for a career in filmmaking. It cannot be denied that she may have an advantage due to her surname, but at the same time it is undeniable that movies are in her genes

While her siblings and parents have enjoyed a lifetime of being in front of the camera, some a little more than others (looking at you Oscar-winning Denzel), Katia Washington is more partial to being behind the scenes, and with good reason! Hope you liked this bio of hers!

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