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AI Designing: How is It Changing e-Commerce and the Way Companies Deals With Creativity


Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. Although the technology is still growing, it is undeniable that it has already created a significant impact and results in several industries. One of those industries is eCommerce.

But, what exactly is AI designing, and how is it changing e-Commerce and the way companies delegate creativity? Find out here!

Understanding The Role Of AI In Design

When people think about AI in the context of the design world, many are worried that computers will soon replace artists. However, that is not true at all.

It would be very difficult to say that AI will make the job of the artists obsolete. It is not a magic tool that will automatically make impressive artworks. Instead, AI should be treated as a tool to optimize and increase the speed of artists.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/how-is-it-changing-e-commerce-and-the-way-companies-deals-with-creativity/ by Alberto Thompson on 2022-02-15T02:01:13.335Z

You have to remember that the power of AI is mainly reliant on its ability to analyze tons of data in a short amount of time. Artists or Designers can leverage this feature and suggest design adjustments based on the data collected by AI.

How Is AI Designing Changing E-Commerce?

The main impact of AI designing in e-Commerce is seen in product images. Product images are vital for an e-Commerce business because they create a strong buyer impression. Furthermore, it also boosts the product description to make it more appealing to a page visitor.

e-Commerce businesses have plenty of products listed that vary from categories such as color, style, material, or design. But, it is usually the images that attract the visitor's eyes and encourage them to click to know more about it.

What makes a good product image? It should have the following elements:

  • Clear Picture

A good product photo must have a clear image of the product and, at the same time, make it look appealing. The purpose of this is to make the product look as real-life as possible. This is crucial because product images are the equivalent of the displays found in brick-and-mortar businesses.

  • Well Balanced Composition

Photo composition refers to how the elements are constructed in a photo. The general consensus is that a good composition creates a balanced and harmonious feel for the photo.

This can be achieved by evenly spreading the photo elements instead of piling them up into one part. The most commonly followed rule when it comes to achieving excellent product image composition is to follow the rule of thirds.

  • Angle

The ideal angle of a product photo is affected by several factors, such as its quantity and shape. But, it's highly recommended to provide multiple angles for one product image. This is why when taking product photos, you should not discard those that do not make the cut for the primary photo.

Knowing how important product images are for an e-Commerce business, how exactly is AI design revolutionizing it?

  • Optimize Pictures in Just a Few Click

Many consumers prefer product images to have a plain background and several angles. This allows them to see the product similar to how they would look at it at brick-and-mortar businesses.

AI design tools, such as Slazzer, allow you to optimize and remove background automatically from your product images so that they will be more attractive for your website visitors. Software like this automatically removes the background of the image using an AI. By doing this, you can significantly increase your conversion rate.

  • Save Time

It usually takes a designer between 15 to 20 minutes to remove the background of a product image. The results can be mediocre in many cases because it is extremely challenging to perfectly select pixels manually when removing the background. It becomes even challenging knowing that there are literally hundreds of product images that they have to work on.

But, by using AI design tools, designers can save a lot of time since they automatically remove the background. All they have to do is to polish and finalise the photos to improve their quality further. This will make it possible for them to deliver high-quality results despite the quantity of product images to be worked on.

Final Words

AI technology is definitely here to stay, and similar to other groundbreaking technologies before it, it is already starting to change the world. One of the industries that have the potential to benefit from it heavily is definitely e-commerce. From maximizing customer service efforts to revolutionising product design, the potential application and benefits of AI designing are endless.

Using AI designing for e-commerce business has a lot of benefits. At the same time, it does not mean that the jobs of designers are becoming obsolete. Instead, it allows them to save time without sacrificing the quality of the results. This way, e-Commerce businesses can get the best out of their images and increase their conversion rate.

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