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Top Virtual Baby Shower Games 2021


Even if your shower isn't in person, it may still be enjoyable. The virtual baby shower activities listed below will ensure that your party is one that everyone will remember for years.

When I searched "online baby shower games," the top result was "Is a virtual baby shower tacky?" I was surprised. "Absolutely not!" I respond.While I believe most of us would prefer an in-person baby shower, the reality is that virtual baby showers may be your only choice for a variety of reasons, and they don't have to be tacky.

You may not be able to provide all of your visitors with food and cake, but you can still ensure that they have a good time. If you're organizing an online baby shower for a friend or want to host one for yourself, you're probably curious about what occurs during one and how to make it work.

There's no reason why you can't congratulate the mother (and father) remotely using software like Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can make it just as enjoyable and memorable as any other kind of baby shower.

This is up to you and the mom-to-be. Since you don't have as many activities as you might have during an in-person baby shower (brunch, drinks, dessert, etc.)
This is up to you and the mom-to-be. Since you don't have as many activities as you might have during an in-person baby shower (brunch, drinks, dessert, etc.)

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Virtual Baby Shower Games On Zoom

Baby shower games are a must-have for every baby shower, whether it's a Skype baby shower or a Zoom conference with the whole crew. First, the good news: virtual baby shower games eliminate the possibility of making everyone suffer by eating chocolate "poop" in a diaper or seeing adult men drink from baby bottles as quickly as they can.

Doesn't a virtual baby shower look very nice right now? You can make your shower elegant by playing some entertaining internet games that will keep everyone's attention. Keep in mind that many of the activities will need you to ensure that your visitors have everything they require before the party begins. You may either send the cards and information to them or print and deliver them personally if feasible.

10 Baby Shower Games For the Zoom App

The Guessing Game

Before the online shower, the mom must answer a set of baby-related questions that the guests must guess the answers to. The following are some examples of possible questions:

  • During your pregnancy, what did you desire the most?
  • What do you believe the baby's weight will be?
  • Which month of your pregnancy has been the most exciting?

You may ask visitors to predict the gender of the baby if the parents haven't disclosed it yet. The online poll function in Zoom makes this simple: how to establish a poll in Zoom.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to engage your visitors. It's also very straightforward. The host has a list of baby necessities for new parents. Guests only need to look for things in their own houses.

Yes, they'll have to get up and move around, but that's all part of the fun. Let's begin with the word "bottle." The first five people to locate a bottle and bring it back to the camera advance to the next round.

Each round presents a new object to locate, and the game will continue until a winner is determined by a process of elimination. Lotion, blankets, shampoo, bottles, and toys are some of the things to look for.

To make things even easier, we've created an amazing interactive google slide version of this game that you can play during a Zoom conversation by just sharing your screen after the slideshow starts.

Guess That Baby Tune

This might be the party's biggest hit! Have visitors "sing" a popular song with just the word "do" as the refrain. The other partygoers must guess the song's title. Stick to songs with the term "baby" in them to make it even more appealing. Here's where you can learn more about this fantastic game.

The Price Is Right

Have some fun putting your guests' knowledge of how much it costs to have a baby to the test. You may either utilize things from the parents' baby registry or make a list of typical infant necessities.

This game will necessitate the use of a pen and paper by guests. Allow them approximately a minute to make educated estimates about the pricing of these products. Then they must all simultaneously show their predictions on the screen.

Don’t Say The Word “Baby”

They don't say the baby game is simple to learn but difficult to master. Set the rules at the start of the remote baby shower so that no one may mention the term "baby" throughout the whole event.

A point is awarded to the visitor who is the first to call out someone who does say it. At the conclusion of the virtual baby shower, the guest with the most points wins.

Which Parent Game Aka Guess Who

Who do you think it is? It's similar to a "who's who" game. The expecting parents are asked a number of questions in advance, such as "Who will be the strictest parent?" "Who was the largest baby at birth?" and "How many children do you want?'' Guests react by voting for either Mom or Dad by raising their hand. The parent who outsmarted the guests is the winner.

Celebrity Parent Charades

Have a good time matching renowned moms to their unique baby names. Each visitor has a famous name to mimic (ideally provided to them ahead of time) to make this work via an internet service like Zoom.

They begin by stating, "My child's name is..." without mentioning the celebrity's real name. If you don't want to assign names ahead of time, email each visitor a name before the start of their turn using Zoom's private messaging feature.

Baby Jeopardy

Baby jeopardy is a great game to play on Zoom, and you can easily share an interactive Google slide during your party. Here are some of our resources for this fantastic game.

What’s Your Advice

While this isn't really a game, it's a fun way for new parents to spend some time together. Solicit advice for the new parents from visitors, which may be recorded and stored for future use.

Baby Shower Trivia

This isn't a guessing game, but it does require that attendees download the free Kahoot! app ahead of time, or at the very least before the start of the virtual baby shower. You may want to do some pre-planning before the event, but a virtual baby shower quiz game is a unique approach to add excitement to the gathering.

Baby Prediction Submission

At the conclusion of the virtual baby shower, visitors may play a fun guessing game by reading aloud or just stating what they think the baby's due date will be, as well as the baby's expected birth weight and length. The answers may either be written down or sent to the host. When the baby comes, the person who has the most right responses will be sent a reward.

Emoji Baby Pictionary

Welcome to the twenty-first century's version of a baby shower game. Guests are shown with a sequence of emojis that represent a baby-related term or phrase, and they must guess as best they can. It works just like Pictionary, but it uses all of your phone's adorable (and odd) tiny icons.

Virtual Baby Bingo

This classic baby shower game may simply be modified for a virtual audience. Send a printed version of the invitation ahead of time (you can link right to the free download with the invitation).

To accomplish "BINGO," check off the registry items on your board while the parent-of-the-hour opens presents over the screen. If you don't want to have a virtual gift exchange, you may play Baby BINGO using phrases that are frequently used at baby showers. Acute listeners may block off such words on their sheet toward "BINGO" every time they hear them (such as delivery, big sister, diaper, dad, and so on).

The “New Parents” Virtual Baby Shower Game

This is a more performative version of The Newlyweds Game, in which the parents-to-be answer questions about each other to predict their partner's choice, validate pregnancy cravings, and so on. You may, however, engage your visitors by having them submit questions either during the virtual baby shower, with Mom responding live, or ahead of time through email.

Virtual and remote baby shower games to play for your baby shower from afar, online or 100% remote in the social distancing manner.
Virtual and remote baby shower games to play for your baby shower from afar, online or 100% remote in the social distancing manner.

How Well Do You Know My Mommy? Virtual Baby Shower Game

Guests will make educated guesses about Mom's parenting and random information, such as where she grew up her favorite color, and some of her more fundamental parenting strategies (Wipes warmer or pacifier clip? wearing the baby or using a stroller, and so on). Then she tells the truth, and they mark down their accurate replies; the one who gets the most right wins.

Alpha-Baby Names Virtual Baby Shower Game

This game is simpler to play on paper or in the comments section of a Facebook post, but it'll be much more fun in person when you're all in separate rooms and trying to speak over one other.

The first visitor begins with a baby name that begins with the letter A, and the next person gets 30 seconds to follow with a B name, and so on, in a pre-assigned sequence.

If a participant doesn't receive a name in the given time, she's out, and the next visitor has to take her letter which throws a kink into your well-planned name choice.

Round two is reduced to 20 seconds each turn if you make it all the way through the alphabet.The winner is the last one remaining. Sticking to girl names, boy names, or just gender-neutral names for an additional twist can make it even more difficult.

Going in pre-assigned order, the first guest starts things off with a baby name that starts with the letter A, the next guest has 30 seconds to follow with a B name, and so on.
Going in pre-assigned order, the first guest starts things off with a baby name that starts with the letter A, the next guest has 30 seconds to follow with a B name, and so on.

The Price Is Right, Virtual Baby Shower Edition

It's a hilarious virtual baby shower game that usually generates a lot of laughter, as well as some bewilderment from the older generation or those who aren't yet parents and can't believe how costly baby goods are nowadays. You may get printouts ahead of time, exactly like BINGO, and then play it live over the internet as if it were a real party.

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