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The UEFA Champions League - The Biggest Club Competition In Any Sport


Since the re-branding of the UEFA Champions League in 1992, the continental competition has been the most sought-after competition to play on the planet in any non-international sport. A player's success is often attributed to how much glory they’d experienced in the European competitions.

Those who follow soccer are without doubt invested in the Champions League year-on-year know how special it is to be involved in the competition, especially for those teams who only have one spot to grab in their domestic league to play UCL football. Many teams from lesser developed countries would have to win the league and then play through extremely tough play-offs to just reach the initial group stages of the competition.

The UCL is not only the most popular competition in continental football but is also one of the competitions where punters look forward to betting on most. Consistent improvements in accessibility, multi-device optimisation, odds and markets continually attract more interest. Crypto gambling is an innovation that introduces novel features into the worlds of sports betting and gambling alike, and using crypto to make deposits is a somewhat new and much more secure method of depositing funds online.

Which team has the greatest Champions League record?

Nicknamed ‘The Galacticos’, Real Madrid are extremely clear of any other team in terms of their Champions League record, winning the competition a staggering 14 times, 8 being from the newer and re-branded UCL. They’d even began their European victories by winning the first 5 competitions in a row, from 1956-1960, they completely dominated the competition.

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If a team wants to compete to grab the UCL trophy, it’s likely they’ll have to be Real Madrid in order to do so and most teams aren’t able to compete with Los Blancos. Clubs would often amend their badges once winning the competition, putting a star on top of the club crest to bask in their continental success. Should Madrid try to do this, there wouldn’t be much room on the shirt for anything else.

Every year, despite domestic form, Real Madrid always seem to turn up in the Champions League and despite being in a tough spot in the league trailing to Barcelona, the Madrid faithful seem to find another gear in the competition that matters most.

Have any of the biggest clubs in European football not won the competition?

As a general consensus, those teams that havent won the biggest club competition have a constant battle with rival fans, claiming that to be among the heaviest hitters in football, the UCL trophy is a must.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG have been dominating French football for what seems a lifetime, winning the Ligue 1 title a total of 10 times, the Coupe de France 14 times and the Coupe de La Ligue 9 times. In European football however, the club have never really come close, only heading to a final once in their massively decorated history. What’s worse is that some of the world's greatest ever players have played for Paris and the club still never really competed at the top of European football.

Even with the likes of Ronaldinho, Zlatan, Messi, Mbappe, Ginola and many more, the club's only ever final was a disappointing end to an extremely successful campaign, only to lose to a top-notch Bayern Munich side, who have won the competition 6 times themselves. To rub it in further, Kingsley Coman, a French international who started his career with PSG grabbed the only goal in the game to ruin the best chance at the trophy for Paris.


If analysing who would win a Champions League over the last 20 years, Arsenal would undoubtedly be one of the top contenders. The eternal glory of having gone unbeaten in the Premier League, a feat not achieved by any other team ever, is somewhat overshadowed by the lack of European success. Arsenal teeter on the edge of one of the biggest clubs in world football, however, without a Champions League trophy in their cabinet, they plummet down the list.

In 2006, they came awfully close, facing FC Barcelona in the final which realistically could have gone either way. Jens Lehmann was sent off extremely early in the match, meaning Arsenal had to play 70 minutes whilst down to 10. The North London side were faced with complete heartbreak when Juliano Belletti made it 2-1 with less than 10 minutes to go and since, the club have barely challenged in the competition, even having missed out on the UCL spots for 7 consecutive years to worsen the blow.

Manchester City

The sky blue side of Manchester have always been in the shadow of their red counterparts, with United having won the competition 3 times. In 2008, Manchester City were acquired by incredibly wealthy owners from the Abu Dhabi group and set in motion a heavy onslaught of investment in the team. They acquired some of the biggest names in world football, both managers and players alike, such as Robinho, Carlos Tevez, David Silva, Aguero and many more.

After a few years, trophies began rolling in and having won their first Premier League title, the club set their sights on the biggest club competition in world football. Unfortunately, they crashed out year after year until they managed to reach the final in Porto in 2021. Despite being heavy favourites, Chelsea took home their second Champions League trophy, which only increased the pain for city fans. It’s very difficult to imagine Manchester City not winning one eventually, having dominated domestic football for so long.


The Hotspurs of North London are the second elite team in London that haven’t seen the eternal glory of winning the Champions league. In fact, Tottenham are the club that come under the most scrutiny for their trophies, or lack thereof. Many fans pinpoint Tottenham as the worst big English club due to this very fact.

While they may have never completely deserved the competition, they have fought valiantly in many stages of the competition. Namely knocking out an insanely good Ajax side that sent holders Real Madrid packing, only to lose to a heavily inspired Liverpool side in the final, or even that incredible performance against Inter Milan that drew mass attention to star Gareth Bale.

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