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Eva Savagiou - Greek Foxy Lady With Perfect Physique


When it comes to the world of Greek TikTok, Eva Savagiou is a household name.

She is well-known for making and sharing dancing videos on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

She has a fascinating, beautiful, and notable personality.

Her online entertainment accounts have attracted a sizable following.

Eva's Onlyfans and Instagram accounts are well-known for their content.

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Onlyfans is where Eva shares much of her in-depth information, and she has a large following there.

As her images gained popularity on the internet, she built up an immense following on Instagram.

Who Is Eva Savagiou?

Eva Savagiou wearing a white long sleeves top
Eva Savagiou wearing a white long sleeves top

Eva Savagiou is a well-known figure in the media because of her work as an actress, model, businesswoman, TikToker, Instagram influencer, and YouTuber.

She resides in Athens.

Because of her voluptuous physique and alluring charisma, she has become a well-known figure all around the country.

Her numerous social media channels are replete with jaw-dropping pictures of her.

She was featured in advertisements for Fashion Nova as well as other companies.

Her climb to stardom was helped along in no small part by the videos she posted to TikTok.

Her films featuring lip sync performances and fashion modeling were quite popular among users of the internet.

On a variety of social media networks, she has tens of thousands of subscribers and individuals who follow her on those platforms.

In addition to that, she has her very own OnlyFans website, on which she shares unique stuff.

On her @evasavagiou Instagram account, she also shares images of herself modeling, most of which feature her in bikinis.

She currently has more than 700,000 people following her on the platform.

She has posed for several different apparel companies, including FashionNova and SHEIN, among others.

She is a Model who is also a participant in the NFTs and the owner of the Eternals NFTs.

She has inspired a lot of people to invest in her NFTs by talking about them on her social media handles, where she has also posted about the NFTs.

In addition to that, Eva was highlighted for a number of different products both on television and on her various social media handles.

She is seen most of the time pushing various companies as well as boosting people's confidence and swaying their opinions.

In addition, she discussed her NFTSs on the YouTube live video that was just uploaded to her account on YouTube.

People are swayed by her lovely and alluring appearance, which plays a role in her ability to persuade others.

How Old Is Eva Savagiou?

She finished her earlier tutoring in her home country, and she also finished her Master of Science certification at the local university.

She is a wonderful example of scholastic rigor and incredible diligence.

The date of birth listed for Eva Savagiou indicates that she is currently 24 years old (at this point, in 2022).

She was born and raised in San Gabriel.

Her astrological sign is Leo.

Her hometown of San Gabriel, California is her nationality.

The second of March 1997 is her birthday.

Eva Savagiou Career

Eva Savagiou wearing white panty and lying on a bed
Eva Savagiou wearing white panty and lying on a bed

Eva Savagiou started using TikTok in her leisure time when she had some downtime.

She finds great pleasure in creating music videos based on popular tunes.

She became one of the most well-known TikTok stars on her way to gaining popularity.

On her social network, she creates wonderful and unique stuff that a lot of people really enjoy watching.

The official account that she maintains on TikTok boasts 2.4 million followers (till July 2022).

Due to the extroverted nature of her personality, she has gained a significant number of followers.

Her YouTube channel was officially introduced to the world on May 15th, 2020.

She has over 67 million views and over 208 thousand subscribers on her verified channel (as of March 2022).

She updates her channel with vlogs and short videos on a fairly regular basis.

In addition to that, she went live on YouTube and responded to people's queries there.

Permit me to inform you that Eva also takes pleasure in submitting videos of herself modeling.

She works as a model for the company Fashion Nova and promotes the brand's wares on various social media platforms.

Aside from that, she has mentioned in the bio section of her Instagram account that she is the founder of Eternals NFTs, and she has asked the people who follow her on Instagram to participate with her on Eternals.

Tiktok And Instagram Presence Of Eva Savagiou

In Greece, Eva has a significant amount of followers on Tiktok.

She is the administrator of the Tik Tok accounts evasavagioufails (602k followers) and @evasavagiou (2.4 million followers), which are both among the most followed in her country.

On Instagram, she has close to 700 thousand followers.

Her post engagement rate is 4.9 percent across all of her Instagram profiles, taking into consideration the most recent 10 posts she has made.

This encourages many brands to work with her on creative projects.

She makes anything between one thousand and ten thousand dollars for each sponsored post.

On each of her posts, Eva receives an average of 15.1 thousand likes and 1.4 thousand comments.

Eva is of the opinion that the majority of people suffer from low self-confidence and strive to improve their feelings about themselves.

They frequently experience feelings of envy toward internet celebrities and are prone to posting hurtful comments on their profiles.

However, they frequently forget that the internet superstars they follow are still people and that the harsh things that are said about them can have an effect on them.

Eva is made fun of because of the lordosis issue she has.

Eva asks everyone to be kind to their detractors and, if at all possible, to lend an ear to their struggle and listen to what they have to say.

Meanwhile, Eva is aware that receiving hurtful remarks can be exhausting, and she encourages people to discuss the issue with their friends, share it with their followers, and get assistance if they feel they need it.

She warns those who create content that losing one's temper on the internet might result in negative consequences for the artist.

When it comes to her, she has a tendency to brush it off as a joke because she is well aware that her detractors are ignorant of who she truly is.

Eva is well aware of how challenging it is to defend oneself online, and as a result, she does not squander very much of her time doing so.

She is of the opinion that being nice is not always simple, yet it is one of the most admirable qualities.

What Does Eva Savagiou Look Like?

Eva Savigiou on a beach wearing pink two piece swimsuit
Eva Savigiou on a beach wearing pink two piece swimsuit

Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches, and she has an incredible body that attracts large numbers of followers to her social handles.

Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches.

It's estimated that Eva weighs around 65 kilograms.

Eva is quite stunning, especially with her dark brown hair and eyes.

She has an incredible figure with a lot of curves.

She has a beautiful and seductive appearance.

Every time, Eva manages to astonish her devoted following with the exquisite costumes and innovative hair and makeup look that she wears.

Simply due to the fact that her number of devoted followers is constantly expanding, her brand value rises with each passing year.

Her dress size is 4 (US) and her shoe size is 7 (US).

Her physical measurement is 34-30-36.

How Much Money Does Eva Savagiou Make?

The wealthy lifestyle of the popular TikTok singer is well known.

She creates videos in the comfort of her own home that highlights the beauty of her surroundings.

In addition to that, she owns branded automobiles and expensive electronic equipment.

Permit me to inform you that she brings in a significant amount of cash from a variety of sources, including TikTok, modeling, YouTube, business, and other avenues.

In addition to that, she receives payment for her work in commercials and promotions.

According to a basic assessment, her net worth is anywhere between one and two million US dollars (approx.)


An influencer in the fields of fashion and leisure in Greece, Eva Savagiou presently resides in the capital city of Athens.

When Eva was working as a bartender and traveling throughout Greece, she first attracted the attention of the media.

However, she became more well-known in the fashion world after working with the Fashion Nova brand in 2018.

It was at that point that she made the decision to switch gears professionally and concentrate only on influencing marketing.

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