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Best Crypto Exchange In Europe


Bitavavo is a popular platform because of its margin trading exchange in cryptocurrency. bitvavo is a dutch broker and accepts European investors. (Bitvavo Is the best crypto exchange in the EU ) People can get a 1000 euro discount on trading fees with the first 1000 euro trading, and you can get Bitvavo 1000 euro free at the start of trading. Bitvavo has now changed from a digital currency broker to a digital currency exchange. Now you can trade with 50 digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency is trending now in every financial headline. Traders feel more protective trading with decentralized digital currency. bitvavo broker has many offers for its traders. Its exchange is growing over time, and now it is one of the popular digital exchange platforms in Europe.

Bitvavo was founded in October 2017. It is not only the best choice for the experienced trader but also has good offers for beginners. This dutch broker's main goal is to provide everyone access to cryptocurrency. It is an Amsterdam-based company with over 100000 clients in Europe and covers the dutch market. With the fast growth in Europe.

Key Features Of Bitvavo

  • Bitvavo is the cheapest European exchange platform. The lowest trading fee is 0.25% + discount based on trading volume.
  • You can earn interest up to 10.5% annually.
  • It is secured and registered with The Dutch Central Bank (DNB).
  • It is easy to use with its user-friendly interface.
  • They insured wallets for up to $255 million.
  • Bitvavo has an advanced exchange option for experienced users.
  • There are no transaction fees for various payment methods.
  • It has a strong API ( application program interface). This means its software program has easy interaction from one app to another. Report your request to the system which executes your requests and allows you to trade smoothly.
  • The regulation is a must when it comes to cryptocurrency. It tells you that you are dealing with authentic, legitimate exchanges. Bitvavo operates in 19 countries in Europe. It has regulation and Licensing by the Financial Markets Authority (Netherlands).

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/best-crypto-exchange-in-europe/ by Kenzo Norman on 2022-08-05T07:31:01.346Z

Bitvavo User Experience

The user experience depends upon the Bitvavo reviews and ratings. And they are mostly positive. Below are the collection of some bitvavo reviews

  • 7.4 out of 10 on TradersUnion.com
  • 4 out of 5 Trustpilot
  • 3.2 out of 5 on crptowisser.com
  • 3.5 out 5 on apple
  • 5 out of 5 on BeleggenVoorBeginners24,Bedrog.com and SourceForge.net

Bitvavo Won 3 Dutch Crypto Award

Due to the fast-growing rate and over 1 million users in 2021, Bitvavo leads the European market with its high trading volume. The bitvavo website has a professional look, and its setup is easy to understand for users. A user finds all relevant information on its pages. The user-friendly design and easy access increase the number of users, which is why satisfied users voted for bitvavo. That is the reason Bitvavo has won the leading Dutch Awards of 2021.

  • Most Popular Website Financial 2021 (part of Website of the Year 2021)
  • Dutch Blockchain Awards 2021
  • Cash Cow Awards 2021

It is the cheapest and most successful website for crypto exchanges.

How To Buy Crypto With Bitvavo?

First, make an account through an easy registration process.

For registration, you need to fill in your email address, password, and your name.

After filling in all the authentic information, you will receive a confirmation email, and all is done.

According to the new dutch law in may 2020, all users must be verified by their ID. Verification only takes 1.5 minutes.

Now you can buy cryptocurrency from the following bank.

  • iDeal (free)
  • EPS (1.75%)
  • SEPA Bank transfer (free)
  • Giropay (1.75%)
  • Credit Card
  • MyBank (1.5%)
  • Bancontact (free)


The name on your bank account and bitvavo account should be the same.

Can You Sell Cryptocurrency On Bitvavo?

  • Yes, you can sell your cryptocurrency on the same page where you buy it.
  • Just go to the trade page and sell the currency. Instead of buying, click on the tab.
  • Bitvavo then converts your cryptocurrency back into Euros, and you can add the credit to your account.
  • You can use this credit to buy another crypto, and for bank transfers, you should go to the withdrawal credits tab.
  • Just select the amount and enter your 2 FA codes, and all is done
  • Bitvavo transfers the amount into your bank account within a day of business hours. It is a safe and secured platform for your funds.


Bitvavo has no minimum deposit, and it is a safe platform for trading and cryptocurrency exchange. It has apps for android and iOS.when you go on the bitvavo website, you can see there are over 1 million active users, and the site has a trading volume of over 10 billion. This will tell that this platform is running smoothly and secured for investment. Bitvavo has lots of positive reviews. A con is that it only has a digital support service (not on calls) and trades only on fiat funds Euros. But overall, it is the best platform for crypto exchange and trading.

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