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Tom Maguire Keeps Digging


The conservative blogger at JustOneMinute, who’s surprised some people on the right by asking silly questions about President Obama’s citizenship, accuses me of being in on the “Kenyan birth certificate” hoax.

As to Dave Weigel’s involvement in this, we can take for granted he will deny being in on it, even though he brought the Politijab spoof to the wider world (and only credited them belatedly).

Okay, two things.

First, I can state unequivocally that I was not “in on” the hilarious “punking” of the “birther movement.” (I can also say, here and now, that I did not fake the moon landing.) I found out about it via a tip from one of the small community of people who debunk the “birthers,” who email me regularly with such tips. Some of these people post at Politijab, the small, registration-required, anonymous web forum where Steve Eddy (posting as “Koyaan”) first exposed the source of the “Kenyan” hoax. That’s the other point I want to make: I originally credited my source who told me to check out Eddy’s evidence, and later changed the post to credit Eddy’s original Politijab post once members of the site told me it was okay to credit them.

I’m not a fan of online anonymity. In cases like this, though, where ordinary people with day jobs want to pass on news without exposing their identities to the unstable “birther” community, I’m okay with it. Even an anonymous online handle is more evidence than the bumbling Orly Taitz gave to a court of law of the provenance of the forged “Kenyan” certificate.

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If Maguire wants to continue wrecking his reputation like this, I won’t stop him. But it’s good to have a chance to explain how and why the merry “birther” debunkers are getting this done.

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