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Toriana Hatch - The Daughter Of Boosie Badazz


Child actress Toriana Hatch is the daughter of Boosie Badazz, an American singer and songwriter.

The young lady and her brother, Ivy Ray Hatch, have successfully been able to steal the show from the various channels and media outlets. If you want to learn more about her, then continue reading.

Quick Facts

Real Name Toriana Hatch
Birthplace: United States of America
Father: Boosie Badazz
Mother: Rachel Wagner


COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/toriana-hatch/ by Candice Burns on 2022-11-16T10:55:13.339Z

Toriana was born in the United States of America in 2008 to Boosie Badazz and Rachel Wagner. The precise date and location of birth are currently unknown. However, we are working hard to obtain this information.

Toriana, Boosie Badazz's daughter, is not his only child. She also has several brothers and sisters. Her siblings are Ivy Ray Hatch, Lyric Beyonce Hatch, Toriana Hatch, Iviona Hatch, Michael Jordan Hatch, Tarlaysia Hatch, Torrence Hatch Jr., and Laila Jean.

Rachael Wagner went to Georgia court in 2017 (when Toriana was 9) pleading for help in getting her daughter back. She filed an emergency motion to have their child, Toriana, returned to them.

Rachael claims the rapper is currently living in Alpharetta, Georgia, and claims he has their daughter and will not return her, despite the fact that he is not even the legal father because they did not go to court to legitimize their child. The doctors accused him of illegally detaining and restraining the minor child.

She requested that the court order Boosie to appear in court with their daughter and explain his actions to the judge as soon as possible.

The judge threw out the case, dismissing all of Boosie's claims. According to the order, Rachel Wagner failed to appear or serve the legal documents on Boosie. As a result, the case was dismissed and closed on the same day.

Boosie Badazz Facts

Boosie BadAzz is a rapper with a $10 million net worth. Boosie BadAzz is a well-known figure in America.

BadAzz is one of America's most well-known and successful rappers, having begun his career as a child in the early 1990s. He started out as a member of a hip-hop collective concentration camp.

He had moderate success in his early years, but he always aspired to greater heights. In the year 2000, he left the camp and began a solo career.

Boosie BadAzz has never given up hope despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since birth. In the year 2000, he released his debut solo album, Youngest of da Camp.

He later signed with Trill Entertainment and released his second album, For My Thugz. He had enormous success during that decade, but he was later charged with several crimes and spent several years in prison.

Net Worth

She's made a name for herself thanks to his relationship with his famous father, Boosie Badazz. With such high-profile ties to the top musician, it's no surprise that the child-star lives a lavish lifestyle surrounded by modern-day amenities.

To get into specifics, Toriana Hatch's net worth is currently unknown as of 2022. She is still young and focused on giving herself the best life possible.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Toriana Hatch?

She is currently 14 years old as of 2022.

Who Is Toriana Hatch's Father?

Her father is the famous musician Boosie Badazz.

Does Toriana Hatch Have Siblings?

Yes, her siblings are Ivy Ray Hatch, Lyric Beyonce Hatch, Toriana Hatch, Iviona Hatch, Michael Jordan Hatch, Tarlaysia Hatch, Torrence Hatch Jr., and Laila Jean.

Final Words

The child star is enjoying his childhood while her father, Boosie Badazz, is preparing her for a celebrity lifestyle. The 14-year-old girl is currently enrolled in school.

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