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Ukraine Claims Russian Missiles Destroyed In Crimea

Ukraine claims Russian missiles destroyed in Crimea. The statement alleges that the missiles were fired by Russian forces and were intended to strike targets in Ukraine.

Kenzo Norman
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Ukraine claims Russian missiles destroyed in Crimea. The statement alleges that the missiles were fired by Russian forces and were intended to strike targets in Ukraine.
The Russian-installed mayor of Dzhankoi has claimed that drones have been used to assault the city. Ukraine reported explosions, as usual, but did not claim responsibility for them.
If true, this would be a very unusual incursion by Ukrainian forces into Russian-occupied Crimea.

The Background

The situation in Crimea has been tense since 2014 when Russia annexed the territory from Ukraine. The annexation was widely condemned by the international community, and Ukraine has been engaged in a conflict with Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass region since then.
Attacks on Russian interests in Crimea are nothing new, but Ukraine has often either not claimed culpability or assigned blame to political sabotage.
If this attack is verified, it would indicate that the Ukrainian air force now has the capability to use drones.
Crimea has previously been thought to be outside the range of Ukrainian missiles. This operation, however, shows that drones may go further below Russian defenses than was previously believed.
The latest incident occurred on Sunday when Ukraine reported that Russian missiles had been fired towards their positions.
The Ukrainian military responded by firing back, and according to the Ukrainian government, managed to destroy several Russian missiles.

Russian cruise missiles destroyed in Crimea blast

Ukraine's Allegations

The Ukrainian government has accused Russia of violating international law by firing missiles towards their positions. They claim that the missiles were fired from Russia and were intended to strike targets in Ukraine.
According to the statement released by the Ukrainian government, "The Ukrainian military has successfully intercepted and destroyed several missiles fired by Russian forces towards Ukrainian territory. This is a clear violation of international law and a blatant act of aggression by Russia."
The statement also claims that the Ukrainian military has increased its readiness in response to the incident, and that they are prepared to defend their territory against any further aggression by Russia.

Russia's Response

Russia has denied the allegations made by Ukraine, and has accused the Ukrainian military of provoking the incident.
The Russian government claims that the missiles were not fired by Russian forces, but were instead launched by Ukrainian military units.
We categorically deny the Ukrainian government's allegations that Russian missiles were fired towards their positions. This is yet another attempt by the Ukrainian military to provoke a conflict with Russia.- Russian Ministry of Defense
Authorities in southern Russia have also claimed that Ukrainian military deployed a drone to attack an oil pipeline pumping station near the Ukrainian border. The Bryansk region's governor has assured the public that nobody was hurt in the fighting.

The International Response

The incident has sparked concern from the international community, with several countries calling for calm and urging both sides to show restraint.
The United Nations has also expressed concern, with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling for "an immediate de-escalation of tensions in the region."
The European Union has also issued a statement, urging both sides to "refrain from any actions that could lead to a further escalation of the situation."

Final Words

The situation in Crimea remains tense, with both Ukraine and Russia accusing each other of aggression.
Kyiv also has a political motive for keeping Crimea in the spotlight: it serves as a reminder that its present goal is to drive Russian soldiers off the Black Sea peninsula that they unlawfully acquired in 2014, in addition to the territory they've occupied since February of last year.
The latest incident involving the alleged firing of Russian missiles towards Ukrainian positions has further escalated tensions in the region.
The international community has called for calm, but it remains to be seen whether the situation will escalate further or whether diplomatic efforts will be able to resolve the conflict.
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