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Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - Emotional Baggage And Instability


The Five of Cups tarot card meaning represents unfavorable feelings. The loss of an important piece of personal property is what's causing these emotions.

This might be a challenging period for you if a loved one passes away or if a special relationship ends.

There will be moments when we feel on top of the world, and there will also be moments when we feel as though the weight of the world is pressing down on us.

The card is mostly depressing, yet there are some glimmers of optimism. Even though it could appear like everything is hopeless, you are only seeing the good.

Person Holding Stainless Steel Case with Tarot Cards Inside
Person Holding Stainless Steel Case with Tarot Cards Inside

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General Meaning And Interpretation (Upright)

How many unfavorable feelings can one card depict? In the instance of the five of cups, quite a few!

The five of cups Tarot card meaning can symbolize melancholy, loss, loneliness, and despair in a broad sense.

When five of cups tarot card meaning occurs, it's a sign that your attention is on the bad. This can be the effect of a trauma or an unfavorable shift you have gone through.

As a result, the five cups tarot card meaning may represent heartache, separation, or divorce.

The five of cups, which stand for grieving and grief, also frequently appear if you have recently experienced a loss.

Being a card of emotional baggage and instability, it might represent feelings of intense regret, remorse, rage, grief, or disappointment.

It is also the minor arcane card of abandonment, and it can either symbolize your own abandonment of goals or people in your life or the abandonment of someone important to you.

It may also be a sign of isolation or loneliness. Despite all the potential bad meanings, the five of cups tarot card meaning has a good message underlying it.

The person seen on the card is sobbing over the spilled cups while appearing unaware that two of the cups are still standing.

This serves as a reminder that there is always a silver lining, regardless of how dark things may appear to be.

Love & Relationships (Upright)

If the five of cups appear in a love tarot deck and you are single, it may mean that you are overtaken with grief or despair over a previous relationship that did not work out.

Due to your sense of loss, you can feel as though "The One" slipped through your fingers and be blind to other people's intentions. You could also feel overcome by guilt, regret, or remorse.

Possibly as a result of errors you committed in a previous relationship. The loss of a loved one might be indicated by the five of cups tarot card meaning because it is a card of sorrow as well.

The Five of Cups might indicate that you are distancing yourself if you have recently lost a significant other because you are too grieved to even consider dating anyone.

It's okay if you don't feel like dating. But try to avoid isolating yourself. Deal with the present and make an effort to maintain your composure.

If you require assistance, surround yourself with people who will be helpful or join a support group.

Even though you are not yet prepared for love, it is in your future. The Five of Cups is not a good omen if you are in a relationship since it might signify a breakup, divorce, or separation.

It may also be a sign that you are not emotionally fully committed to your present relationship, since you may still harbor feelings for an ex.

If so, you must struggle to overcome these emotions if you want your present relationship to succeed.

The Five of Cups may alternatively stand for desertion, or just suggest that your relationship is strained because of your fear of abandonment.

Set of tarot cards and glowing candles on desk
Set of tarot cards and glowing candles on desk

Money & Career (Upright)

A job loss or a company failure can be indicated by the Five of Cups in a professional scenario.

If you are in business, it may also mean that a partner or employee has left the company, or it may mean that you have stopped operating or have given up on a business idea.

Try not to allow your rage, frustration, or despair to consume you even though this portends an undesirable, challenging change in your circumstances since there is still something you can learn from it.

It could also stand for a vocation as a grief or trauma counselor. It is not a good idea to invest or spend money carelessly right now, since the Five Cups in a financial Tarot spread might represent a loss of money.

The Five of Cups might predict that you will inherit anything if you have just had a bereavement.

Health (Upright)

The Five of Cups can represent emotional baggage, producing problems with mental health in a medical environment.

It could stand for sadness or loss that makes you depressed, a tendency to withdraw that makes you anxious around other people, or agoraphobia.

Make an effort to reenter society. Bring yourself gradually back to the outside world by starting gently, perhaps with a quiet coffee with a reliable friend.

You might find it helpful to talk to a trained therapist if you're having trouble.

Spirituality (Upright)

The Five of Cups is a spiritual card that suggests you may be harboring sentiments of intense rage, irritation, or resentment.

As the proverb says, harboring resentment is equivalent to consuming poison and anticipating the other person's demise.

To advance on your spiritual journey and for your good, you must forgive those who have harmed you.

If you want to help yourself get past these feelings, think about counseling or energy healing.

Ask the universe to assist you in forgiving them and yourself, as well as in letting go of the hurt you have been holding onto by seeing the people who have wounded you come to you to apologize for the harm they have caused you in the past.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card

General Meaning And Interpretation (Reversed)

Reversed, the Tarot card of the Five of Cups stands for acceptance, forgiveness, and healing in general.

You are at peace with your sadness and anguish. You've realized that your regrets, grieving, or grief for the rest of your days won't make the past go away, and you've come to terms with the fact that you must go on.

Your consciousness is starting to widen as you become more aware of the opportunities that have always been there for you.

The card may also represent how the unpleasant emotions of the upright card have been extended or dragged out.

The Five of Cups reversed, on the other hand, typically denotes that you are prepared to start reentering society.

You are letting go of the past and letting go of your emotional baggage and unfavorable feelings.

With the guidance of this minor arcana card in your Tarot reading, you could also be ready to accept assistance from others nearby.

This is a step in the right direction. After all, you previously felt alone and isolated. You were unable to accept the aid that was provided to you because you were overcome with sorrow.

If you have recently experienced a loss, the Five of Cups reversed might represent overcoming a period of severe grieving.

Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards

Love And Relationships (Reversed)

The Five of Cups Tarot card meaning in reversed position in a love tarot reading might suggest that you have let go of your regrets or grief about your previous relationships and are prepared to move on if you are single.

You're starting to realize how many romantic opportunities surround you.

You're beginning to reintegrate into life and venture outside once again to socialize.

You may now let go of the hurt that others have given you.

Alternately, it can mean that you're still clinging to the unfavorable emotions associated with the card's upright position, which is detrimental to your future.

If you are having trouble getting rid of these emotions on your own, you might want to think about counseling or therapy.

The Five of Cups reversed suggests that if you are in a relationship, you may be prepared to forget the previous transgressions to go on with your partner.

It denotes a period of reconciliation and relationship restoration.

Alternately, it can mean that you're still clinging to prior hurt, which is preventing the partnership from moving forward.

Money & Career (Reversed)

The Five of Cups reversed might signify getting back on your feet after a layoff or other career setback.

It can also mean starting over after suffering a setback or having a business partner desert you.

When this Minor Arcana card appears in a reversed position in your Tarot spread, you may even discover that you can recover some of your losses or salvage the business or part of the business and turn it into something even greater.

The Five of Cups reversed in a financial situation indicates that after a time of financial struggle, things should be getting better.

It may also allude to issues with or disagreements around an inheritance.

Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the Five of Cups reversed suggests that the key to addressing whatever health concerns you are now facing is to allow yourself to let go of the previous suffering and open yourself to positive healing energy.

A little energy healing could help you if you're having trouble letting go of negativity.

Spirituality (Reversed)

When used in a spiritual context, the Five of Cups reversed might signify that you are emerging from a time of significant loss or grief and are prepared for a new beginning and spiritual journey.

The suffering you've gone through has taught you some crucial karmic lessons, and you're letting it transform you into a kindlier, more spiritual, and more sympathetic person.

Alternatively, you can be unwilling to let the past go and wallow in your suffering.

This will prevent you from moving forward on your spiritual journey and learning your karmic lessons.

Ask the cosmos to assist you in your healing as you give the universe your sadness and pain.

Five Of Cups Tarot Keywords

Here is a short summary of the most important details about the Minor Arcana Five of Cups card before digging further into its upright and inverted meanings.

  • Yes or No – No
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
  • Element – Water
  • Number – 5
  • Planet – Pluto and Mars
  • Reversed – Calmness, achieving peace, harmony, acceptance, rejuvenation
  • Upright – Grief, sorrow, loss, solitude, despair
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards

Five Of Cups Yes Or No Tarot Reading

The Five of Cups is a card that connotes sadness, hopelessness, and hitting one of your lowest ebbs in life.

Most likely, a sudden occurrence that changed your life has led to the overpowering emotions you're feeling.

The Five of Cups always indicates a NO in a yes or no inquiry due to its overall negative tone.

Astrology Meaning Of Five Of Cups

The Five of Cups, which is strongly related to the Zodiac sign Scorpio, represents loss and mourning as well as fresh starts.

It may signify a period when we need to let go of something dear to us to make room for something new.

The planets Pluto and Mars, which govern the sign of Scorpio, are very energizing and intense.

They stand for your capacity to use your inner strength to change your life and the world around you.

People Also Ask

What Does Five Of Cups Upright Mean?

The Five of Cups Upright can indicate dissatisfaction and the feelings experienced when things do not go according to plan.

What Is The Meaning Of The Five Of Cups In Reverse?

The Five of Cups in reverse signifies one's ability to forgive oneself and go on despite experiencing personal disappointments and grief.

What Does Five Of Cups Mean In A Love Reading?

In love Tarot readings, the Five of Cups is a card that frequently emerges. It may show that you have previously been depressed or hopeless in a relationship.


The Five of Cups tarot card meaning has concluded. Though life isn't all puppies and rainbows, keep in mind that there are signs of faith.

There is always a glimmer of optimism, even when everything seems hopeless. Simply open your eyes and search the area for it.

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