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Best Fights In Naruto And Boruto Series


The best fights in Naruto and Boruto series highlight the intense and mind-boggling battle of Naruto and Boruto against their powerful enemies.

If you are asked, what fight scene do you think is the most intense?

Is it time for Boro, a member of Kara protecting the teapot that acts as the Hokage's cell, to face Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki of the new Team 7 or Isshiki's black cubes versus Naruto's bayonet phase?

This TV series is based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga series of the same name, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations."

It is a spin-off and sequel to the original Naruto anime series, and was made by Pierrot and shown on TV Tokyo.

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Sakura Fights Shin Uchiha

Sakura with a diamond mark on her forehead and Shin with his powerful red eyes
Sakura with a diamond mark on her forehead and Shin with his powerful red eyes

Sakura Uchiha is the mother of Sarada Uchiha and the wife of Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura Uchiha is a kunoichi and a member of the Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure.

They promoted her to department head since she is the best medical ninja in the world right now. She was a previous member of Team 7 alongside Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura is an extremely attractive young woman with a beautiful appearance, green eyes, and a rosy mane of hair.

She still keeps her hair cut short, just above her shoulders, and a left-facing partition frames her purple rhombus-shaped Strength of a Hundred Seal in the center of her forehead.

In Episode 23, Sakura's powers are used to their fullest, giving viewers a rare look at how she has changed since the beginning of Shippuden.

Orochimaru used Shin Uchiha as a sentient test subject. Shin Uchiha got away from the lab where he was being kept after Orochimaru became obsessed with the Uchiha.

Shin attacks Sasuke and comes up with a plan to kidnap Sarada to make up for the shame the Uchiha clan has been put through.

When he decides to capture Sakura instead, she shows how strong she is by throwing huge pillars, dodging a lot of scalpels and bombs that were controlled by telekinesis, and giving the final blow with her signature punch.

The battle acted as a subtle reminder of the strength the women in Naruto had, and also highlighted Sakura's deep love for her daughter Sarada. Both of these things were accomplished at the same time.

Here is the video below on how the intense fight occurred between the best medical ninja in the world and Orochimaru's servant.

Video unavailable
This video is unavailable

Frey showed his reaction below to this fight scene:

I literally just hate that they never truly showcase her power. She's literally so powerful/intelligent on paper, but is literally almost never allowed to execute it. And I also love how she's the most basic type of scary. Everyone else has some special jutsu, technique, jinchuriki, etc. but Sakura's Punch is debatably the most powerful thing about her. Literally no one wants her anywhere near them 'cause she will almost 100% lay them out if given an opening.Show less

Another Youtube user posted:

"I love Sakura now. She loves everyone and has changed toward Naruto. She’s matured and grown into a strong fighter and an amazing mother."

Josh said: "People tend to forgot how strong Sakura is."

"Sakura really changed alot & she's quit powerful of streth," KhenRgaming said.

Lastly, Jair Ballard shared: "This wannabe Uchiha Really thought he could beat team 7 really!"

Adult Naruto And Sasuke Beats Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Naruto, who has flames on his hands, and Sasuke, who has electric powers, fight a man named Otsutsuki god in the middle
Naruto, who has flames on his hands, and Sasuke, who has electric powers, fight a man named Otsutsuki god in the middle

Episode 65 features one of Boruto's most memorable battles. This fight features stunning sights, action, animation, and displays.

It's a historic clash in many ways. Sasuke and Naruto fight Momoshiki Otsutsuki as adults, showing off the skills they've honed over years of training and fighting.

Momoshiki Tsutsuki was a member of the main family of the Tsutsuki clan. Momoshiki is also not interested in working hard.

Instead of relying on his own strength, he prefers to learn and use the techniques of others.

He was tasked with locating Kaguya and her God Tree and then attempting to grow a new one using the chakra of the Seventh Hokage.

Momoshiki tsutsuki was ultimately unsuccessful in both of these endeavors.

In this fight, Sasuke uses the full power of his Amenotejikara, and Naruto shows he has taijutsu skills like a god.

Not only do viewers get to see Sasuke employ chibaku tensei in an attempt to seal Momoshiki, but they also get to see the extremely uncommon combined forms of Sasuke's Susanoo and Naruto's Kyuubi fox-mode!

In the video below, you will be able to see why this particular battle is the greatest duo in the Narutoverse!

Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto vs Momoshiki | (Full Fight) (1080p)

Aditya Kalura revealed that despite having seen this match more than twenty times, it never ceases to excite her.

"I have literally watched this fight more than 20 times. I never get bored of it."

Mysterypwn posted in the comment section: "Never thought about the tactic they used is the same one they used in their first fight against Zabuza, only improved."

"Naruto has the most well animated hand to hand combat in anime history. Change my mind," Poslacion Itakam said.

"Just realised Momoshiki destroyed Sasuke’s Rinnegan the same way Sasuke destroyed his to negate his absorbing ability. Stabbing it with a Kunai," another fan said.

Another Boruto fan shared:

"This scene really hits home. If you pay close attention to detail, each character who guided naruto with the rasengan who were very important/close to him in each arc, passed away.

When it becomes naruto’s turn to pass the rasengan to boruto little did we know what was going to happen after the ishiki arc."

Lastly, Youtube user used the name Almighty said:

"This fight seems so satisfying to me, I don't know, but I swear I've seen it more than 30 times."

The Battles Of Swordsmanship Between Sasuke And Kinshiki

Sasuke attacks Kinshiki Tsutsuki with his swordmanship skills, while his opponent uses a sharp metal blade
Sasuke attacks Kinshiki Tsutsuki with his swordmanship skills, while his opponent uses a sharp metal blade

The battle in Episode 54 is widely regarded as one of the best in the series' history, where Sasuke fights Tsutsuki.

Momoshiki's legal guardian was Kinshiki tsutsuki, a senior member of the tsutsuki clan.

Kinshiki was so devoted to his foster son, Momoshiki, that he willingly submitted to being transformed into a chakra fruit (or chakra pill in the film).

Sasuke's foe was described as having pale skin, short, spiky blue-grey hair, a thick beard, and a large horn over his left eye, which Sasuke Uchiha eventually stubbed.

Kinshiki had pale skin, short hair that was spiky and blue-greyish in color, a big beard, and a large horn over his left eye that Sasuke Uchiha eventually stubbed.

Sasuke was presented here following the events of Shippuden and his isolation from society.

Sasuke travels through time and space to find out about a threat bigger than Kaguya. He ends up in an empty Otsutsuki palace.

Kinshiki, whom he meets there, immediately launches an attack. Many had doubts about Sasuke's combat prowess after losing his right arm.

Sasuke's skilled swordplay takes center stage as he deftly avoids Kinshiki's attacks.

When he successfully severed the Otsutsuki's horn, he puts on a stunning show of his Amenotejikara skill.

Watch their intense fight in the video presented below:

Sasuke Using Rinengan vs Kinshiki Otsutsuki in Kaguya's Palace - Eng Subs [HD 60FPS]

Robert Hays was amazed at Sasuke's skills and ability shown in the video where he said:

Sasuke is so OP they have to dumb him down. He can literally take someone’s soul from them if he wanted to. He could make an entire planet. He basically can see a person move before they make it.

Rikkas Simp said: "This fight scene has one of the greatest animations in the whole show."

Another YouTube user statef:

"Sasuke is so impressive, he’s fighting someone who has way higher punching force vitality and WAAAYYYY more stamina yet he still held the advantage over kinshiki and was forcing him to play his game for a decent amount of time, sure kinshiki would’ve dogged him if the fight went on any longer, but sasuke is human and doesn’t have the stupid amount of reserves kinshiki has."

One commenter observed an interesting behavior displayed by Sasuke in this intense fight.

"It is interesting how much they have to limit Sasuke in order for him to just not body everybody. He has become more and more like Kakashi as Boruto continues on. Here we see that he is starting to get tired after a short match with Kinshiki, where in other fights he goes full blown Susanoo with virtually no drawbacks and in newer episodes he runs low on Chakra rather quickly also similar to Kakashi.

I know we all love the Rinnegan flashes and how they surprise every single person he fights, but can we address he basically use it like a substitution Jutsu that costs 40x the chakra amount."

Last but not the least, Azaka stated that Sasuke is battling a God with only one hand, which is something fascinating he showed.

"Sasuke is fighting a God with one hand. ONE HAND. Just when I thought this man couldn't get any more cooler."

Naruto Activates Baryon Mode To Thrash Isshiki

Isshiki had a white and violet coat and a horn over his right eye. Naruto used his Bayron mode, which shows his nine tails
Isshiki had a white and violet coat and a horn over his right eye. Naruto used his Bayron mode, which shows his nine tails

When Naruto and Kurama go into baryon mode, they are combining their chakra sources to make them stronger.

It's very likely that no other character in the whole series has a power-up that is stronger than this one.

In Baryon mode, Naruto and Kurama's abilities are fused into a new form, which emerges as a chakra cloak with nine tails.

Naruto gets faster, stronger, and better at jutsu by sucking the life force out of everyone he comes in contact with.

Naruto turns on baryon mode in chapter 52 of the manga Boruto and in episode 216 of the anime Boruto.

Naruto activates his most powerful mode to beat Isshiki Tsutsuki, who is the primary antagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

The enemy is a member of the ruling line of the Tsutsuki clan who claims to be a monk by the name of Jigen but is actually a clansman and heads up the Kara group.

Boruto's transformation whisks them away to another world, where Sasuke and Naruto square off against Isshiki.

When Naruto is swiftly overpowered by Isshiki's black cubes, Kurama steps in and suggests the mention of Naruto's ultimate mode.

Isshiki's life span gets shorter because he always talks to Naruto in Baryon Mode, which drains his chakra.

The fight is a big turning point in the story because it seems like Kurama "dies" and Sasuke "loses" his rinnegan.

Here's the video that shows one of the best fights in the Naruto and Boruto series.

Baryon Naruto vs Isshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

One naruto fan said:

"That is legit one of the sickest combos in any anime. First he conditions him with a spinning counter kick. Then he faints the spinning hook kick to inflict maximum stun damage on him with the solar plexus straight right so he can pull off the “Naruto” combo. This is so well done on every level!"

Aron Amaambo shared:

"Despite being in Baryon Mode, we have to acknowledge that with this level of taijutsu, Naruto would still be a forece to be reckoned with in sage mode."

Lastly, Matthew Tarks commented:

"This fight reminded me of Ichigo vs Aizen when he used the Final Getsuga Tenshou. The calmness, stare, and extreme power with simple moves. What a perfect fight sequence. No flashy moves or over the top stuff. Just hand-to-hand combat where you can just feel Naruto’s power. Chills!"

Boruto Naruto Sasuke Jiraiya Vs Urashiki

Jiraiya, Naruto, Boruto And Sasuke Vs Urashiki, Naruto And Boruto Learn Cooperation Ninjutsu Engsub

Naruto And Boruto Fight Episode

Boruto has been getting better at his skills for a long time.

He has trained a bit more with Sasuke and Kakashi, leveling up his Rasengan even though he knows that his new one is hard on his body.

Boruto stuns his dad, Naruto, when he faces him head-on. He does this by using different kinds of chakra, like small Rasengans, wind vortices, waves, and lightning.

Naruto can't believe how fast his son is growing up, but there's something fishy about the way he keeps sucking in all the jutsus with his arm.

Boruto makes it clear that he doesn't want to get so low and break the rules again. He says that he has learned his lesson and will always fight fairly.

Best Naruto Fights

Top 30 Naruto Uzumaki Fights (Every Fight Ranked!)

People Also Ask

Which Episode Does Boruto Fight Naruto?

In episode 181 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Boruto and his father have a fight.

What Episode Does Naruto Train Boruto?

"Training Begins!" is episode 168 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Who Can Beat Naruto?

The individuals shown below are capable of taking Naruto's life.

  • Madara Uchiha
  • Hashirama Senju
  • Boruto Uzumaki
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Jigen
  • Kinshiki Otsutsuki
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki
  • Delta
  • Kawaki


The author hopes you enjoyed watching the best fights in the Naruto and Boruto series featured in this article!

You may agree that the best fight listed in this article is when Naruto transformed into Baryon mode.

The problem with switching to baryon mode, though, is that it leaves both Naruto and Kurama open to danger.

When Naruto uses it, it does a lot of damage to his body and kills Kurama completely.

This indicates that the Baryon Mode will most likely only emerge once during the course of the series.

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