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Bradley Nowell's Widow, Troy Dendekker


Imagine the roller coaster of extreme emotions when you get to marry the love of your life and end up a grieving widow a few days later. Troy Dendekker is known as the wife of the late Sublime main singer and guitarist, Bradley Nowell. Even though she married a successful artist, Troy kept a low-key life away from the pressure of the public eyes.

Troy Dendekker or also known as Troy Nowell, was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She's still alive and kicking at her 49th year of existence as of 2020. She is an American by nationality and does belong to white ethnicity. She was born and raised by her mother, Robin Newton, and father, David Newton. Troy did not share any information on whether she has any siblings or not, so there's no clarity if she's an only child. As for her educational background, she attended and graduated from Notre Dame High School. There are no details about her college education and the course she took up.

This lovely woman stands 5 feet and 8 inches, while her weight is around 62kg. Troy is a stunner who has nice body measurements, but specifics are not disclosed to the public yet. Her perfectly round face fits very well with her physique. She has beautiful brown eyes and enchanting blonde hair. She's currently living a healthy and conscious life, preserving her beauty and own style. She has a limited presence in social media at the moment, which explains why there are only a few details about her personal life.

Troy's Career

There is only limited information about Troy's career that she shared with the media. But she mentioned that she used to sing within a band. She's more known as the wife and widow of her late husband, Bradley Nowell. Bradley was the lead singer, guitarist, and frontman of the spa punk band, Sublime.

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After the disbandment of the group because of Bradley's death, Troy negotiated with the band's record label and the entertainment head, Paul Ruffino. They then came up with a documentary film about the successful journey of her late husband and the band, Sublime. This project eventually happened after a series of delays due to the need to settle the estates of Bradley. After some time, Troy collaborated with Courtney Love, and they made a series of TV appearances. This is where they raise awareness for a drug-free America and to dissociate drugs from the music industry. They also made various efforts to remove the glamour of drug use. Troy later won a Young Creator Award within the year 2013.

Troy And Bradley's Relationship

Troy dendekker and bradley nowell
Troy dendekker and bradley nowell

The ex-couple met when Bradley was on tour in the early 1990s. They dated and eventually fell madly in love with each other. Troy and Bradley have been dating for several years before deciding to exchange their marriage vows. But while they were still dating, the two were already intimate with each other, which brought the fruit of their love. Troy became pregnant and gave birth to Jakob James Nowell on June 25, 1995. Right after the birth of Jacob, the two decided to proceed with the wedding. They tied the knot on May 18, 1996, in Las Vegas. Their wedding was Hawaiian themed. However, just a week after their wedding, Bradley was announced dead due to an overdose.

Jakob James Nowell

The son of Troy and Bradley chose to take the same path which his father took even though the two didn't have the chance to bond together for a long time. Jakob is already 25 years old as of writing and has already created his own band, LAW, wherein he serves as the main vocalist and guitarist. Logan Spellacy as the bassist, Aidan Palacio as the lead guitarist, while Nick Aguilar serves as the drummer. Even though Jakob is following the legacy of his father, he stated that his band is completely different from his father's band in terms of fashion and origination.

Bradley Nowell Mini Bio


The late Bradley Nowell was born on February 22, 1968, at Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California. His passion is in the field of the music industry, which led him to be the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Sublime band. The band was founded in 1988, along with Bud Gaugh as the drummer and Eric Wilson as the band's bassist. Even before the creation of Sublime, Bradley had already played for several other bands.

The first debut album that Sublime released was titled "Jah won't Pay the Bills" in 1991. And a year after, they released their second album titled "40oz", which gained massive recognition and sales during that time. In the same year, 1992, the band released another dope album called "To Freedom." This album gained two platinum certifications in the United States, and it reached No.140 on the Billboard 200 chart. Their next album was released in 1994, which they called "Robbin' The Hood," which was successful as well and was certified gold in the US.

After Bradley's death, the Sublime released one last album, which was self-titled. The said album was their major hit since it attained more fame than the previous albums. It also reached No.13 on the American Billboard 200 chart.

Bradley's Death

Before Bradley and Troy met, he was already a drug addict who was struggling to get out of his dark places. But when they started dating, Bradley abstained from using any kind of illegal drugs, especially heroin. He was clean throughout his relationship with Troy. But on the fateful May 25, 1996, Bradley was found dead at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco. This was only a week after their marriage. And the cause of his death was due to overdosage of heroin. It turns out that he can't turn his back from his drug addiction completely. This happened even though the couple has been fighting for his sobriety throughout their relationship. He was together with his band at that time since they were on a five-day tour from Northern California, followed by European and East Coast at that time. He was found lifeless on the floor next to his bed by their drummer, Bud.

Troy's New Relationship

After the death of Bradley, Troy was a total wreck and has become the center of the news covered by the media. But after several years of grieving, Troy slowly moved on and started to live a normal life with her son, Jakob. After some time, she decided to be open again with love as she desires to raise Jakob in a complete family. So, Troy Dendekker got her second marriage with Kiki Holmes. They exchanged vows in a private ceremony with the presence of just their closest friends and family. The couple did not encounter any issue of extramarital relationships or divorce rumors. They are happily married and living together at the moment. Last November 2020 marked their 18th year of lovely marriage.

Social Media Presence

Troy has limited social media presence, but she has an Instagram account where she shares pictures of his son and husband. However, she doesn't use this platform frequently. She still prefers spending more time with her family than with social media. She uses the username @mamatroypma.

Troy's Net Worth

Although Troy's previous careers were not disclosed to the public, she is reported to have earned a decent amount of money from her various endeavors. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. This also includes the significant portion of the wealth that she acquired from her late husband.

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