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Aktien Pros Review - What Do They Offer?


A no frills broker with the most competitive industry spreads.

Aktien Pros

Germany based Aktien Pros is an online broker which offers Cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, precious metals, raw materials and energy CFDs.

Full Aktien Review

This broker is a good fit for investors looking for a full featured platform with a straightforward pricing feature.

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Pros and cons
Pros and cons

Top Perks

The broker has made an effort to compete with all industry rated rivals by adopting equal or better trade policies.

No Commissions And Low Spreads

Aktien Pros do not charge commissions for their clients trades and have the lowest spreads in the CFD industry, making it a good choice for newcomers in the online trading sphere.

MONEYVAL Regulation

Strictly regulated by MONEYVAL (Expert Committee for the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures). A permanent monitoring mechanism established by the European Union with forty seven member states reporting directly to its main body, the committee of ministers. Under this regulatory umbrella, Aktien Pros has strict Anti-Money Laundering measures in place along with CFT (Combatting Financing of Terrorism). This ensures that client money never ends up in the wrong hands and all clients go through a thorough background check in order to ensure funds are not sourced illegally.

Variety Of Trading Instruments

With most brokers specializing in one or two trade products, Aktien Pros offers a range of trading assets, allowing the trader to access a wider range of instruments. Some of their trading assets include:

  • Forex
  • CFDs (Contract for differences)
  • Gold
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Shares
  • Indices
  • Raw Materials
  • Energy

Aktien Pros has been ranked number one in online brokers for trading Forex and CFDs due to their excellent trading conditions.

Seven Types Of Trading Accounts

Aktien Pros ensures that all client needs are met. This is why they have four trading platforms with seven different types of trading accounts on the whole. These platforms are:

  • For Beginners
  • For Top Traders
  • VIP Exclusive
  • Managed Trades

Within these four areas, they have seven types of trading accounts to facilitate small, medium and large investors. Each account comes with its own benefits.

Four areas
Four areas

Seamless Trading Station

Aktien Pros have their own trading platform known as AktienPros Trading Station (TTS). It is designed in house by their tech team. As per their website, it is action packed for beginner level traders and super simple to use. It also allows for one click trading with the provision of a mobile applicatoion, available for both iOS and Android

Trading Tools & Signals

Aktien Pros provides information and data for the trader to ensure that all traders are aware of what instruments are the most popular. A wide range of trade signals and tools equip the trader for the trade that is best for them.

Training Education For All Traders

Regardless of account type, Aktien Pros has a basic training plan in place to acquaint everyone with their trading platform. This ensures that all clients are able to have a smooth trading experience without any glitches. Furthermore, there are also basic instructional videos about topics such as CFDs, Forex, raw materials, precious metals etc.

SSL Encryption And Data Security

They take data security very seriously and ensure everything is end to end encrypted. This helps protect the customer’s personal and trade data from hackers. So the clients bank details are always secure.

24/7 Customer Support

Their customer service is quick to respond to all your queries ranging from trading conditions, withdrawals, trade account issues etc.

What Could Be Improved

The regulatory aspect means no third party funds transfers are accepted such as western union or even cash. Furthermore, the account opening process takes time because of the background checks required for every client. Aktien Pros need to work on these issues to facilitate their clients better.

Also, for a slightly better trade experience, clients need access to atleast more than $10,000 in funding, this makes it difficult for smaller investors to derive maximum benefit from the broker.

Final Verdict

Aktien Pros is a perfect choice for you if:

  • You’re looking for a trading platform with major CFDs in stocks, forex, raw materials, energy and Crypto.
  • You are a beginner in the online trade world and need a broker with low spreads
  • You have atleast more than $10,000 to invest.

If you feel inspired, register with Aktien Pros today.

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