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USA Social Casinos — The New Vegas Environment

The iGaming industry might be experiencing explosive growth worldwide, but it’s still inaccessible to many American players.

Elisa Mueller
Nov 29, 20220 Shares248 Views
The iGaming industry might be experiencing explosive growth worldwide, but it’s still inaccessible to many American players. Numerous US states maintain strict restrictions and haven’t shown any interest in legalizing online gaming. However, that doesn’t mean their residents have to give it up altogether. Social casinos are legal almost everywhere in the US and let you play for free. Keep reading to learn how these sites work and what benefits they offer.

What Are Social Casinos and How Do They Work?

Social casinos are platforms that host casino-like games and let you play without making any purchases. They employ unique financial models based on virtual currencies known as casino credit. Players obtain said credit after registering and can use it to play games. These games mimic famous titles you’d find at regular casinos, like poker or blackjack, but come with slight variations in rules or gameplay.
The business model and game modifications allow social casinos to comply with various US state laws. So, it’s not surprising they’re one of the fastest-growing and most popular forms of gaming. Experts claim their success isn’t going to fade any time soon, either. Statistics show they'll be the driving forces for the growth of the online gaming marketoverall.

Social Casino Features

The best way you can understand what social casinos are is through their defining traits. To that end, the following sections list and discuss the most important social casino features.

Casino Currency

The core difference between social and regular online casinos lies in their financial systems. As mentioned, social casinos allow players to use casino credit instead of real funds to play their games. Casinos may offer it as a bonus for registration, completing challenges, or referring friends. However, some sites also provide alternative methods for obtaining these coins. For example, casinos like Pulsz or Chumba Casinoreward coins to players who log in daily or enter social media contests. The exact system they use differs between operators.

Game Format

Social gaming sites offer all famous casino game categories, from slots to table and card games. Its users can try their luck at traditional and feature-rich slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and various specialty titles. The only way they differ from the ones you’re used to playing at regular casinos is in their gameplay. Some games feature rule modifications or use different props compared to their standard version. For instance, the famous Joker Poker plays with a 52-card instead of a 53-card deck at Fortune Coins.
These changes may seem arbitrary, but they stem from various US gambling laws. Namely, US state gaming legislationcomprises rules prohibiting several components commonly found in games of chance. Social casinos note those restrictions and adjust their games to comply with them. In this way, we get to enjoy casino classics that we otherwise wouldn't be able to play.


Social casino prizes further distinguish these sites from other online gaming platforms. Regular casinos let players withdraw their winnings in the form of real funds. Even sweepstakes casinos that operate similarly to social casinos allow players to exchange their prizes for capital. However, social casinos typically do neither of these things. The purpose of casino credit you win in social games is to continue playing for free. You can extend your gaming session or try other games the site offers.
Keep in mind that prize systems at some social casinos may work differently. You’ll come across social casinos with sweepstakes elements like Fortune Coins, where you can exchange sweeps for real funds.

Benefits of Social Casinos

The social casino phenomenon isn’t new — the US market boasts plenty of these sites. Nevertheless, not all of them meet the industry’s standards. Reputable social casinos distinguish themselves thanks to the benefits they offer. The following list explains what these perks are in more detail.
  • Game selection — The best online social casinos offer a wide range of games. They abound in slots, cover all casino classics, and feature specialty games like Keno or Wheel of Luck. Some even host exclusive titles you won’t find anywhere else, like Fortune Coins’ War or Chuba’s Blackjack variant. 
  • Long gaming sessions — Social casinos let their members obtain casino credit in numerous ways, from bonuses and rewards to challenges and contests. This system allows players to try a wide range of games and enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying about their budgets. 
  • Convenience — Social gaming platforms are easy to join and simple to use. Most offer mobile-optimized websites or apps, so you can access their games wherever you are. They’ll make your time in the waiting room or during commutes fun and memorable.


Social casinos are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite casino-like games without making any investments. They’re easy to use and loaded with entertaining games, bonuses, and promotions. On top of that, they’re available in most US states, so nothing is stopping you from joining one. Find a site you like, complete the registration form, and start gaming. It's that simple!
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