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Top Eastern Europe Christmas Destinations For Your 2024 Itinerary

Despite being less marketed and sought after as other parts of Europe where the best-developed nations reside, Eastern Europe stands out through its unicity, which mainly falls down to the beauty of the landscape, the specific architecture, the kindness of people, the deliciousness of countries' diverse cuisines, and other elements.

Candice Burns
Dec 22, 20232828 Shares100999 Views
Despite being less marketed and sought after as other parts of Europe where the best-developed nations reside, Eastern Europe stands out through its unicity, which mainly falls down to the beauty of the landscape, the specific architecture, the kindness of people, the deliciousness of countries' diverse cuisines, and other elements. The calendar is winding down, meaning that one of the most extraordinary times of the year to equip yourself with warm clothes, a light bag, an eSIM card for Europe, and your long-held savings is here.
From lesser-known destinations such as Craiova and Dresden to popular ones like Prague and Budapest, fantastic places in hidden Europe will exceed your expectations. Let's delve deep into the most Christmassy places in this European subregion this year, unearthing details about the world-famed seasonal markets and other peculiarities worth mentioning.


Budapest is naturally one of the primary destinations to come to mind when discussing the best places to visit at Christmas, joining the ranks of Prague, London, Paris, Berlin, and other well-famed ones. Easter European countries stand out through several elements, among which the Christmas markets and superbly adorned city towns make no exception. Hungary's capital, Budapest, is just the place that offers a little bit of everything, where you can see peculiarities like Hungarian-style markets, fireworks on New Year's Eve, light plays at St. Stephen's Basilica, and musical events with a Christmas vibe.
Furthermore, the city abounds in Spas, providing a relaxing experience for those seeking something unique and unspecific for Christmas in these cold regions of Europe, namely taking a hot bath in outdoor pools. You can enjoy steam rooms, saunas, massage jets, and other facilities if your Christmas trips this year are more about splurging and pampering than visiting historic city centers. Plus, the Danube crosses the city, so you can take a one-hour cruise journey to admire the most famous monuments in the capital, such as the Buda Castle, the Parliament, and the Chain Bridge, to list a few.
The Óbuda Square, the Vörösmarty Square, the Christmas markets, and the Opera House complete the list of must-see sights in Budapest, so regardless of the experiences sought this Christmas, you have chances of meeting everyone's tastes and preferences in the Hungarian capital.


Are numerous Christmas markets offering all sorts of Czech goodies and gifts built around a history-rich old town square enticing you this year? Then, Prague might be your best pick, especially if you of how well-rooted its reputation as one of the best Christmassy destinationsin Europe is.
The Old Town Square encompasses numerous Christmas-like activities and events, such as operas, concerts, carol singing, and live karaoke sessions. The program is captivating, empowering travelers to gain more than just unforgettable memories but also build up knowledge about Czech culture. Markets usually work between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and are open until the final stretch of the year and well into the beginning of the next one, so you're not restricted in terms of periods to book your airplane ticket. However, several details are better planned in advance, such as the accommodation, transportation, and budget you will dedicate to this trip. Smart mobile applications will help you better structure your itinerary and funding, as you can use Holaflyfor cheaper calls abroad, TravelSpend for your financials, and the list can go on.
There's only so much to see in Prague that the only enemy standing in your way will be your allocated time, so make sure to dedicate plenty of your resources here.


Numerous places in Romania evidence the country's unparalleled beauty in terms of architecture, landmarks, natural parks, restaurant scene, nightlife, and so on. However, few come as close as this lesser-known Romanian gem residing in the south of the country, on a surface of around 8 hectares accommodating a little over 300.000 inhabitants. As you can already imagine, the sidewalks won't be as crowded as to give you headaches. You won't struggle to find parking spots should you head to the key tourist spots of the city, like the central park, the botanical garden, the museums, the Old Town, or the main opera, to name a few. However, the city's core, namely the city center with the Mihai Viteazul Square and the Marin Sorescu National Theater, is the icing on the cake.
Craiova boasts a Christmas market that has ranked three times among the top ones in the Best Christmas Markets in Europe. Moreover, it was listed among the most beautiful cities in Europe during the Christmas season, and the heart of the city was beaten only by Gdansk and Budapest in terms of beauty.
Craiova offers a friendly and Christmassy atmosphere built around the many tourist attractions points and features that will capture your eye with over a million LED bulbs, music, sounds, and other special effects. Furthermore, the numerous kiosks spread across the city center will have your eyes charmed with unique gifts and souvenirs, your taste buds delighted with delicious traditional dishes like grilled meatballs, and the child within you entertained with the myriad fun opportunities like the large rink.


Dresden, the 3rd largest city in Eastern Germany and the Saxony capital, has a few of the oldest Christmas markets in the world, with the oldest and the original being Streizelmarkt. Located on the Old Market Square, this one maintains centuries-old traditions, with breathtaking displays and the tallest Wooden Pyramid for Christmas worldwide at 14 meters. What makes it stand out from so many Christmassy cities in Germany is the many beautiful and history-rich sights you'll get to see outside the Christmas markets because the city abounds in landmarks, such as the Semperoper, existing in the heart of the town for over 150 years.
You can visit the Grand Garden's Baroque, marvel at the buildings in the Kunsthofpassage, tour the Church of Our Lady, or see some of the greatest European royal treasures at the Green Vault, among other activities and tours. It's crawling with national tourists, so you can meet the locals and grasp their way of life authentically.
As you may imagine, many other captivating places in Eastern Europe should be on your bucket list, should you have already visited the ones mentioned above. So, what country are you heading to, and which city best piques your interest?
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