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Everything You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Survivor, Tran Jeong, Ken Jeong's Wife


With Dr. Ken Jeong's successful career as an actor, writer, and producer, there has always been a constant by his side, his wife Dr. Tran Jeong. Read on to get to know her more.

Who Is Tran Jeong?

Tran Jeong and Ken Jeong at the Hangover II premiere night
Tran Jeong and Ken Jeong at the Hangover II premiere night

Tran Jeong was born on February 24, 1972, and her Vietnamese parents raised her in the United States.

Tran is a family physician who is Vietnamese-American. She is married to actor Ken Jeong, who is most known for playing Ben Chang in the sitcom Community, and mobster Leslie Chow in the film series The Hangover.

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What Kind Of Doctor Is Dr. Tran Jeong?

Ken Jeong with his wife, Tran Jeong, at the Golden Globe Awards night
Ken Jeong with his wife, Tran Jeong, at the Golden Globe Awards night

Tran earned her medical degree from UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine. She obtained a license to practice medicine after graduating and has worked as a family physician for nearly two decades.

Who Is Dr. Ken's Wife?

Ken Jeong with his wife, Tran Jeong, at the premiere night of Pain & Gain
Ken Jeong with his wife, Tran Jeong, at the premiere night of Pain & Gain

Ken Jeong was one of her coworkers when they met in 2002 while working at Kaiser Permanente in West California. Before getting married in 2004, they dated for two years. Three years later, they had twin daughters namely Zooey and Alexa.

Tran Jeong’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

How Comedian Ken Jeong Helped His Wife Fight Breast Cancer

Around a year after their children were born, the family faced the most difficult battle in their lives. Tran noticed a painful lump on her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.

At first, Tran did not pay attention to it because she knew as a doctor that this was normal in some situations. However, months after she noticed the lump, she decided to get it checked. It was revealed then that the tumor was benign, and they decided not to touch it yet as Tran was still breastfeeding her twins.

Nine months after she first noticed the tumor, Tran called her doctor and requested to undergo an operation and remove the tumor as it was more painful than before. Tran Jeong underwent a Lumpectomy procedure, and it was then when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer with only a 23% chance of survival.

She had 16 chemotherapy sessions and a mastectomy after that. She was later given radiation therapy to help her recover. Ken Jeong was on her side throughout their battle against cancer. He served as the light and used his kind sense of humor to brighten up the dark times.

Tran was announced cancer-free in October 2010. In an interview, Ken stated how grateful he is for Tran’s life, “My whole career has been very surreal. I just remember that when I quit my day job, it was Tran who supported me. I don’t think I would have done it without her. She’s very Zen about life and goes with the flow – and I’ve learned that from her. After Tran’s breast cancer and subsequent treatments, that really resonated with me, that it’s important to take life day by day, just slow things down. Life is short, and we need to maximize the opportunities we have while we’re here.”


Tran survived breast cancer and has been cancer-free for 11 years. She and her family currently reside in Los Angeles, California, and she now has her own clinic in Woodland Hills.

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