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Five hobbies that are trending this year


In a world where changes occur frequently and in which it can feel hard to keep up in our business and work lives, it is becoming ever more important for people to find ways to switch off and regenerate.

Watching your favorite movies or enjoying other forms of entertainment such as video gaming or checking out some casino games such as these slot sites is always an option, but what if you also want to try your hand at something more creative.

Many of us enjoy the experience of creating something with our own hands and having a work of art or craft to show for our efforts. Exploring a new skill or picking up an old one can be a great way to gain a sense of achievement and fulfillment, as well as helping us to relax and put aside our daily personal and work worries.

Since it is often better to explore a hobby with others so that you can share tips and positive experiences, here are five of the most popular hobbies trending in 2022.

Hand Lettering

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/hobbies-that-are-trending-this-year/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-06-29T03:24:00.167Z

Creative handwriting is now one of the most popular creative hobbies. The practice of producing ornate letters and typefaces by hand is known as hand lettering. One of the most enticing aspects of lettering is that there are almost infinite possibilities.

You may use almost any form of writing or drawing tool, from pens to markers to brushes and anything in between. With a little skill, handwriting also enables you to build your own style. Handwriting and calligraphy, in particular, can also be used to make cards and signage, and it's a popular method for making wedding invites.

This hobby may seem a little intimidating at first, but there are plenty of online guides available and it can become a truly rewarding pastime.

Flower Arranging

If you enjoy being around plants, why not consider flower arranging? This can be a great way to express yourself and to relax, giving your artistic instincts the freedom to bloom! Many local flower shops provide basic workshops, and there are many books and websites that provide instructions.

There is no barrier in terms of age or background to this hobby and one of the best aspects is the beautiful flower products that you can use to liven up your home décor. You can even wear your flower arrangements as crowns or corsages. Floral arrangements can also make excellent presents, especially if you are on a budget.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a technique that you can use to record the events of your day, stay organized and plan for future goals. All you need to start bullet journaling is a blank notebook and a pen. The principle is simple: instead of purchasing a ready-made planner, you simply make one yourself but tailor it exclusively to the things that you need.

When you’re keeping a bullet journal, there are essentially three things to write down every day: tasks to accomplish, notes on things you want to remember and important events that you also want to keep in mind.

Bullet journaling is a quick way to express yourself and get your thoughts on paper. Bullet journaling is a fantastic and diverse hobby. You can create your bullet journal to be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

If you want to be even more creative with your bullet journaling, you can experiment with using different colors and layouts, or you can keep it simple. There are many handy guides out there to enable you to explore the many different ways you can make a bullet journal your go-to creative hobby in 2022.

Creative Writing

If you've ever thought about being a creative writer, 2022 could be your year. The great thing about writing as a hobby is that it is easy to get started and very flexible. For example, your writing hobby may involve simply sitting down every day and writing in a diary, or even simply brainstorming a short story idea.

It is important not to try to bite off more than you can chew, so don't aim to produce a masterpiece straight away. Instead, take your time and build up a habit of writing every day. Starting a notebook or committing to writing a page or two of creative fiction every morning is a terrific place to start.

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has been a popular craft on Pinterest and Instagram in recent years, and it's a relaxing creative activity that anybody can do. Cross stitch is made by using a needle and thread to form stitches in an X pattern on a grid, resulting in highly even stitches.

Cross stitch patterns with witty sayings and lovely natural themes, in particular, have become popular, but this technique is versatile enough to be used to create any pattern.

There are many cross-stitch patterns available online, but after you've mastered the basics, you may create your own unique DIY designs. Cross-stitching may also help you learn to sew and embroider, two additional thread-based creative activities!

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Tyrese Griffin - Tyrese started her education in the performing arts at the prestigious Alexander Hamilton Academy in Los Angeles. She returned to civilian life after serving in the United States Army as a tracked vehicle operator, and started writing short stories and screenplays, as well as directing short films and music videos. She has published six novels, which have sold over 200,000 copies, as well as audiobooks and short stories for anthologies, and has earned several awards.

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