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Jessica Ditzel - From Being A Cocktail Waitress To A Well-known Model


If you are a fan of Joe Rogan then you probably know his wife, Jessica Ditzel. The fact that Jessica Ditzel is married to Joe, who is one of the most successful comedians working today is largely responsible for her rise to prominence as a successful TV producer in her own right.

Jessica and Joe continue to maintain their privacy despite the public attention that they receive. But today we will focus on Jessica Ditzel and the things you need to know about her.

Jessica Ditzel Facts

Jessica Sloan Ditzel, a beautiful woman who used to be a model, was born on July 18, 1975 in Sugar Land, Texas, to an American family that belonged to the middle class. The marriage of the 47-year-old celebrity to the well-known television host and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan was the catalyst for her rise to fame.

Jessica Ditzel in a black top while posing on camera
Jessica Ditzel in a black top while posing on camera

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They started dating after meeting each other in a bar in Los Angeles where she was working as a bartender, and they tied the knot not long after that. They currently raise their three beautiful daughters in Bell Canyon, California, with Jessica's older daughter from a previous relationship and their own two. Even though they try to keep a low profile for their family, there are a few things that are generally known about this extremely private group.

Short Bio

BirthNameJessica Ditzel
Known AsJessica
Date Of Birth18 July 1975
Current Age47 Years
Birth Place Sugar Land, Texas
HometownTexas, US
ProfessionFormer Model
Zodiac SignCancer
Religion Christianity


When Joe and Jessica began dating, there was a lot of speculation and rumors that it was just a fling that wouldn't last. They had their first daughter, Lola, in 2008, much to everyone's surprise, and a year later they married in a very private wedding ceremony in California.

Jessica Ditzel with her kids walking on the street
Jessica Ditzel with her kids walking on the street

They welcomed their second daughter, Rosy Rogan, the following year and have been a happy family ever since. Joe also legally adopted Jessica's previous relationship's daughter, Kayja Rose, and they lived happily ever after, so to speak.

Jessica's parents are unknown, except that she has a sibling, an older sister named Trinity Ditzel, who also stays out of the spotlight. Jessica and her husband have accomplished the nearly impossible task of keeping their family private in Hollywood. This is what makes this family mysterious and adds to the mystery surrounding Jessica's identity.


Ditzel received his high school diploma from Doherty High School, which was located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the year 1993. After that, she attended California State University–Long Beach, from which she received her bachelor's degree.

However, very little information is available regarding the subject matter of her studies or the major she pursued there. At the age of 21, she gave birth to her daughter Kayja Rose, and she brought her up as a single mother up until the year 2008, when she married Joe.


After she graduated from college, Jessica Ditzel held a variety of jobs, including those as a model for EM Model Management, an assistant for Rent-A-Car Enterprise, a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports, and a waitress in a cocktail bar.

Her modeling career never really took off, despite the fact that she worked for a wide variety of brands and participated in a great number of advertising campaigns and endorsements over the years.

She has established herself as a prominent figure in the field of television production, and she is responsible for the production of a significant number of her husband's shows. In addition to that, she has been heard on a few of Joe's podcasts and can be seen working behind the camera in the majority of his films and shows.

Many of her husband's shows have been attributed to her as being a significant driving force behind their creation. One of Jessica's major project is a documentary entitled "Hollywood and divine: Beauty secrets revealed,"

Jessica Ditzel Husband

Joe Rogan, a well-known comedian and podcaster, married the talented comedian and podcaster Jessica Ditzel. In 2009, she announced her engagement to her husband.

Jessica Ditzel walking with her Husband Joe Rogan
Jessica Ditzel walking with her Husband Joe Rogan

Prior to beginning this relationship, Jessica was already the mother of a daughter named Kayja Conor, whom she had with her previous husband, Kevin Conor, who passed away in a car accident when Jessica was just 21 years old. Her former husband was the lead singer and guitarist for the band H-Town.

Joe Rogan Fast Facts

On August 11, 1967, Joe Rogan was born in the city of Newark in the state of New Jersey. He was always very interested in martial arts from a young age. At the age of 21, despite having had a brief career as an amateur fighter, he decided to retire from the sport out of fear of getting injured.

Joe Rogan smiling during an interview
Joe Rogan smiling during an interview

While Rogan had previously appeared on UFC programming, Fear Factor was his first foray into mainstream popularity. Rogan agreed to host the show because it would inspire him to create content for his own shows. It's no coincidence that Rogan's stand-up career took off after he hosted Fear Factor.

The show ended in 2006, but it is still considered part of American television history. Rogan will be forever associated with that ambitious television project. Rogan made his UFC debut as an interviewer at UFC 12. He stayed with the promotion for a few years before leaving due to low pay.

However, when Zuffa purchased the UFC in 2001, Rogan was brought back. Because he was such a sports fan, he agreed to do shows for just a bunch of tickets.


Kayja Connor, Lola Rogan, and Rosy Rogan are the names of Jessica's three daughters. The ages of Kayja and Lola are 18 and 13 respectively, while Rosy is only 11 years old.

Physical Stats

Jessica Is A Beautiful Woman With Endearing Qualities. She is a role model for many aspiring models, and at 46, she still looks as beautiful as she did when she was younger.

She used to stay fit by going to the gym and doing cardio exercises every day. She is 178 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 58 kilograms. Her hair is light blonde, and her eyes are dark brown.

  • Height - In Centimeters - 178 Cm, In Meters - 1.78 M, In Feet & Inches - 5’ 10”
  • Weight - In Kilograms - 58 Kg, In Pounds - 127 Lbs
  • Eye Color - Brown
  • Hair Color - Blonde

Jessica Ditzel Networth

Recently, it is anticipated that her net worth is $3-5 Million USD. Both she and her husband put in long hours of work so that they could afford the celebrity lifestyle and still have time for their families.

A hand writing the word Networth
A hand writing the word Networth

They just recently purchased a brand new home in Bell Canyon, California, for the price of $5 Million in 2018.


Jessica Ditzel and Jessica Shimmel are often mistaken as the same person. Because both of the celebrities look very similar to one another, the majority of people get them confused with one another. Despite the fact that we should not compare one woman to another, the notion that any two women are identical is currently igniting a controversy that is rapidly spreading.

In point of fact, they both got married in the same year, 2009, and this is the only thing that they have in common with one another. Jessica Ditzel is married to well-known comedian Joe Regan, while Lynn Shimmel is the daughter of well-known comedian Robert Schimmel.

People Also Ask

How Did Joe Rogan Meet Jessica Ditzel?

Rogan met Jessica while she was working as a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles in 2001. They married in 2009, just over a year after their first child was born. "I had to [marry]," Rogan told the Palm Beach Post in a July 2019 interview.

How Many Kids Does Jessica Ditzel Have?

Jessica Conner is the mother of three children, two from her current husband Joe and one from her previous husband, Late Keven Conner. Rosy, the couple's 11-year-old daughter, and Lola, the couple's 13-year-old daughter.

How Did Jessica Ditzel Meet Joe Rogan?

It was reported that Rogan and Ditzel first met in the year 2001. At that time, Ditzel was employed in the hospitality industry as a cocktail waitress. It is believed that the couple began dating not long after that; however, not much information regarding their courtship is known.


The former fashion model has a figure that is curvy, attractive, and sensual, and she weighs approximately 127 pounds. It should not come as a surprise that she always looks fashionable and possesses what seems to be excellent taste as well as an appreciation for luxury, given that she has the financial means to do so.

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