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Vancouver Man’s Stolen Sailboat Returned In Time - Huge Father's Day Present


Vancouver man’s stolen sailboat returned in time for father's day. Yes, a Vancouver dad had a crazy weekend after the sailboat he and his young daughters worked on for a year was stolen and then found, just in time for Father's Day.

McDonald said as the kids happily climbed into the green and white boat. He had just come off the ferry.

This is such a ridiculous and amazing story. This is unbelievable … It’s such a confluence of things. It’s amazing to see how many people got involved and I’m so grateful.

The Pandemic Project Boat

The homemade sailboat was outfitted with a blue tarp sail and a herringbone bulkhead at the bow
The homemade sailboat was outfitted with a blue tarp sail and a herringbone bulkhead at the bow

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McDonald's pandemic project was the sailboat, which was 14 feet long and weighed less than 200 pounds. He started it to improve his skills and give his family something to remember.

Duncan McDonald built the boat in his backyard with the help of a six-year-old and a three-year-old. He said it was a passion project that he hoped would give him time to spend with his girls during the building process and afterward. It's a one-of-a-kind project.

It was made from recycled fiberglass, plywood, two-by-fours, and other materials, and his children have lived in it and had tea parties there for many months.

He finished it last Thursday and planned to take it on a trip to Sechelt over Father's Day weekend, but it was stolen overnight from a power pole near East 25th and Fraser streets at his home.

Reports About The Missing Family Boat

Vancouver police say that the boat was found by members of the public under the Cambie Bridge on Saturday. The marine unit of the police force then went and got it.

The good Samaritans had heard about the family's story from the news, which had been shared a lot on Facebook.

Sgt. Steve Addison wrote in a Sunday statement:

It appears that it may have been abandoned near the shoreline and boarded by some people who attempted to salvage it.

He said that no one has been caught yet and that the theft is still being looked into.

Police Officer's Helping Hands

Saller Doodad has some bumps, scrapes, and missing pieces, but the Vancouver Police Department helped clean it up so that McDonald's could come back.

An officer who spoke to McDonald's wife on the docks said that they are just trying to do their best and get it seaworthy and ready for them.

McDonald said that he now owns a "pirate ship," which is a ship that was stolen, went on a crazy adventure, and then came back. He thought it would take about 15 hours of work, and now he hopes Saller Doodad will make her big debut on the anniversary of him and his wife.

Huge Gift For Father's Day

This father probably can't believe that something like that can happen, especially since it was brought back to him on father's day.

And to the thief who took the boat without paying for it, law enforcement officials are still looking for you. Despite the fact that you have the boat back, there is still going to be some sort of consequence from everything that any of us do.

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