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Practical Safety Tips for a Bitcoin Beginner


Bitcoin has become a viral phenomenon worldwide, primarily used as a payment medium and a store of value. Several global industries have adopted Bitcoin, allowing businesses and individuals to buy various goods and services in Bitcoin. Institutional investors are also increasingly investing in Bitcoin to diversify wealth and hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin is currently the most prominent cryptocurrency, but it is still a new invention that most people are not acquainted with globally. That is why using it can be a bit challenging to beginners. The following article highlights the essential safety tips for Bitcoin beginners.

Keep Separate Wallets

Bitcoin users need a crypto wallet to store the private keys for authorizing transactions. The network does not limit the number of wallets that one can own. Each wallet generates a unique public address that serves as the account number for sending and receiving payments. Keeping separate wallets makes it difficult for bad actors to track your transactions, ensuring enhanced privacy.

Having separate wallets will also ensure that you do not lose all your funds in case of a cyberattack. You can create as many wallets as you need based on your Bitcoin transactions. For instance, you could have separate wallets to receive payments and spend Bitcoin and savings.

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Hold Your Bitcoin In Cold Storage

Bitcoin allows users to choose between hot and cold storage for their funds. Hot storage options include online wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop apps. They are highly convenient since users can access their funds and transact from anywhere. However, keeping Bitcoin in hot storage also has numerous cyber threats, including hacking and theft.

Cold storage is disconnected from the internet, offering users an added layer of protection from online threats. The storage options include USB drives or other hardware. However, cold storage is only ideal for holding Bitcoin in the long term.

Use Trusted Crypto Exchanges To Transact Bitcoin

Crypto exchanges are undoubtedly the most convenient marketplaces for transacting Bitcoin. They mainly support crypto trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies for profits. Major exchanges have special features such as Bitcoin System that traders can program to buy and sell crypto in their absence.

Crypto exchanges also process payments on behalf of businesses and individuals. Some even provide asset management services for crypto investors. Nevertheless, using a trusted crypto exchange will enable you to offset most of the common challenges experienced in transacting Bitcoin. However, crypto exchanges charge a small fee for their services.

Observe Security And Privacy Precautions

Most people often assume the standard precautions, but that is a mistake you should never make. The Bitcoin network has enhanced security and privacy provisions, but individual users must also observe additional measures. For instance, you should never share your private keys with anyone, making your wallet vulnerable to theft and other risks.

While Bitcoin does not reveal users’ real identities, various ways exist for tracking transactions and unearthing the identities of those behind different wallets. Thus, it would be advisable to use mixing services to obscure transactions that you do not want to have a connection with at any time.

Some people and agencies increasingly linked cryptocurrencies to illegal activities, including money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and terrorism funding. Thus, you should also avoid using Bitcoin for illicit transactions as that would attract severe consequences from law enforcement authorities.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy, and there are several things about it that we may not know just yet. However, the above article has discussed the essential guidelines that every Bitcoin beginner should observe when using it to pay for products and invest.

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