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4 Benefits of Using a Selenium Grid instead of In-house Grids


Standing today, one can evidence how tech developments are rapidly evolving. You can find how different new software and web applications are launching every day or getting updated to newer versions. Similarly, web browsers are also changing their logs and upgrading themselves to a better version. In such an evolving scenario, ensuring that the applications are running as intended on all the different browser versions becomes crucial.

Now, if your company is looking to test different browsers and OS combinations to figure out which one fits your application perfectly, you need a Selenium grid. It is primarily because third-party tools or other solutions do not usually work in all cases. So, here is the topic of this article - what is about this grid, and how is it better than in-house grids?

Selenium - What Is It?

In simple words, Selenium is framed out of the JavaScript framework. It is, in fact, a framework of automation testing tools used by the QA (Quality Assurance) team to replicate end-user actions. The need to replicate end-user behavior is mandatory to understand how an application will flare in the real world ahead of the testing phase. Automated Selenium testing drives interactions occurring on the target web page. It does not require manual inputs to do so and works entirely automatically.

So, the Selenium Grid is basically a testing automation tool. It allows QAs to run their tests on different machines but against different browsers. The Selenium Suite is adept at running multiple tests across different setups that include a combination of browsers, OSs, and different machines. QAs select the browser, its version, and the OS version before connecting them via the Selenium Remote.

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In standard terms, the grid of Selenium is actually a type of smart proxy server. It facilitates the running of multiple tests across multiple setups simultaneously. In the grid, one server works like a hub. From that hub, the commands are routed to multiple grid nodes.

What Makes Selenium The Best Among Other Grids?

The first stand-out feature of this grid is that it is the best for automated browser testing. However, there are additional benefits of using this grid over any in-house grid you might have.

Some of the striking reasons are -

Freedom Of Using Any Programming Language

Programming language compatibility is the first thing software specialists look for in a new test framework. Fortunately, Selenium gives the freedom to use any of the most popular programming languages. That’s because the grid has support for all programming languages. Therefore, one can use JavaScript, C#. Ruby, Python, etc. However, programmers still need to master the challenges thrown by Selenium and its grid automation process.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

To work with Selenium, one does not need to leave their browser and operating system due to incompatibility issues. Thanks to Selenium’s framework as it supports multiple browser compatibility. Therefore, one can run operations from any browser such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. But how does that happen?

Well, Selenium has an advanced framework. Whatever interaction it does with the underlying web elements on a web page, it goes through a special WebDriver. It is the Selenium WebDriver, which is responsible for Selenium’s cross-browser compatibility. The WebDriver works as a mediator between the test cases and the browser on which the test is performed. Unlike other grids, here, the whole process makes automated browser testing much more convenient.

Cross-OS Compatibility

Selenium’s test framework also proves how every application should be compatible with browsers and different operating systems. The framework supports Linux, Windows, macOS, and any other major OS. Being compatible with multiple OSs makes it convenient as testing an automation script from one platform to another doesn’t need any significant steps to be taken. Just by tweaking the WebDriver paths, one can seamlessly work in any operating system they want.

A Platform That’s Free And Open-Source

Any free and open-source project allows the community to participate to better the application. One can evidence that from Android (AOSP), being an open-source project. In Selenium, developers and testers test new features and continuously contribute to the application. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages Selenium has over other grids. It makes the stable version of Selenium more reliable and seamless. Moreover, it also opens channels for feedback, which is further used to develop the grid.

Are Cloud-based Selenium Grid A Better Solution?

An online or cloud-based Selenium Grid always frees companies from the burden of setting up a Selenium Grid infrastructure. Besides, it also saves companies from maintaining the grids regularly. Reputed online Selenium Grid companies like LambdaTest make sure that your company can completely focus on the test scripts. Using their online test grid, you can access them from anywhere using the cloud platform.

Another reason why today most companies are after LambdaTest’s cloud-based Selenium Grid is the hefty costs of infrastructure. To run a full in-house setup, companies need to install the latest browsers, buy multiple devices and hire experts to handle the grid.

But, on LambdaTest’s real device cloud, one can have instant access to devices. Besides, they can also shorten test cycles, if they want.

Final Words

Besides being compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems, the Selenium grid is also compatible with mobile devices. A professional test framework like Selenium always scores high when it comes to automated browser testing. Of other things, the main reason why Selenium is preferred more than other grids is because of its compatibility. It essentially cuts down the time needed to complete multiple tests in parallel.

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