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Trae Romano - Television Actor Known Primarily For His Role As Mike Dugan On Television

Trae Romano is an up-and-coming American actor who hails from Georgia. He is best known for his role as Mike Dugan in the television series Star Girl. In addition, he appeared opposite Beau Bridges in the film Robbie, in which he had a part. After spending the summer working on the set of the Farrelly Brothers' adaptation of "The Three Stooges," Trae discovered that he had a love for acting.

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Trae Romanois an up-and-coming American actor who hails from Georgia. He is best known for his role as Mike Dugan in the television series Star Girl. In addition, he appeared opposite Beau Bridges in the film Robbie, in which he had a part. After spending the summer working on the set of the Farrelly Brothers' adaptation of "The Three Stooges," Trae discovered that he had a love for acting.

Quick Facts About Trae Romano

Full NameTrae Romano
Star SignTaurus
CountryUnited States
Date of BirthMay 2, 2005
Place of BirthAtlanta, GA

Early Life Of Trae Romano

The well-known television actor Trae Romano was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 2, 2005, and the city is listed as his place of birth. He was born in Father's Home, Atlanta, Georgia. Joseph Romano is the name of Trae's father, and he is a successful businessman. Trae's dad's present residence is in the city of Atlanta, which is located in Georgia.
Romano is 17 years old at this point in his life. Because Trae Romano seldom talks about his parents in interviews or in the media, information on his family is missing in several places. He has an older sister. Romano posted a photo of his father on his social media accounts, but he did not give the man's identity.
His astrological sign is Taurus, which means he wants to enjoy the results of other people's hard work and is willing to take on any kind of job without much thought. Due to the fact that he is still a minor, he must combine his acting career with academic pursuits. It was the Farrelly Brothers who gave him his first acting role when he was only five years old.

The Mother Of Trae Romano

Katy Hogshire Romano is Trae's mother, and she is also a successful entrepreneur. She started the bracelet brand ARM CANDY, which donates a portion of its proceeds to the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Center. Trae's mother is a cancer survivor in her own right. In 2013, she was given a diagnosis with cancer, but she was able to beat the sickness and is still living today.
She had a hand in founding two successful businesses in the past, namely Industry Tavern and Zucca. In addition, Trae's mother received her undergraduate education at Butler University. She continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned a degree in purchasing and merchandising.
Trae's parents have been happily married since June 20th, 1993. Dick Hogshire, Trae's maternal grandpa, is also a successful businessperson in his own right. He is the proprietor of Charlie & Barney's, which is a restaurant franchise with locations all throughout the United States.
Trae Romano has two sisters named Elle Romano and Sophia Romano. Elle is a chef at True Food Kitchen and once resided in Buckhead, which is located in the state of Georgia. There is no information about Sophia, other than the fact that she resides in Los Angeles, in the state of California.
Trae Romano in Blue outfit Smiling
Trae Romano in Blue outfit Smiling

The Career Of Trae Romano

In order to launch his acting career on television, he began presenting auditions for a variety of roles on various programming platforms. After putting in some work, he was given the opportunity to play the role of Tommy's sidekick in the movie Life's a Peach.
In addition, Trae Romano plays the character of supporting actor Carter in No Such Place, which was produced by Elstir Productions. He made his debut in the television business by acting in the pilot episode of "Robbie," and he recalls that being cast opposite Beau Bridges was a bizarre experience for him.
Trae Romano made his first appearance on TV in the pilot episode of the show "Robbie." Tire first appeared on screen in the Mini TV Series 555 episode "Mom," which was part of the TV Shows. In the 2018 installment of the miniseries Little Ghosts, Trae Romano gave a performance as Andrew.
In the year 2020, he also played the role of Young Robbie in two episodes of Robbie vs. Jenny's Husband and the pilot episode of the television program Robbie. Because of his role in the action-packed, crime-filled, and full of adventure television series Stargirl, he is most known for his acting career. As a result of his performance as Mike Dugan in the DC Comics television series Stargirl, he is well-known in the entertainment business.
Surprisingly, thirteen episodes of Stargirl have already been produced. Eleven directors, including Greg Beeman, Toa Fraser, Andi Armaganian, David Straiton, Lea Thompson, and Glen Winter, have all contributed to the production of these episodes.
In addition to Trae Romano, this Stargirl has a number of other important cast members, including Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez, Hina X. Khan as Anaya Bowin, Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel, and many more.

Trae Romano's Physical Appearance

It would seem that the young performer Trae Romano stands at about 4 feet, 7 inches tall. His build suggests that he weighs around 35 kilograms, which is equivalent to 79 pounds.

Some Interesting Facts About Trae Romano

  • In his spare time, he likes a variety of activities, including acting, playing the guitar, skateboarding, playing video games, and spending time with his family.
  • After breaking into the acting business at a very young age, he educated himself under the tutelage of a variety of industry veterans in order to gain more expertise.
  • Chambers Stevens, an actor, and coach based in Los Angeles provided Trae with training in preparation for her audition for Nickelodeon.
  • Romano received instruction in drama and emotional performance from Scott David, training in audition technique from Helen Cooper, and training in hip-hop from Lindsay Taylor, an instructor at the Millennium Dance Complex.
  • Atlanta, Georgia, is the city where Trae Romano was both born and raised.
  • In his leisure time, he enjoys picking on his guitar and playing video games.
  • Romano has brown eyes and brown hair.
  • His eye color is described as hazel.
  • He enjoys a variety of games, including chess, baseball, and football, in his spare time.

Social Media Presence Of Trae Romano

Trae Romano, who is 17 years old at the time and had only been in one big television series, had a respectable following on Instagram but not as much as she had on Facebook and Twitter. He has more than 27.6k people following him on Instagram under the name @traeromano.

Trae Romano’s Net Worth

As a result of his work in a variety of successful television series, Trae Romano has amassed a net worth of around one million dollars, despite the fact that he is still very young. His next acting endeavors will determine the level of success he achieves in terms of his financial situation.

People Also Ask

When Did Trae Romano Come Into The World?

The 2nd of May, 2005, is the day that Trae Romano was born.

Where Is He Originally From?

He was born and raised in the United States.

What Is Trae Romano's Current Estimated Net Worth?

Trae Romano has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million.


There is no room for skepticism about the potential success of Trae Romano's career. We hope that by sending him our warmest wishes, he will be able to enjoy even higher levels of success in both his personal and professional lives. We hope for the best for him and his bright future.
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