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David Says Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Same Meal For 25 Years

Victoria Beckham has eaten the same meal every day for 25 years. David Beckham's wife only likes to eat grilled fish and steamed vegetables, he said on a podcast with Ruth Rogers from the River Café called Table 4.

Landon Morton
Dec 28, 202213 Shares386 Views
In a recent episode of the podcast River Cafe Table 4, David Beckham was a guest. David Beckham talked about how much he loves food, wine, and cooking, but he also said that his wife, Victoria Beckham, doesn't feel the same way.
In fact, the 46-year-old soccer legend told Ruthie Rogers, who hosts a podcast, that Victoria Beckham has eaten the same mealfor years. Isn't it strange that eating the same breakfast every day is totally normal, but the idea of eating the same dinner seven days in a row is crazy?
Anyway, Posh and Becks have been together for over 20 years and have four kids: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Same Meal For Years

David Beckham Reveals What Victoria Beckham Eats Daily For The Last 25 Years

David Beckham has been married to Victoria Beckham for 25 years, and in that time he has learned that the former Spice Girl is a creature of habit when it comes to food.
In particular, she rarely eats anything other than grilled fish and steamed vegetables. This makes her a very different eater from her husband. The 46-year-old former athlete told chef Ruthie Rogers on Tuesday's episode of iHeart's "River Cafe Table 4:
I get quite emotional about food and wine. When I'm eating something great, I want everyone to try it.- Victoria Beckham
Unfortunately, I'm married to someone that has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years. Since I met Victoria, she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables. She will very rarely deviate away from there.- Victoria Beckham
In 1997, the former soccer star and the 47-year-old fashion designer met for the first time in the Manchester United players' lounge. Two years later, they got married. Now, they have four kids together: Harper, 10, Brooklyn Beckham, 22, Romeo Beckham, 19, and Cruz Beckham, 16.
In all that time, David said there was only one time when Victoria did something different than what she usually did.
The only time she's ever probably shared something that's been on my plate was actually when she was pregnant with Harper, and it was the most amazing thing. It was one of my favorite evenings. I can't remember what it was, but I know she's not eaten it since.- Victoria Beckham
David does most of the cooking at home. He told Rogers that being in the kitchen "relaxes" him and that his love of food and wine comes from his upbringing since his mother and grandmother cooked dinner every night for their families.
I love to cook for my parents. I love to cook for my friends. I was in the kitchen the other day, cooking for the kids and Victoria was like, 'Can I help? What can I do?' and I was like, 'Honestly, sit down, have a vodka and tonic, relax, be with the kids. This is what I love to do.'- Victoria Beckham
The oldest child of David and Victoria, Brooklyn, likes to cook like the famous football player.
The photographer, who is engaged to Nicola Peltz, started trying out new recipes while he was in quarantine, he said in a video for Vogue in December 2021. He made a joke about the fact that his younger sister Harper is "by far" his "most harsh critic."
That's usually my dad who like to try all my stuff that I cook. My dad cooks a lot more than my mom. My mom just likes to eat.- Victoria Beckham


David Beckham has spoken out about his wife Victoria Beckham's strange eating habits, saying that she has "eaten the same thing for the last 25 years."
The former Manchester United player admits that he is a big foodie and that he and his wife don't have the same taste in food, since she eats the same thing almost every day, which makes David sad.
David makes jokes about his wife's diet, but he loves her love of wine and likes to try new bottles with her.
During the podcast, David said that when he and Victoria first started dating, they would go to a fancy restaurant and order "the most expensive bottle of champagne and the most expensive wine." Even though they didn't know what they were drinking, they decided to just drink something good.
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