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How To Prepare For and Survive Law School


Are you dreaming of being a lawyer and making a positive contribution to society? Here are a few strategies to help you enter the legal profession, while also saving money and supporting your health in the process, too.

Begin With The End In Mind

When you have a clear reason for becoming a lawyer, you’ll be able to weather the storms along the way. People begin with different goals in mind.

Some attorneys are compelled to transform unfair laws and policies. Others are motivated to serve under-served communities. Others are inspired to offer pro-bono services for worthy causes. Find your compelling reasons and you’ll have an easier time dealing with any hindrances or obstacles that you encounter.

Practice Self Care

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Taking care of yourself starts today. Many pre-law and law students struggle with managing a busy course schedule, preparing meals, and taking care of nutrition. Since you’re serious about staying healthy, take the time to practice self-care. Take care of your body, your mental health, and your social support system.

Budget Realistically

Developing good financial habits is smart for living well as a student, and as a working professional. You can cultivate good financial practices.

Some of the key ways to live on a budget are to use cash, monitor your spending, and practice setting achievable goals. With careful attention to your budget, you won’t get stuck with massive debt or unreasonable payments.

Prepare For Testing

Most law schools require applicants to take the LSAT. The scores on this test are critical. You may need a specific high score to get into the school of your dreams, though. This is why so many aspiring applicants work hard well in advance of the exam.

Preparation is known as LSAT prep and is essential for success. You’ll practice every aspect to be able to ace the written and multiple-choice parts of the exam. While it is possible to retake the exam if your scores are not up to par, experts advise doing your best to get a great score on the first go.

Simplify Your Lifestyle

Naturally, your lifestyle has a big impact on your budget. If you only wear designer clothes, you’ll have to spend a lot on expensive clothing. On the other hand, if you keep your tastes simple, you can save a great deal of money on clothing.

While simplifying may not seem glamorous or trendy, you’ll have less stress in your life. You won’t have huge credit card debt, loans, or expenses that are beyond your income.

Do Freelance Gigs

Before and during law school, you can grab some work with freelance gigs. Working freelance can help you juggle a busy schedule, while making some extra cash. You may be able to find work online, on campus, or through your community.

Check out ways to earn money with your writing skills, editing talents, or tutoring. If you speak and write different languages, you could find work tutoring, translating, or teaching. With a little organization, you can schedule your work around your study commitments.

Work For A Law Firm

One of the best ways to prepare for success is to work in a legal firm. This will allow you to get familiar with the day-to-day operations of a busy firm. In addition, it will help you meet people who can give you guidance, advice, and mentoring in your career.

Many law firms are seeking young talent to improve their position digitally. While many big brand firms have an online presence, there is often room for expansion. If you are skilled in digital marketing, you can use your talents to earn money, gain understanding, and build skills.

In addition to making money with your digital marketing skills, you’ll develop a valuable set of skills to use when you open your firm. You’ll know how to develop effective brand messages, and boost brand awareness for your private practice.

Look For Deals

If you’re in school, you know the heavy costs of materials, books, and supplies. Use your creativity to get good deals on law books, furnishings, clothes, and supplies. Don’t allow these items to eat up your hard-earned cash.

Wrapping It Up

With a little awareness, you can get into and survive law school without risking your physical or financial health. And in turn, you can see yourself finally attaining your dream of practicing law!

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About The Authors

Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna - Paolo is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in International Studies with a Latin American emphasis. During the fall semester of 2012, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Peru, which piqued his interest in international growth. He learned about the disparities that impact indigenous peoples, got a taste of Peruvian culture, and improved his Spanish skills. Mitchel interned with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, conducting research on food security in Latin America, after being inspired by his foreign experience. He wants to work in international development and for a government department, writing legislation. He loves playing intramural basketball and practicing for the Chicago marathon when he is not thinking about current events in Latin America.

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