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Tech Giants, Including Tesla And Nvidia, Surge $3.4 Trillion In Value Amid A.I. Boom

The recent surge in artificial intelligence (A.I.) has propelled technological stocks like Tesla and Nvidia to unprecedented heights.

Tyrese Griffin
Jul 24, 202314059 Shares198010 Views
The recent surge in artificial intelligence (A.I.) has propelled technological stocks like Tesla and Nvidia to unprecedented heights. Tech companies harness A.I. in two key ways: enhancing existing operations and deploying high-profile applications such as robotics, self-driving cars (as seen with Tesla), and virtual assistants. The growing adoption of A.I. showcases its transformative potential, evident in the investor recognition it receives.
With this development, investors are asking the question: "What is the best A.I. stock to invest in?" This article discusses these technology companies and examines how A.I has had an impact on their stock performance.

Tech stocks boom as a wave of interest in AI drives $4tn rally

Tesla, in particular, has experienced remarkable growth, with a 27% increase in June and an astonishing 110% surge in 2023. This success can be attributed to Tesla's extensive utilization of artificial intelligence across various domains. From optimizing vehicle production and maintenance to conducting data analysis, A.I. plays a vital role in Tesla's operations.
The surging interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked a remarkable rally in technology stocks, amounting to a staggering $4 trillion increase. This has propelled the US Nasdaq exchange to its highest level since last August.

Nvidia: Pioneering A.I. and Achieving $1 Trillion Valuation

The enthusiasm surrounding A.I. has become an obsession among investors, with Nvidia serving as the embodiment of the A.I. narrative, representing innovation, growth, and limitless possibilities. Investors have recognized Nvidia's pivotal role in driving artificial intelligence advancements. This has made the Nvidia stock soarby an astonishing 160% in 2023 alone, propelling its market capitalization to the brink of surpassing the remarkable milestone of $1 trillion.
The A.I. rally has not been limited to Nvidia alone. has also witnessed a substantial increase in its stock price, soaring by over 156% since the start of 2023. The major investor in OpenAI Microsoft, has also seen a surge in its stock price, surging by 36% in 2023.

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is created through machine learning which involves training a system using vast quantities of data. Once trained, the system can draw conclusions and make predictions about new data it has never encountered before.
Since its boom regulating artificial intelligence (A.I.) has become a pressing concern. The European Union has acknowledged the importance of data governance in A.I. regulation, granting citizens the right to consent to automated decision-making. However, many A.I. developers need to pay more attention to critical aspects of data collection and provide transparency about data quality and usage.
Widely used data sets obtained through web scraping contain copyrighted and personal data without proper consent, posing ethical and legal risks. Congress should prioritize data governance and consider steps such as passing a national data protection law, mandating the SEC to develop rules on data in AI, and re-evaluating the legality of web scraping. Policymakers must recognize that data is the key ingredient for all A.I. and take proactive measures to ensure responsible A.I. development and deployment.

The Bubble Debate

Despite the tremendous growth in AI-linked stocks, concerns regarding a potential bubble have arisen. Analysts caution that valuations may have exceeded their fundamental value, signaling a need for correction. Nvidia's meteoric rise, for example, has elevated its price-to-earnings ratio to a multiple of 200, indicative of investors' high profit expectations in the years to come. However, other experts believe that the AI-related rally is sustainable, highlighting AI's foundational role in driving future technological advancements.


The surge of interest in A.I. has propelled technology stocks to new heights, with companies like Tesla and Nvidia experiencing remarkable market value increases. Investors seek the best A.I. stocks to invest in as specific companies associated with A.I. technology doubles in value. As A.I. regulation becomes a priority, data governance and responsible development must be addressed. Navigating these challenges will unlock the full potential of A.I. for a thriving future.
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