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How to Upload Bulk NFT to Opensea


Even if you aren't a crypto expert, you've probably observed that NFTs are amongst the most famous blockchain tech applications. NFTs, in particular, are all the rage right now, with excessive NFT market values. Furthermore, non-fungible tokens are just now beginning to gain traction. This encompasses both digital and physical domains, such as certificates, real estate, and other forms of ownership. As a result, now is the most significant moment to learn how to opensea bulk upload NFTs, where you may easily show, auction, and sell them. Continue reading.

Definition Of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, as the term implies, have distinct features, meaning that no two or maybe more NFTs are identical. NFTs are ideal for digital art and antiques because of this. Furthermore, it allows you to grant ownership to existing media copies or real-world assets. Any form of file can be turned into an NFT, which will enable you to apply unique features to them that will be kept on the blockchain. They can't be messed with because of this.

How To Upload Bulk NFT To Opensea

There are two ways to upload your NFTs:

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A. Using Smart Contract, copy photos and upload them to the ETH blockchain system, But You'll need to understand how blockchain works and conduct a lot of coding. You'll also need to know how ERC-721 works. This requires a more profound comprehension.

B. Using OpencBot: OpencBot is a software to upload bulk nft to opensea automatically, You'll just need to fill your data in the template excel file provided by the software and start it.

You can watch this video tutorial on how OpencBot works

OpencBot - Bulk Upload NFT To Opensea Marketplace

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