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Fife, Washington: ✈️Zip Code, Map, Weather, News, Apartments, Hotels


The beautiful town of Fife might only have a population of 10,000 people, but it has a bustling business environment. Part of the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, Fife is bustling with big-city ideas packaged within a beautiful small town. Over time, Fife has developed into a great business hub. It has linked people, cities and jobs. Located along Interstate 5 with close proximity to Tacoma, Sea-Tac International Airport and the Port of Tacoma, Fife is a center of industry and commerce in the Puget Sound. The town of Fife, Washington was established in 1957 and covers roughly 5.85 square miles of land between the Puyallup River and Puget Sound. Fife has many walkable trails and parks, including an off-leash dog park for you and your pups to explore. The historic Dacca Barn is easily recognizable from the bright yellow train in the front, and is next to stunning trails. The Fife History Museum is home to numerous stunning displays and exhibits.

Fife, Washington is also known for its stunning trail network. Interested people can go for calming strolls and bird watching. Open space, vibrant parks, outdoor public art, close-knit neighborhoods and great schools make Fife an ideal place for families. There are a lot of family friendly events to participate in Fife as Tacoma's museum district is just a few miles away from Fife. The glorious Mt. Rainier is also very close to Fife. Let's find out more about this pretty little town.

Fife, Washington: All You Need To Know

Which Are The Best Places To Visit In Fife, Washington?

Pierce County Library – Fife Branch

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6622 20th St. East | (253) 548-3323

This 6,000-foot library is open six days a week, has conference rooms, computers and over 25,000 books, DVDs and audiobooks. Residents and tourists can also enjoy many other programs and options.

Outlet Shopping

20th Street East between 54th & Port of Tacoma

Fife is home to many outlet stores, conveniently located together, including: Sportco, Brown & Haley Confections, Emily's Gourmet Chocolate & Nuts, Parr Cabinets and Costco Business Center.

Performing Arts Center

2901 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-8606

As a world-class facility, the Fife PAC serves as the host to numerous musical, dramatic and magical performances throughout the year. If you visit in December, you can enjoy the classic "Nutcracker".

Fife History Museum

2820 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-4710

The town's interactive museum features rotating exhibits, videos and knowledgeable staff. You can also see a very rare train engine and caboose at the Dacca Barn.

Dacca Barn

2820 54th Ave. East | (253) 896-4710

Dacca Barn is the perfect venue for reunions, birthday parties, weddings, civic events and more. The barn has been a part of Fife in 1964 and it has been restored and upgraded recently. You can find the Dacca Barn next to Fife's historic Engine #684 and an 18-acre park, providing a scenic backdrop.

Playgrounds & Parks

Fife, Washington is home to almost 170 acres of public parks, natural areas and open space, eight developed parks and four playgrounds. Fife's parks offer walking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds, basketball courts, skate parks, volleyball courts, baseball fields and more. You will find a lot of free parking space, direct freeways and clean restrooms for you to use.

What Are The Best Places To Eat And Drink At Fife?

Fife is known for its classic diners and drive through places (more like drive ups). Pick-Quick drive in is great for burgers and shakes, while The Poodle Dog has a great diner feel and classic breakfasts. The Emerald Queen Casino & Hotel is a wonderful place for some awesome food, drinks and top-40 entertainment. It has a lot of slot machines and a non smoking gaming zone as well. For a delectable selection of global cuisine, head over to the Tatoosh Grill and the Pacific Rim Buffet.

Where Can You Shop In Fife?

Bargain hunters will have their hands full with a wide variety of options. The famous Almond Roca candy is also made here and an Almond Roca Store has a large selection of these delectable delights for you to purchase. A slightly less famous (but just as delicious) option for you is the factory outlet of Emily's Chocolates. Another fun place to hang out in Fife is the ever evolving Antique Mall. It's an awesome place with hidden corners and old artifacts.

How Are The People Of Fife, Washington?

The people of Fife are known to be industrious by nature. Fife's hard-working heritage, close-knit culture and convenient access to great schools, jobs and amenities make it an ideal place for families to live in. Fife families love the city for its award-winning school district, free year-round special events and miles of parks and trails to explore. Fife doesn't have any B+O tax so you can save money there. The I-5 makes it easily accessible and the city's responsive government and the chamber of commerce make Fife a great place to do business. You can also find lots of houses available for rent. One bedroom units start as low as $600 per month.

Fife, Washington: FAQ

Who Maintains The Levee?

The maintenance division of Pierce County Water Programs maintains the Levee. The City of Fife is only responsible for maintaining the asphalt portion.

Why Does The Administration Charge Separate Drainage District And City Drainage Utility Fees?

Drainage District 23 remains responsible for the ownership and maintenance of main drainage ditches in the north portion of the City of Fife. The city's utility holds the responsibility for maintaining water quality and the branch drainage lines.

Where Does The Drinking Water Come From?

The City of Fife buys all drinking water from Tacoma Water. The purchased water is mainly from the Green River.

Does The Water In Fife Have Fluoride In It?

Tacoma Water adds fluoride to the water that comes to Fife. The amount of Fluoride added is approximately 1 milligram per liter dosage. Since the water supplied to Fife's households and businesses is bought from Tacoma, it contains Fluoride.

Where Does Fife's Sewage Go And How Does It Get There?

The sewage goes to the City of Tacoma's treatment plant through a sewer pipeline.

What Is The Safety Camera Program And Does The Program Work?

Fife isn't a very densely populated place. Drivers are most likely to get into car crashes while running a red light. The Safety Camera Program has been a boon to citizens of Fife as it has led to a sharp 30% decrease in all collisions at key intersections. All the proceedings coming from the fines are donated to the Public Safety Fund which is then utilized on safety enhancement projects. To avoid getting a ticket, make sure that you stop behind the marked line before you enter an intersection.

So that was a brief shot of the lovely little town of Fife, Washington. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy it better when you visit it after reading this post.

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