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Unexpected Severe Storms Caused Hundreds Of American Airlines Flight Diversions And Cancellations

The unexpected severe storms that occurred on Wednesday are being held responsible for the fact that American Airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights and divert at least one hundred others, which caused disruptions to the schedule for Thursday as well.

The Report

According to CNN, the cancellations generated a domino effect that resulted in more than 300 flights being canceled by American Airlines by lunchtime on Thursday.

See video below for additional information.

That equaled to almost nine percent of the whole schedule for the airline. According to information obtained from the website FlightAware, as of twelve o'clock noon Eastern Time (ET), a total of 650 flights in the United States have been called off.

According to the data, approximately 370 flights had to be canceled on Wednesday, bringing the total number of flights that had to be canceled in the United States on Wednesday to over 1,200.

The nightmarish scenario was set in motion when storms that were more powerful than anticipated blasted into the Dallas, Texas area. The DFW airport, which is the major hub for American Airlines, is located in this region.

The Chief Operating Officer of American Airlines, David Seymour, issued the following statement: "After that, those storms reformed and produced a completely new line of storms that was not in the forecast.

This line of storms was located north of the airport. Because this storm activity was completely unexpected, there were no arrivals into DFW for a period of three hours."

"Those storms then regenerated and developed a completely new line of storms north of the airport. This was not something that had been anticipated. In a memo to staff that was obtained with CNN Travel, Seymour noted that unexpected storm activity halted any arrivals into DFW for a period of three hours.

After one hundred of AA's flights were rerouted, the airline made the decision to proactively cancel any and all remaining flights into and out of DFW for the day on Wednesday.

"DFW airport had gone 67 days without seeing any rain that could be measured, which was the second-longest stretch on record — weather like this can wreak havoc on our operation." According to Seymour, "this was the worst storm we've seen at DFW this summer, and to make matters worse, there was no sign that it was on its way."

He complimented the staff of American Airlines for their efforts in recovering from the climate disruption and noted that the cancellations have "a big impact on our consumers."

In the memo that Seymour sent out to the staff, he said that canceling flights was an absolute last choice. "However, clients have the best opportunity to change their plans and prevent last-minute complications at the airport if they do so in advance, even if there is only a tiny window of time to do so."

On Thursday, DFW Airport said that it has returned to its regularly scheduled operations.

Flight Problems During The Summer

Summer's harsh weather has exacerbated various operational issues, including manning at airways and airports.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been working to address air travel difficulties as a result of the pandemic's resurgence of demand.

Delays and cancellations plagued the prior weekend, with Friday being the worst day for cancellations since mid-June.

The Department of Transportation proposed a regulation last week that may improve protections for tourists seeking refunds, and the secretary asked the public to comment on the plan and register complaints when airlines are unresponsive.

People Also Ask

What Happens If My Flight Is Canceled Due To Weather American Airlines?

If for some reason your flight is unable to take off or there is a delay that results in you missing your connection, we will rebook you on the next flight that has seats available. When you check in for your new flights, we will immediately reroute your bags to the correct terminal.

What Weather Can Planes Not Fly In?

Even small planes can take off and fly during heavy rain. However, if the rain is accompanied by other weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, or icing, airlines will avoid taking off. It's worth noting that planes can theoretically fly under these conditions, but because it's risky, airlines choose not to.

Does American Airlines Pay For Hotel If Flight Canceled Due To Weather?

Yes, American Airlines provides flight vouchers for canceled flights. If the flight is delayed or canceled due to situations beyond our control, such as inclement weather, technical problems, or unusual circumstances, you are responsible for your own overnight lodgings, meals, and incidental charges.


The proposed rule would more precisely define cases where flights are significantly modified or canceled in order to provide a clearer path to reimbursements while also increasing pandemic-related shopper safety.

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