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Top 5 Software Development Companies Based In Vietnam 2023

Need help with software development? Our guide lists the top ten companies based in Vietnam to consider, helping you find the right fit and make an informed decision.

Elisa Mueller
Mar 24, 20231 Shares259 Views
In today's technology-driven world, the demand for software outsourcing services is increasing at a rapid rate. This trend has been especially evident in the last few years as organizations look to capitalize on cost savings associated with offshore workers and tap into global talent. From project management to quality assurance testing, outsourcing services can provide organized and efficient solutions for companies of all sizes. Moreover, the potential for enhanced collaboration when multiple geographies are involved can further expedite project timelines and ultimately increase the success rate of projects. It is clear that software outsourcing will continue to remain in high demand in the coming years as businesses become increasingly better equipped to take advantage of this innovative approach to get their projects completed faster, cheaper, and with greater accuracy. This post is going to outline five popular outsourcing companies based in Vietnam. So, if you plan to outsource software development solutions, this list might help.

Why Should Businesses Outsource Software Development Projects to Vietnam?

In recent years, Vietnam has become the IT hotspot of Asiadue to its business advantages. Before scrutinizing different options for software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam, it is essential to understand why businesses are attracted to Vietnam in the first place.


One of the top benefits of software development outsourcing services from Vietnam is its affordability. It's a relatively cheaper option compared to other countries, enabling organizations to reduce costs and maximize profits. This is because developers In Vietnam offer their services at a much lower rate while still providing quality results.

Quality and Efficiency

Vietnam has emerged as an exceptional IT service nation in the world due to its high-quality services and quick turnaround times. The developers are well-trained and experienced, which ensures that they're able to deliver projects according to customer requirements within specified timelines.

Talented Employees

Vietnam is home to many talented IT workers who have a wide range of skillsets and expertise in different technologies and platforms, making it easier for businesses to find the right resources for their projects quickly. Moreover, Vietnamese developers in specifically are young, dynamic, and open-minded, making them the ideal workforce to work with counterparts from different countries and cultures.

Excellent Infrastructure

Businesses are attracted by the fact that Vietnam offers excellent infrastructure both online and offline, with reliable power supplies, good roads, and access to the latest technologies. This enables businesses to get their projects done faster and more efficiently.

Cultural Compatibility

Vietnamese developers also have a good command of English, which makes it easier for teams from different countries to collaborate as well as communicate during the software development process. Moreover, the country’s culture is compatible with most Western cultures, which is easy for companies to easily adjust when working with outsourced developers from this country.

Government Support

The support from the Vietnamese government partially contributes to making the country an ideal location for outsourcing software development services. In specific, the government of Vietnam offers policies and incentives such as tax reductions and other attractive packages to attract foreign investors.

Geographic Proximity

Being located near major tech hubs such as Singapore, Malaysia, and China makes Vietnam an ideal destination for businesses looking for better access to Asian markets without going too far away geographically.
All in all, these advantages make Vietnam an excellent choice for businesses looking to outsource software projects. What they need to do next is to find the right outsourcing partner in Vietnam.

A List of Software Outsourcing Companies with Top-notch Services in Vietnam

Software Development Projects to Vietnam
Software Development Projects to Vietnam
Below are some of the top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam that businesses can consider for their development projects:

Orient Software

First, on the list, Orient Softwareis a top-tier outsourcing company based in Vietnam. With almost two decades in the IT industry, the company has expanded its business to different countries with eight branch offices in multiple countries, including Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, and more. Orient specializes in a wide range of services, from software development and mobile apps to IT consulting. This company boasts a large pool of tech talent, solid expertise, and experience in delivering robust solutions for businesses of any size. The company has numerous clients worldwide who are highly satisfied with its services.
Additionally, Orient is known for its products' high performance and dependability thanks to its professional quality control and software testing services. This organization makes sure that its services are provided at cost-competitive prices and also keeps up with the most recent technical developments in order to provide efficient IT solutions that improve as the clients' businesses grow. To find the right outsourcing partner, you should never overlook this vendor.

KMS Technology

When outsourcing your IT needs to Vietnam, KMS Technologyis a reputable software development outsourcing business to take into account. The company has a significant team of IT professionals on staff, and they have solid experience and skills in IT consulting, software development, and other related fields. KMS Technology has a solid reputation in the IT industry and has been providing its IT outsourcing services for onshore, nearshore, and offshore clients for many years. Also, to provide cutting-edge IT solutions and the highest quality, the company constantly enhances its tech teams and services with the most recent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), computer science, big data, etc. KMS Technology strives to modernize the business sector with its solutions by bringing new technology and ideas.


SotaTekis a solid choice to take into consideration for outsourcing custom software development with a track record of producing successful products for customers. SotaTek is a subsidiary of Sota Holding, a global SDaaS and IT consulting corporation with seven branch offices in various nations, including Vietnam, the U.S., Australia, and Japan. With a focus on blockchain technology and software development, SotaTek offers web apps and cloud-based solutions for a range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, education, media, and entertainment. The business has a vast talent pool of more than 500 IT professionals who can effectively handle the unique IT needs and requirements of clients. So, your project is in good hands if you outsource custom software development to SotaTek.

PowerGate Software

PowerGate Softwareis an IT outsourcing firm with numerous operations in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. The business has more than ten years of experience operating in a variety of sectors, from fintech to healthcare. PowerGate Software aspires to make its clients' and partners' creative ideas a reality. PowerGate Software has completed 200 successful projects for customers all around the world and is ranked among the top 150 IT businesses. To provide the greatest services and deliver cutting-edge software products to each client's unique demands, the company has a sizable team of well-vetted software engineers working behind it.

Enlab Software

Enlab Softwareis a fine choice too when it comes to the best specialized offshore software development business in Vietnam. The business provides an extensive range of IT services and diverse technologies, ranging from ASP.NET, WCF/WebAPI, ASP.NET Core, Python/Django, PHP, Laravel, StreamInsight, T-SQL Programming, SQL Server, MongoDB, ExtJS, Ext.NET to DevExpress, Telerik, Kendo UI, Angular, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, Xamarin, Flutter, Azure, and AWS. Enlab has a wealth of experience and strong competence across a range of industries, including data management, data acquisition, marketing, recruitment, and ERP. Together with its technical prowess, Enlab Software is renowned for its open, honest, and transparent communication. Due to its stellar reputation, Enlab has developed enduring connections with numerous clients all over the world.
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