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IHG Merlin – A Guide For InterContinental Hotels Group Employees


IHG has set up an intranet system called IHG Merlin that can be used by everyone who works for IHG. This way, all of these hotels can communicate with each other on the same platform. This is how IHG linked all of its hotels around the world: Hotels that were far away worked with the company to make sure that they had business intelligence and could see how each other's businesses were doing. A team of more than 220 people from all over the world worked on the project at the same time.

IHG Merlin is the main source of news, HR, and corporate information for IHG. It also has a huge library of training opportunities and other resources for employees. Agents who work for a company like IHG can use Merlin to do their work for the IHG Agent University Course and learn more about their brands and how to make the best decisions for their customers.

Adding the IHG GM Programme to your Merlin Favourites

What's The Scoop With IHG Merlin?

They connected all of their hotels around the world to Merlin, their intranet system (the website all IHG employees use). This way, all of their hotels could talk to one another. People from more than 220 countries worked on this project to make sure all hotels had business intelligence and could see how each other was doing in real time. This was a problem for some of the more remote properties. They were able to make faster decisions, which has always been an important part of IHG's revenue management.

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Currently, Merlin is the main source of news and HR information at IHG. It also has a huge library of training opportunities and other resources for employees, so they can learn new things. To learn more about IHG, for example, booking agents can use Merlin to take IHG Agent University classes. They can also learn about their brands and how to make the best decisions for their customers.

IHG Merlin Login

If you work for IHG and have a Merlin account, you can log into your account by following the steps below.

  • Using your favorite web browser, go to www.IHGMerlin.com and type in the official website address.
  • Once you've logged into the portal, you'll need to fill in your login credentials information, such as your user name, password, and domain, in the correct fields.
  • In this case, you can go to the "login" button and get access to the benefits for employees.
  • To get your ihg merlin password back if you forget it, click on the "forgot password" option. This will help you quickly and easily get your password back.

IHG Employee Room Benefit Programme

There is a new employee benefit program for people who work for IHG, its subsidiaries, and affiliates. People who work at hotels that are owned, managed, or franchised by IHG will be able to use the program. The Make a Reservation page on IHG can help if you aren't one of these people. Employees can use the IHG Merlin Portal to get the benefits.

In order to participate in the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program, you must show a valid ID when you check in at the hotel to show that you work for the company. If you want to get the employee rate, make sure to write down that you can't call to make a reservation. You can't do this.

  • If you have confirmed that you are a member of the IHG Rewards Club, you can use the employee benefits, like the employee rate, that you get. In order to look for hotels and make a reservation, you need to log into your IHG Rewards Club account to do so.
  • There is a link called "I Have a Merlin ID." If you have a Merlin ID but haven't validated it with the IHG Rewards Club Member, you can click it and follow the steps.
  • Your manager will have to check with your IHG Rewards Club Member if you don't have an ihgMerlin ID and they don't have one.

IHG Employee Room Benefit Programme Code Of Conduct

  • People who work for companies in the InterContinental Hotels Group can use the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program. People from other companies who work at hotels owned, managed or franchised by IHG or its affiliates can also use the program.
  • Employees at any IHG hotel or resort should act appropriately when guests are there. Workers who use the benefit will be held accountable for their behavior and the behavior of any guests who stay at or visit the hotel, both of which will be taken into account.
  • A company has the right to revoke an employee's room benefit if he or she or his or her guest abuses it in any way. The company also has the right to take any other appropriate disciplinary legal action against them.
  • In order to get the employee rate, an employee must be a member of the IHG Employee Club.
  • If you have a Merlin ID from IHG, you should put your IHG Rewards Club member number into your Merlin account. Edit your profile can be found on the Merlin home page. When you do this, enter your IHG Rewards Club number in the correct field, click Save, then you're done!
  • To enroll an employee in the IHG Employee Room Benefits Program, your hotel should give them your manager's IHG Rewards Club number. If you don't have a Merlin ID, your hotel should give your manager that number. Every six months, the validation of the program is done, and it's up to you to make sure the application is also done.
  • As long as you have a valid job, you can book up to two rooms at the rate for people who work.
  • People who use the Employee Room Benefit Program will have to check the room allocations and space availability at any Holiday Inn Express or Holiday Inn hotel around the world. Candlewood Hotels, Hualaxe, Even Hotels, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Club Vacation, and InterContinental Hotels are all included.
  • In order to make reservations more than 90 days in the future, you will not be able to do so.
  • People who work for IHG don't get IHG Rewards Club points.
  • People who made hotel reservations should check in at the hotel. They should stay there for a certain amount of time to make sure everything goes well.
  • The reservations are subject to the standard cancellation procedures, taxes, and service charges that are in place at the time of booking.
  • There will be no more white cards after August 2014.
  • It is important to show your photo ID at the hotel when you check in. This is because this is the ID that shows your name on the reservation.
  • It's possible for each employee to have two rooms a night, and each hotel can have a maximum of seven rooms a year at this rate.
  • In the future, employees won't be able to stay in their hotel at the rate they pay for.
  • Contractors and third-party contractors will not be able to use the IHG Employee Room Benefit program.

More About IHG

IHG is one of the best hotel companies in the world. It has more than 375,000 people working in almost 100 countries to make sure everyone has a good time. It has a wide range of brands that are well-known and loved by a lot of people. On the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, it got a perfect score of 100, which is the best possible score. Visit well-known brands.

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