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Air Hockey Tables' Dimensions - Best Air Hockey Table Sizes For You


Before making a purchase, it is important to think about the table dimensions of any game table you are interested in.

The only way to determine this is by comparing the sizes of the tables to the dimensions of the room.

In this article, you will be able to know different air hockey tables' dimensions.

Air hockey is a tabletop sport that is similar to Pong where the two opposing players play on a low-friction surface.

They will use two hand-held discs called "mallets" and a lightweight plastic puck to try to score goals against each other.

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Now that you're familiar with the game, this article will present you with a variety of options for both the size and design of air hockey tables to meet your space and gameplay requirements.

In addition, the author will provide information regarding the weight of these tables as well as the quantity of space that should be reserved for their assembly.

Different Air Hockey Table Sizes

A table that shows difefrent rows including air hockey table, imperical measurements and metric measurements
A table that shows difefrent rows including air hockey table, imperical measurements and metric measurements

The table above consists of three rows, including different air hockey tables and imperial and empirical measurements.

The different air hockey tables displayed in the first row were: full-size, regulation, home, small, mini, and tabletop size.

The size of an air hockey table can range from mini to full-size, depending on the player capacity.

However, standard air hockey tables have dimensions of 8 feet in length and 6 feet in width, and the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA) both authorize and regulate the use of these tables for league play and tournament competition.

Additionally, this is the table size that is most frequently seen in bars and other establishments that host games of air hockey.

The standard length for a table used in a home is four feet. Air hockey is typically included in a larger multigame table and is therefore most suited for use by smaller children and families, since players' arm lengths are naturally shorter.

There are also 5ft tables that are fun and made with kids and families in mind. These are better for bigger family members to play on.

The most common length for a table in a home is six feet. This is big enough for almost all kids to enjoy, and if they're a little too small now, they'll grow into it soon. It's also big enough for grown-ups to move around in.

The biggest home tables available are 7 feet long. It's big enough for both adults and kids to enjoy a game, and if it's a broad model like the Pro Ice down below, it might even be suitable for doubles.

The biggest home tables available are 7 feet long. It's big enough for both adults and kids to enjoy a game, and if it's a broad model like the Pro Ice, it might even be suitable for doubles.

However, an 8-foot length is considered the standard for an air hockey table, which is the kind of thing you'll find in arcades and bars.

This is big enough for all of the players to have a rapid, chaotic game, with plenty of room for strategic shooting and deft rebounding.

Many kinds of commercial tables that are 8 feet in length also exist in 7-foot lengths, making them suitable for locations with limited floor space, and some are even available in 6-foot lengths.

Room Space Needed For Air Hockey Table

Burds eye view of air hockey table surface with some arrows with corresponding measurements
Burds eye view of air hockey table surface with some arrows with corresponding measurements

The majority of air hockey tables measure 7 feet by 3.67 feet, and players need at least an additional 3 feet of room around the table to play comfortably.

This means that the space required for an average-sized table must be at least 10 feet by 6.67 feet.

You may also acquire tables that are 5 feet or 6 feet long, but it is still recommended that you leave approximately 3 to 4 feet of room around the table.

The following tables will give you an idea of how much space an air hockey table will take up in your home (length x width).

Measurements In Feet

Table SizeMinimum Space Needed - Ideal Space Needed
8’ x 6’13’ x 9’ up to 12’ x 8’
7’ x 3.6’10’ x 6.6’ up to 11’ x 5.6’
6’ x 3.3’9’ x 6.3’ up to 10’ x 5.3’
5’ x 2.5’ 8’ x 5.5’ up to 9’ x 4.5

The table shows the amount of space required around an air hockey table in feet.

Measurements In Inches

Table SizeMinimum Space Needed - Ideal Space Needed
96” x 50”132” x 86” up to 144” x 98”
84” x 43”120” x 79” up to 132” x 91”
72” x 40”108” x 76” up to 120” x 88”
60” x 30”96” x 66” up to 108” x 78”

The table shows the amount of space required around an air hockey table in inches.

Air Hockey Table Dimensions In Meters

Measurements In Meters

Table SizeMinimum Space Needed - Ideal Space Needed
2.44 x 1.27 m 3.34 x 2.17 m up to 3.64 x 2.47 m
2.14 x 1.09 m3.04 x 1.99 m up to 3.34 x 2.29 m
1.84 x 1.01 m2.74 x 1.91 m up to 3.04 x 2.21 m
1.52 x 0.76 m2.42 x 1.66 m up to 2.72 x 1.96 m

The table shows the amount of space required around an air hockey table in meters.

MD Sports Air Hockey Table

MD Sports 84″ Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports 84″ Nero Air Powered Hockey Table

The video above shows an MD Sports 84′′ Air Powered Hockey Table, and the specifications are listed below.


  • Proficient air blower motor that is UL-approved for use with 120 volts of AC current
  • High-quality UV-protected playing surface with included ABS rebound bar.
  • Top rails and aprons made to last.
  • Sturdy steel frames and side panels.
  • Massive 6" heeled leg flatteners.
  • Embedded LED electronic scoreboards with retro game music.
  • A set of four pucks and four premium pushers are included as extras.

Product Dimensions

  • Assemble dimension (LxWxH): 84 x 48 x 32
  • Carton dimension (LxWxH): 89.25 x 52 x 7
  • Weight (lbs.): 143

6-Foot Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Triumph Sports Lumen-X Lazer 6' Air Hockey Table

Product Descriptions

When the lights are out, you can start having some fun. The innovative new technology featured in the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table brings light to the darkness and adds an additional degree of excitement to game play.

The interactive table has in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects as well as in-game displays.

The table is 72" long, 40" wide, and 31" high. It has two very bright blue strikers and a blue puck that lights up, which makes playing a lot more fun.

Dual motor blowers keep a steady flow of air going over the smooth, MDF-made playing surface with white and blue silkscreened playfield lines to keep the game moving quickly.

With the electronic scorer, you can easily keep track of what's going on without losing concentration.

The table is held up by legs that are 12 mm thick and have four 2.5" leg levelers that keep the playing surface flat even if the floor isn't level.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎74 x 43 x 6 inches
Package Weight‎48.99 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎72 x 40 x 31 inches
Item Weight‎75 Pounds
Warranty Description‎90 Day Limited
Brand NameTriumph Sports
ManufacturerEscalade Sports
Model NameB01MREOEQ4

The table displays the technical details of the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table, including item package dimensions, package weight, item weight, warranty descriptions, and many more.

L. Milligan posted her comment about her experience using this particular air hockey table and said:

Oh my goodness this air hockey table is so so great! My kids are cheering in the other room as I write this review. We have five kids ages 7 and under and decided to redo the garage as a game room for their Christmas present and an air hockey table was first on their list. The lights and sounds are so fun but it's also nice that there's an off switch for that portion. The table is sturdy and the handle things charge via USB which is convenient if you have any phone plugs already in your house which I bet 99% of the population does.

Another satisfied client expressed:

"Assembly was super-duper easy! Just needed to assemble the legs and add the design Placards. That's it. It took literally 1 hour. It did require that my 15 year old help me flip it over once the legs were screwed on.

After that, the fun began.Yes, it is TRUE that the unit is loud especially with the fan running. But with ours, we can turn the sound off (there's no volume control that I can find).

This unit has 2 fans. A simple addition of one more strategically placed fan would make the air circulation extremely more fluid for the pucks, but we didn't have that much of an issue."

Lastly, IheartTX also happy to this 6-foot air hockey table.

"The assembly is simple, but I would not say easy. It definitely takes 2 people to hold the boards in place to screw them together, but overall was not difficult. The best feature are the side lights that run up & down the length of the table along with the LED puck & paddles.

It makes it just as much fun to play at night as it does during the day. I also love that you have an option to turn off the sound as it can get a little overbearing at times, but the kids love it! I did tons of research before deciding on this one and have no regrets."

People Also Ask

How Wide Is A 7ft Air Hockey Table?

It weighs 380 pounds and has dimensions of 84 inches in length, 44 inches in width, and 31 inches in height. It includes two mallets and a puck in the package.

What Size Are Air Hockey Tables In Arcades?

The length of a table that meets the commercial standard for air hockey, which is typically 8 feet and may be found in places like arcades and bars, is considered to be the official size for an air hockey table.

Can An Air Hockey Table Be Placed Against A Wall?

Because players only move at the ends of the table, an air hockey table can be placed against a wall.

However, if it stops in the center, it can be difficult to reach the puck, and some players find it restricts their movement when playing, so it is best to leave a gap between the table and the wall.

Is An Air Hockey Table Worth It?

The purchase of an air hockey table is a fantastic addition to any home entertainment space.

All gamers, from novices to veterans, can have a great time with it. However, not every air hockey player has the same table preferences.

What Makes A Good Air Hockey Table?

If you want a long-lasting air hockey table, make sure it has a solid base and legs. The most stable options are steel or wood laminate legs.

Check the stability of the table by pushing on it. For consistent play, you should choose an air hockey table with leg levelers.


There is a wide range of table sizes available for air hockey, and each one serves a different purpose.

Given the physical nature of the game, it only makes sense that air hockey tables should be sufficiently spacious to allow both the puck and the players room to maneuver.

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