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Choosing The Best Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Girls


Frankly, coming up with the ideal gifts for the bridesmaids is one of the most exciting aspects of the process of organizing a wedding.

These are the ladies that are in your life, the people that you can call yours. Your girl gang.

They are deserving of the very best because there is no one you would rather have by your side on the day that you are married than them.

Therefore, in recognition of the incredible role that your bridesmaids play in your wedding, choosing the best bridesmaid gifts for your girls is a must.

Bridesmaid Gifts That Your Girls Will Love

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These are the thoughtful and practical gifts that you should consider when choosing the right gifts for each one of your bridesmaids.

Travel Jewelry Cases

Inside view of a jewelry box with rings and earrings
Inside view of a jewelry box with rings and earrings

There are a lot of practical bridesmaid presents that can be given to your friends to complement their carry-on luggage if you know that they are always on the move.

They are going to use it on a consistent basis because it is so lovely and convenient.

In point of fact, it is not only useful for traveling; they may keep their jewelry protected at all times by keeping it in the case.

It will look wonderful on their dresser thanks to the opulent leather finish.

Knot Necklace

Gold, silver, and bronze knot necklaces
Gold, silver, and bronze knot necklaces

This know necklace is a bit different and more discreet than many others, which is exactly why you should choose it to ask your girls to stand by your side.

It also happens to be one of the most affordable options.

A bonus is that they all wore their necklaces on the special day, which eliminated the need for them to make any decisions about what to wear.

S'well Moonstone Bottle

Gray S'well moonstone bottle
Gray S'well moonstone bottle

Before your pals attend your bachelorette party, personalize each S'well bottle by adding their name on the label and presenting it to them.

(They are going to be thankful to you for the reminder to drink water the next morning.)

These bottles can keep drinks extremely cold or hot for a long time, and their exteriors do not condense, so they will not wet your hands.

Bridesmaid Robe

The word "bridesmaid" is written on the back of a pink bridesmaid robe
The word "bridesmaid" is written on the back of a pink bridesmaid robe

It seems no bridal party gift is complete without a robe—and for excellent reasons! They're cozy.

They photograph well. And they're wonderful for getting ready before the wedding.

The bridal robes are the attire that comes before the wedding dress, which is the most essential outfit.

You will be sitting in this robe while your make-up and hair are done, while laughing with your friends, getting a little sentimental with your mother, and raising a glass of champagne to your special day.

Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Two white tote bags with printed words
Two white tote bags with printed words

One can never have an excessive number of handbags, right?! Right.

To show your appreciation for your bridesmaids, consider giving them one of these very stunning jute bridesmaid tote bags (they are also personalized!).

You and your bridesmaids can bring them with you on the wedding day to use as containers for the items that are included in your bridesmaid survival kit, or you can bring them with you on a bachelorette weekend getaway.

People Also Ask

How Much Should I Spend On My Bridesmaids' Gifts?

You should plan on spending between $75 and $150 on each of your bridesmaids as a general rule. Since the maid of honor plays such an important role in the wedding party and is entrusted with a great lot of responsibility, it is only natural that you would want to lavish a little bit more attention upon her.

Does Bride Pay For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Are the bridesmaids responsible for purchasing their own dresses? It's a frequent inquiry, and the answer to it is almost always going to be yes. Lindsey Nickel, the CEO of Lovely Day Events and a wedding planner based in Napa, says that it is customary for bridesmaids to be responsible for covering the cost of their own dresses.

What Do Bridesmaids Do On Wedding Day?

On the list of things that bridesmaids are responsible for is providing the bride with emotional support at all times, both during the wedding planning process and during the ceremony itself. Helping the Maid of Honor organize and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party, as well as, of course, providing assistance to the Maid of Honor all throughout the wedding day.


These bridesmaid gifts are very wonderful and thoughtful. They'll love you even more if you don't forget about them by giving them one of these gifts.

Remember that they were there when you needed them the most, and now is the time to show them how much you value those moments by considering these material things.

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