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Stay Classy, Eric Swafford


We learn via the Nashville Post that Republican Rep. Eric Swafford, of the Tennessee State House, has decided to don clown shoes and join a crackpot legal action demanding Barack Obama’s 1961-issue birth certificate. Angry Russian dentist Orly Taitz posts Swafford’s request to be named a plaintiff in Taitz’s Write of Mandamus “to obtain original birth certificate, immigration records, passports and other vital records for Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama.”

Swafford—if that is indeed his real name—is not the only duly elected representative of the people who wants to sniff around in the president’s safe deposit box. An Oklahoma state representative whom I spoke to last month has introduced legislation that would force the president to show proof of citizenship when he’s on the ballot in 2012. Both men, oddly enough, represent the only two states where Republicans won control of the legislatures in 2008.

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