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Best Habit Trackers For Students That Should Not Be Missed


Nobody undervalues the value of notebooks. But without knowing the due dates on the calendar, students are unable to prioritize their tasks because memories are fallible. But rather than the conventional paper book, perhaps you ought to go with these best habit trackers for students.

Desktop and mobile apps include automated subject monitoring, hot assignment reminders, and task hierarchy.

Utilizing habit trackers will enable them to correct undesirable behavior and prevent you from returning to it.

Here are the best habit trackers for students, which they might choose to use as their daily managers. You can mix these apps to examine various aspects of your life.

The BEST Habit Tracking Apps For 2019 | Habit Trackers To Increase Your Productivity

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HabitHub - Habit Tracker And Goal Tracker Motivation

An uncomplicated habit monitoring tool with some unique features.

The habit monitoring tool HabitHub is the next choice because it allows you to see your behavior streaks as actual "chains."

The app includes some noteworthy features that you haven't seen in many other habit-tracking applications in addition to its attractive look.

You can first create goals for your habit streaks in HabitHub. If you're taking on a 30-day challenge, like "Floss every night for 30 days," this can be really helpful.

HabitHub also allows you to label habits as "Skipped." This is helpful if you want to keep track of your routines even if you can't fulfill them because you're ill, traveling for work, or even on vacation.

It is free with a one-time $5.99 fee for the Premium version. Its platform is android.

Habithub application main screen and Habithub logo on a green background
Habithub application main screen and Habithub logo on a green background


TickTick is a program that combines a habit tracker and a to-do list. TickTick isn't exactly a habit tracker. Instead, it's a comprehensive to-do list software with habit monitoring capabilities.

The TickTick design will look similar if you've used the task management tool Todoist. And that's okay because people like how simple Todoist makes task management.

TickTick's habit tracking capabilities are very simple, but it's great software to use if you want a single tool for managing your to-do list and your habits.

Additionally, TickTick is compatible with practically every platform or device you can imagine, including the Apple Watch.

It is free with a $2.79/month premium option. Its platforms are Chrome, Firefox, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and others.

TickTick application main poster
TickTick application main poster


A completely different approach to developing habits is Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG).

It transforms the entire procedure into an RPG rather than attempting to establish a streak or meticulously document how your life unfolds.

You may add duties, routines, and habits to a list, but you can also team up with buddies to fight monsters. You make a character when you register with Habitica.

You acquire experience points and gold as you carry out your habits and chores so you may level up or purchase fancy stuff.

You can select to be a Warrior, Rogue, Healer, or Mage once you reach level 10. D&D is working out so far.

Although Habitica is by far the most challenging habit tracker to use on this list, it's also sort of entertaining—at least if a pseudo-retro gamified experience is your thing.

If you encourage your friends to use it as well, it becomes even more compelling. Together, you can create a group, complete quests, and battle bosses.

All of you could suffer harm if one of you didn't finish your daily chores.

Nothing will motivate you to read a book (or at least pretend to read one) if your pals yelling at you for disappointing them doesn't. Of course, there are drawbacks to this gamification.

Stats in Habitica have more to do with health and mana than they do with your task completion rate, which will frustrate data nerds.

Additionally, there are two in-game currencies: gold, which you earn for completing chores and missions, and gems, which you must purchase using real money.

However, neither issue truly diminishes the value of utilizing Habitica to create habits; both issues are merely typical components of the RPG-style product.

The price for Habitica is a free plan with the majority of features; $4.99/month for extras including the ability to buy gems with gold and other features.

Habitica application main poster
Habitica application main poster


Productive is not only a habit monitoring app; it also provides you with the resources you need to create positive habits in the first place.

When you sign up, questions about procrastination, distraction susceptibility, and your goals for Productive are asked of you.

Different advice will be given to you in response to your responses.

A few 15-day programs on topics like "how to learn a new skill" or "how to be good" are available under the Explore tab, which is also filled with articles on productivity and maintaining healthy habits.

If you ever need assistance with a habit, go there. Most of the labor-intensive effort in creating trackable behaviors is done by productive.

There is a long number of habit categories available when you tap the + symbol to add a new one, including sections for Trending Habits, Preventative Care, and Morning Routine.

There's a strong possibility that the habit you want to add is already there. Of course, you may make your own by deciding how frequently and when during the day you want it to recur.

It also includes a rather useful built-in timer, so you can use it to track how long you stretch or even utilize the Pomodoro technique to complete your task.

With predetermined activities, Productive also comes with built-in difficulties. You might have to stretch on Wednesday, run in place on Tuesday, and perform crunches on Thursday as part of a fitness challenge.

You must sign your name and make a commitment to finish the challenge when you join up.

Similar to Habitify, Productive requires a subscription to get the most out of things; after a 7-day free trial, this costs $6.99/month or $29.99/year.

The habit tracking and statistics that are included, it is rather expensive, especially when compared to apps like Streaks.

However, it's a terrific option if you desire the direction and inspiration that trials provide.

Ad-supported free plan with up to 4 habits. Unlimited habits start at $6.99 per month.

Productive application main poster
Productive application main poster

People Also Ask

Are There Any Free Habit Trackers?

Yes, there are a lot of free habit trackers that include habitify, way of life, rewire habit tracker, coach.me, habitbull, and streaks.

Are Habit Trackers Worth It?

Apps that track your habits can be effective, but only if you actively track the data each day and use it to determine what you can do to change.

Is There An App To Track Daily Activities?

Yes, an excellent habit tracker for Android users is called HabitNow. You may track up to seven behaviors with the free plan, which is more than enough for the majority of individuals.


These best habit trackers for students assist students in remembering a variety of routines at various times. They remain more responsible if they keep track of their progress.

The best app for habit tracking may be difficult to choose because there are so many available.

This blog has discussed some of the top habit tracker applications that can help them manage their routine while on the go.

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