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What Is Instalkr And Its Alternatives


The ability to upload pictures and videos as 24-hour stories is one of Instagram's most popular features. When a user uploads a story, it is immediately visible to those who have already viewed it. Now, there are a variety of reasonable reasons why someone would wish to view another user's tale while maintaining their anonymity.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that allow you to remain entirely anonymous when reading Instagram stories or even accessing a private profile. Online solutions together referred to as Instagram Story Viewers enable you to browse Instagram and its numerous user profiles in complete anonymity. These tools include a number of capabilities that let users see Instagram accounts even if they are not enrolled on the popular social networking platform. There is Instalkr and other alternative tools for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are Instagram Stories On Average?

A single Instagram story may run up to 15 seconds. The app or website automatically breaks longer content into numerous 15-second segments.

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Can You See How Many Times Someone Viewed Your Instagram?

Currently, Instagram users cannot see how many times a single individual has watched their Story. As of June 10, 2021, the Story feature only keeps track of total views. However, you may find that the number of views is greater than the number of times your Story has been watched. This is because, as per Instagram, the number of story views will include replays of your Story.

Regrettably, there is no way to determine who repeated your story. Therefore, if the number of views exceeds the number of individuals, you may presume that someone saw your Story more than once. This is advantageous if you don't want to be caught rewatching your crush's Story over and again (and over), but detrimental if you're attempting to determine whether your crush is doing the same for you.

Does Instagram Anonymous Viewing Work?

You may access Instagram Stories anonymously by using another account or, to a certain extent, by going on airplane mode. Third-party websites and applications that offer anonymous Instagram Story watching are prone to being unreliable and insecure, while some do function.

What Is Instalkr?

Instalkr is a one-of-a-kind web service. Without having an Instagram account, the service may be used to rapidly acquire access to a public Instagram account. With the assistance of Instalkr, you may browse an Instagram account anonymously and examine their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without drawing attention to yourself.

The program will even display your stories or posts that the account has removed. Additionally, you may not only view but also save videos and photographs from any Instagram account. All Instalkr needs is a username and it will instantly grant you access to any Instagram account, as long as it is public. It's simple to use, lightning-fast, and free. It's an excellent way to monitor or spy on an account that's important to you discreetly.

Features Of Instalkr

  • Find out who stalked your account
  • Get notified when someone have stopped following you
  • Find who blocked your account
  • See your fans who stalked your profile
  • See how many likes your photos have received
  • Followers Increase and Fall Tracking
  • See your inactive followers and unfollow them
  • View stories anonymously
  • Access to deleted stories, video, and photos
  • Download photos and videos
  • Free to use

Instalkr Alternatives


Pixwox logo
Pixwox logo

Pixwox makes it simple to download and read Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and Instagram posts in the format of your choice. Apart from allowing you to explore your preferred username via it, Pixwox also allows you to download or view them in your own style.

Users may easily download or see private or public accounts. Among the supported and popular hashtags are girl, life, sports, happy, beauty, love, fashion, art, food, and travel, among others.

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories logo
Qoob Stories logo

Qoob Stories is a supercharged Instagram Story reader and bulk downloader of anything uploaded on the social media network. It enables the download of virtually everything posted on Instagram. This section contains narratives, photographs, and videos. Additionally, it can do this function from both public and private Instagram accounts.

Qoob Stories requires simply that you submit your desired login and instantly grants you the right to watch their stories anonymously. Additionally, you may effortlessly download high-quality videos and photographs with information from Instagram profiles.

Additionally, you may automate the entire process of storing stories by linking your preferred account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader. It will begin downloading stuff from that account to your mobile or computer device automatically.

Qoob Stories is an incredible application that allows you to instantly download any video, photo, or narrative content from a public or private account. Its standout feature is its ability to automatically download material from your favorite Instagram account.


Instastories webpage
Instastories webpage

InstaStories allows you to browse and read Instagram stories anonymously from the individuals you wish to see. All you have to do on our anonymous IG browser is input the required username in the search field and hover over the search icon to retrieve the results.

Simply put the desired username in the search field and the platform will take care of the rest. Simply add your chosen usernames to the favorites list and have easy access to them at any time.


Ingramer logo
Ingramer logo

Ingramer is a good alternative to Instalkr since it allows you to read and download stories as well as posts. If you are barred by an account or do not have an Instagram account, you can see a specific profile using the profile viewer feature.

Additionally, Ingramer simplifies the process of downloading Instagram photos and videos. To download a video, simply copy the URL and paste it into the tool. There is no direct method to download a video from an Instagram profile. You can, however, do so using the Ingramer Downloader Tool.


Dumpor webpage
Dumpor webpage

Would you like to read Instagram stories in an anonymous way? Yes, it is the ideal platform for stalking individuals without their knowledge. This platform enables you to view your selected Instagram stories without disclosing your name. It maintains the secrecy of your stalking and never shares it with others. You may examine the profiles of individuals you're interested in, learn about their followers, Instagram stories, and tagged posts anonymously.

Dumpor is an excellent alternative to Instalkr since it not only allows anonymous viewing of posts and stories but also allows you to search Instagram for posts connected to certain hashtags or places without requiring an account.

I appreciate that it allows you to search for accounts that are similar to the ones you're interested in. For instance, typing Kim Kardashian into the search field would return not only the official Kim Kardashian account but also other fan profiles.

This tool is advantageous if you need to conduct research on an account but do not know the precise username. Additionally, it may be used for other purposes, such as viewing all of the top accounts related to "New York City."


There are several legitimate reasons to browse an Instagram account privately. Whether it's to spy on a competitor's profile, to determine an Influencer's reach, or to monitor your child's profile as a parent, an Instagram Story Viewer is unquestionably required by many.

All of the tools mentioned above execute this role expertly. They let you browse a story anonymously, download high-quality information, and share it online, all without requiring you to create an account.

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