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Uwu Bot - The Adorable Chatbot For Discord


Uwu bot is a Discord bot that adds a touch of cuteness and fun to Discord servers. It has various features such as creating custom emotes, posting cute animal pictures, and generating random "uwu" or "owo" phrases.

The bot also has a variety of other commands, including a dice roller, a random number generator, and the ability to search for anime and manga information.

One of the most popular features of the Uwu bot is its custom emotes command. With this command, users can create their own custom emotes by uploading an image and assigning it a name. Once created, the emote can be used by anyone on the server.

Another popular feature is the animal pictures command, which posts a random picture of a cute animal, such as a kitten or puppy. This command is great for providing a quick pick-me-up or to simply share a cute picture with friends.

The Uwu bot also has a number of useful commands for managing a Discord server. For example, the bot can ban or kick users, assign roles, and even clear chat history.

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To use the Uwu bot, simply invite it to your Discord server using the bot's invite link. Once the bot is added, you can access its commands by using the designated prefix, which is typically "uwu.

To use the uwu bot, you first need to invite it to your Discord server. This can be done by going to the bot's website and clicking on the "Invite" button. Once the bot is added to your server, you can start using its various features.

To add "uwu" to a message, simply type "!uwu" followed by the text you want to convert. For example, typing "!uwu hello" will result in the bot responding with "hewwo".

The uwu bot is often used in online communities where users want to add a lighthearted and humorous tone to their conversations. It can be used for everything from casual chats between friends to more serious discussions about a range of topics.

Users can simply type their message into the chat window and the uwu bot will automatically translate it into uwu language.

In addition to its translation capabilities, the uwu bot also comes with a range of other features and commands that can be used to enhance the chat experience. These include the ability to generate random uwu phrases and sentences, as well as the ability to play games and interact with other users in various ways.

How to setup uwu bot discord very easily on your discord server | Reactions & Fun

How To Add Uwu Bot To Discord?

Uwu bot is a popular chatbot used on Discord servers. If you want to add uwu bot to your server, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Discord Developer Portal - In your web browser, go to the Discord Developer Portal at https://discord.com/developers/applications. Log in to your Discord account if prompted.
  • Create a new application - Click the "New Application" button and give it a name. Then, click "Create."
  • Create a bot for your application - Click on the "Bot" tab and then click "Add Bot."
  • Get your bot's token - Scroll down and click "Copy" under "Token" to copy your bot's token.
  • Add your bot to your server - In the Developer Portal, click on the "OAuth2" tab. Under "Scopes," select "bot." Then, under "Bot Permissions," select the permissions you want your bot to have. Once you have selected the permissions, copy the generated link.
  • Invite your bot to your server - Open the link you copied in your web browser and select the server you want to add the bot to. Then, click "Authorize."
  • Configure your bot - After adding uwu bot to your server, you can configure it by going to the "Bot" tab in the Developer Portal. Here, you can customize your bot's name, profile picture, and other settings.

Once you have completed these steps, uwu bot will be added to your server and you can start using its features. You can use commands like "uwu" to convert your text into cute, baby-talk style language or "owo" to express surprise or excitement. You can also use the "help" command to see a list of all available commands.

People Also Ask

What Is Uwu Bot?

uwu bot is a chatbot for the popular chat app, Discord, that allows users to perform various actions and commands using simple text-based prompts.

How Do I Add Uwu Bot To My Discord Server?

To add uwu bot to your Discord server, simply navigate to the bot's official website, select "Add to Discord," and follow the prompts.

What Commands Can I Use With Uwu Bot?

uwu bot offers a wide range of commands, including text manipulation, image manipulation, music playback, and more. Some examples include "!flip," "!meme," and "!play."

How Do I Use Uwu Bot's Text Manipulation Commands?

To use uwu bot's text manipulation commands, simply type the command followed by the text you want to manipulate. For example, to use the "uwu" command, type "!uwu [text]."

Can I Customize Uwu Bot's Settings?

Yes, you can customize uwu bot's settings by using the "!settings" command, which allows you to adjust various settings, such as the bot's prefix and language.

How Do I Report A Problem With Uwu Bot?

If you encounter any issues or problems with uwu bot, you can report them to the bot's developers by visiting their official website or Discord server and submitting a support ticket.

Can I Use Uwu Bot On Mobile Devices?

Yes, you can use uwu bot on mobile devices by downloading the Discord app and adding the bot to your server.

Is Uwu Bot Free To Use?

Yes, uwu bot is completely free to use, although the developers do accept donations to help support the bot's continued development.


The "uwu bot" is a popular Discord bot that adds a fun and playful element to chats. As the name suggests, the bot's main function is to add "uwu" text to messages. This can be done either by using a specific command or by having the bot automatically add "uwu" to certain words or phrases.

In addition to adding "uwu" text, the bot also has other features such as adding emojis, generating random images, and playing music. It can also be customized to fit the needs of a specific Discord server.

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