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Top 14 John Cusack Movies You Should Watch Right Now!


Cusack was born in the city of Evanston, Illinois, in the year 1966. Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), the son of writer-actor-producer and documentary filmmaker Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), was born into an Irish Catholic family in New York City. Ann and Joan, John's sisters, are also actresses. Bill and Susie Cusack are Cusack's other siblings.

The family relocated to Illinois from Manhattan, New York. and activist Philip Berrigan were pals. Cusack graduated from Evanston Township High School in 1984, where he met Jeremy Piven and attended New York University for a year before leaving out due to "too much fire in his belly," as he put it.

Cusack was born in the city of Evanston, Illinois, in the year 1966. Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), the son of writer-actor-producer and documentary filmmaker Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), was born into an Irish Catholic family in New York City. Ann and Joan, John's sisters, are also actresses. Bill and Susie Cusack are Cusack's other siblings.
Cusack was born in the city of Evanston, Illinois, in the year 1966. Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), the son of writer-actor-producer and documentary filmmaker Richard J. Cusack (1925–2003), was born into an Irish Catholic family in New York City. Ann and Joan, John's sisters, are also actresses. Bill and Susie Cusack are Cusack's other siblings.

The Journey Of Natty Gann (1985)

An early Disney adventure picture with a shockingly gloomy and realistic location and tone, not to mention a female heroine and a wild animal companion.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/john-cusack-movies/ by Adaline Fritz on 2021-10-12T22:07:54.971Z

Natty's trip is set against the background of the Great Depression, and one of her mentors is fellow traveler Harry, portrayed by John Cusack.

Natty is raised by an outspoken union organizer, which was a hazardous career in the 1930s, and Harry assists her in learning the intricacies of life on the railroads.

This underappreciated and somewhat unknown example of Cusack's performance as a supporting character will appeal to both adults and children.

The Journey of Natty Gann - Trailer

Anastasia (1997)

The last royal kings of Russia were killed by revolutionaries, according to the official narrative, but whispers and conspiracy theories about a potential survivor never truly went down.

Con artists preyed on individuals looking for lost kings or fascinated with romantic notions of finding a hidden princess, and one of them, Dimitri, is played by John Cusack in Anastasia.

This animated version is beautiful to look at and includes the voices of Meg Ryan and Christopher Lloyd, among others.

On the negative side, it goes beyond comic-book-style absurdity, such as an undead Rasputin as one of the villains.

🎥 ANASTASIA (1997) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

Runaway Jury (2003)

Runaway Jury is one of the most fascinating legal thrillers of the 2000s, based on John Grisham's powerful book.

Nicholas Easter, a hesitant jury in a high-profile case against a weapons manufacturer, is played by John Cusack, alongside Academy Award winners Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, and Rachel Weisz.

The case, as well as the attorneys and jury members, quickly became enmeshed in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse to decide legal success. The film has received positive reviews, including from author John Grisham, who described it as a "clever, exciting" picture.

Runaway Jury Trailer [HQ]

Say Anything (1989)

Cameron Crowe's films have a reputation for polarizing viewers. Some people can't stand their mushy emotions. Others just put their heads down and go along with the ride.

Among all of Crowe's films, this is the one that nearly everyone agrees is a masterpiece. The film is pure Cusack, maybe most known for the classic ghetto blaster scene.

No one does sweet and hilarious in equal measure like him, as Carley pointed out in our look back at the film, and many would argue that he has never bettered his performance here.

It's a strong performance that elevates the picture above the ordinary, and although the film does get stuck in my throat at times, I can't complain. After all, this is Cameron Crowe.

Say Anything... (1989) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

In the same picture, Cusack and Ackroyd. It's an intriguing idea to see two deadpan comic artists go toe to toe with one other, and it pays off handsomely. In this hilarious story of assassins and school reunions that take The high concept to new heights, the interaction between the two is the true attraction.

They don't spend much time on screen together, but that's okay. Grosse Pointe Blank was a well-deserved success when it was released, especially considering that it was a dark comedy at points.

Grosse Pointe Blank Trailer

The Thin Red Line (1998)

Cusack portrays Captain John Gaff, a seen-too-much, thoughtful soldier attempting to do his best under terrible circumstances, in an ensemble cast for an ensemble picture.

The photography and Jim Caviezel's superb performance in Terrence Malick's meditation on war and grief, however, are the real stars of Terrence Malick's meditation on war and loss, which he has struggled to live up to ever since.

Saving Private Ryan, which was released the same year, receives all of the accolades and attention, but The Thin Red Line is an excellent film that deserves at least as much acclaim as Spielberg's effort.

🎥 THE THIN RED LINE (1998) | Full Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

Better Off Dead (1985)

Better Off Dead is one of the most brutal adolescent black comedies of the 1980s, despite its lack of critical acclaim at the time. Fortunately, it has become a cult classic with a modern following.

Lane Myer is a suburban ski bum who, after being rejected by his fiancée, finds himself desperately seeking an end to his life or a way back to his ex-girlfriend. Cusack plays Lane Myer.

In addition to Cusack's sad comedy, the picture also includes rock-solid music and a beautiful stop-motion scene of hamburgers and fries coming to life. Overall, Better Off Dead is one of the most underappreciated films of the 1980s.

Better Off Dead... 1985 Trailer | John Cusack | Kim Darby

Eight Men Out (1988)

There are many great must-see films for baseball and cinema fans. Eight Men Out is one of the finest dramas on the market.

The film is a semibiographical depiction of the 1919 World Series and the subsequent "Black Sox Scandal," in which eight Chicago White Sox players plotted to lose the World Series on purpose via a gambling scheme.

Buck Weaver, one of the individuals accused of participation, is played by Cusack. Cusack and actor Charlie Sheen were both casts in the film because of their baseball skills as well as their acting abilities.

Eight Men Out Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Lloyd Movie (1988) HD

The Grifters (1990)

Isn't John Cusack a cool guy? With only one viewing of The Grifters, you'll know the answer: very awesome.

Cusack portrays small-time conman Roy Dillon with the confidence we've come to expect from him, and The Grifters is a career-high that has many wondering why he didn't capitalize on the film's popularity throughout the rest of his career. Obviously, the film is a classic.

What's worth noting, though, is how at ease Cusack is throughout the picture, once again portraying the main guy with an almost carefree self-assurance that has since become his trademark.

With him, you always know what you're getting, and The Grifters was the film that established his position among Hollywood's best.

The Grifters trailer 1990

Being John Malkovich (1999)

This is a wonderful short film. When commercial and music video filmmaker Spike Jonze revealed that he was going to create a feature picture, the world knew it was in for a treat. What it didn't realize was how much fun it was going to have along the way.

Being John Malkovich is a strange film that takes us inside actor John Malkovich's mind, and it's he who steals the show with a virtuoso performance that exposes him to the world.

It's one of the best and funniest performances I've seen in the past decade or so, and if you haven't watched it yet, I strongly advise you to do so immediately.

Cusack, on the other hand, portrays depressed puppeteer Craig Schwartz fairly straight, but it's his complete desperation in his portrayal that sticks out the most, showing a vulnerability that he'd never really exhibited before.

John Malkovich - 1999 Being John Malkovich Trailer

High Fidelity (2000)

Con Air, my personal favorite Cusack picture, is only beaten to the top position by its big-screen sensibility. You can't dispute that Con Air is the film you'd see every day of the week, while High Fidelity requires you to be in the proper mindset. This is due in part to Jack Black's somewhat irritating acting and in part to the film's lowbrow character.

It's a slow burner at first, but once it gets going, it soars. Cusack is fantastic as Rob Gordon, exuding all the slacker charm you'd expect from an indie film hero.

Cusack was born to play this part, and he relishes the opportunity to portray the main guy. Cusack's performance is what keeps me coming back to the picture time and time again since he is always funny when required to be and always makes Gordon a character you truly sympathize with, no matter how much of a jerk he is.

"High Fidelity (2000)" Theatrical Trailer

The Butler (2013)

John Cusack plays Richard Nixon in a film that includes many actors portraying notable historical characters. Cecil Gaines, a former slave who became a White House butler and watched the best and worst of US administrative authority for many decades until the Civil Rights movement culminated in a personal and professional reckoning, is the protagonist of this tale.

Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House for more than 30 years, is the inspiration for the film.

The Butler [2013] Official Trailer

The Sure Thing (1985)

What a concept: traveling the length of the nation to get your tail between your legs. Nowadays, the concept has been done to death, with the American Pie group taking the lead.

Back in 1985, though, it was The Sure Thing that brought broad humor to the big screen, and it was John Cusack who, as John ‘Gib' Gibson, was acting against type in many respects.

Naturally, Gib bonds with his road trip companion Alison, and his "sure thing" begins to fade as he realizes there's more to life than beach beauties. The Sure Thing is a picture from its day that could not be produced now without devolving into a clumsy, laddish attempt. This, on the other hand, is a really lovely short film.

The Sure Thing (Trailer) (1985).avi

Con Air (1997)

Con Air is without a doubt one of the best action films ever produced, and it's the epitome of a guilty pleasure. The picture is a tour-de-force of style over substance, with fantastical action scenes, ridiculous lines (never will the terms bunny and box be used in the same sentence again), and a slew of goofy, over-the-top performances that harken back to the action movies of the 1980s.

Then there's Cusack's portrayal as US Marshall Vince Larkin in the film. This occurred at a very good time for Cusack's Hollywood career, coming a year after the sleeper smashes Grosse Pointe Blank, and he's in top form here.

While Nic Cage is swinging his hair and flexing his biceps, he's the calm, reasonable everyman with whom viewers can empathize; he's a vital counterpoint to all the nonsense on screen.

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