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AUDIO token has grown more than 90% after partnership with TikTok and new crypto signals


The price of AUDIO, the proprietary token of the decentralized music streaming platform Audius, has risen by over 90% right after the platform's integration with social media giant TikTok.

At the time of writing, AUDIO is trading at around $ 3.32, according to the Nomics crypto metering platform and crypto signals. The current token price is about 30% below the all-time high of $ 4.95 on March 27.

The increase comes after Audius announced a partnership with TikTok yesterday. The integration makes Audius one of the first partners of the media giant Sound Kit SDK, which allows creators to "seamlessly bring original sounds and music from third-party apps to the TikTok ecosystem."

With the new feature, Audius artists will be able to add their tracks to TikTok so that users can easily add them to their videos. Among the artists who have joined Audius are such popular musicians as:

  • Skrillex;
  • Deadmau5;
  • The Stafford Brothers;
  • 3LAU;
  • Alina Baraz and others.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/audio-token-has-grown-more-than-90-after-partnership-with-tiktok-and-new-crypto-signals/ by Luke Evans on 2021-08-19T23:58:37.109Z

The development in question is not the first for many who have entered the world of cryptocurrency.

For example, Deadmau5 has been active in the immutable token (NFT) space in recent months. Last December, he launched his $ 100,000 NFT Collections in partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange. In another example, the artist collaborated with Mythical Games and the NFT-based game Blankos Block Party.

These DeFi Tokens Are Ready To Grow!

Smart Contracter analyst, known for his successful predictions in decentralized finance (DeFi), said he expects big growth from the two altcoins as well as the SafeTrading team does.

Aave, a decentralized lending and borrowing system, is one of the cryptocurrencies that could potentially grow in the coming months, according to a crypto signals of 158,500 Twitter followers.

According to Smart Contracter, the Aave linked to Ethereum (AAVE / ETH) is an indicator of what a USD pair asset can achieve. Looking at the USD pair, the analyst argues that if AAVE / ETH breaks 50% of this big bullish flag daily, the USD pair is likely to continue to all-time highs in wave 3.

Using Elliott Wave Theory, a technical analysis technique that attempts to predict price action by observing its wave-like behavior, the trader expects a rise to an all-time high of around $ 700 by November on the AAVE, which completes its five-wave rally.

According to Coinmarketcap data, AAVE is instantly trading at $ 422.

  • Another DeFi token that is in sight of a trader on SushiSwap, an automated market maker. According to Smart Contracter, SUSHI turns its technical resistances into props and can eventually break out of shape and reach new heights.
  • The SushiSwap (SUSHI / BTC) connection to bitcoins is a metric that the crypto trader takes into account. According to Smart Contracter, SUSHI / BTC is expected to surpass its 2021 peak of roughly 0.000522, which is worth $ 24.71 at the time of writing.
  • SUSHI / BTC is in the middle of the third wave uptrend - according to the trader's chart - the longest rally in the five wave uptrend of Elliott Wave Theory. According to Coinmarketcap data, SUSHI is trading at $ 13.29.

This Indicator Indicates That Bitcoin (BTC) Is Preparing For A Sharp Jump In Prices

While Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is trading at a critical level, the analysis indicates a large price movement on the cusp. While Santiment Address Activity data signals importance, bitcoin holders have been actively capturing funds transfers from their wallets.

↑ Santiment Data

Bitcoin has been consistently in the $ 45,860 to $ 48,160 price range since August 13. According to the indicator, long-term targeting activity is returning to mid-April levels. The Santiment data showed the number of addresses participating in network activity and transferring assets to any address on any given day. This data includes both senders and recipients.

This indicator indicates that Bitcoin (BTC) is preparing for a sharp jump in prices - said the analyst of SafeTrading.

According to the most popular analytics provider, bitcoin peaked in January and May, when it rose sharply with prices increasing by 124% and 113%, respectively. The correlation between the indicator and bitcoin is explained by the nature of the cryptocurrency price movement. For the price to change significantly, cryptocurrency exchanges will need to face a large fund directly related to targeted activities.

Stock market entry indicators do not show any specific data on unusual activity in stock markets. In addition, since the beginning of the month, the inflow of bitcoins to exchanges has decreased by $ 2 billion. In the past few days, admission has increased by $ 500 million due to lower sales over the weekend. At the time of this writing, 328,000 bitcoin addresses are active on the network, with the leading cryptocurrency trading at $ 46,794.

↑ Bitcoin Price

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin made an incredible breakthrough in August, surpassing the $ 40,000 threshold for the first time. After leaving the $ 40,000 level behind, BTC, which increased its target, accelerated its gains, climbing above the $ 45,000 price range. Bitcoin, which has suddenly changed course in recent days, briefly surpassed $ 48,000 and hit the $ 49,000 cap.

However, this price movement was not sustained and BTC fell to $ 45,000. The bulls, who wanted to reclaim their profits after the fall, brought the price of BTC back to $ 46,800 - said the analyst of SafeTrading.

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