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Top 17 Online Spiritual Healing Courses In 2023

Here are the latest courses available in 2023 for those aspiring to become spiritual healers.

Karan Emery
Dec 24, 202389 Shares29697 Views
If someone wants to become a medical doctor, the most important thing to do is to go to school first and be educated as a medical doctor. It is in the same way that becoming a certified energy/spiritual healer takes more than an interest in the profession. It also takes more than just passion. Certain things need to be done first. One of these is knowing how to take advantage of the various online resources, covering the field of meditation, yoga, energy healing, and so on. inventory
Energy healing has become so relevant today that professionals in the medical field are advised to ensure they have expertise in it as a way of diversification. Combining forms of alternative energy/spiritual healing and western medicine could be quite efficient for the healthcare system.
However, not only those who are doctors can practice spiritual healing. For those who are yoga instructors, massage therapists, and so on, vocational training that comes with nationally recognized certifications in healing practices is also helpful and complements their competency.
A certificate in energy healing is one of the prerequisites needed in some states in the U.S. before license and registrations are finalized for practitioners.
However, before you take any course, you must first ask yourself the most important question.

How Do I Know If I Am Healer?

Although a lot of people have asked themselves this question, only a few have been able to be genuine in their search for the right answer. The spiritual healing business is a spiritual affair. This means you must be conscientious and introspective enough to receive the answers you need.
There are some in the profession who have confessed “knowing” they were predestined to join it because they want to be part of the global dealings with consciousness.
Spiritual healers are people with a spirit that connects a lot to many things around the world; it understands the sorrows and suffering and happiness of people, animals, and nature. For those who could feel this, it serves as enough motivation to get into energy healing. The aim is simple: to lessen the pains and suffering in the world. If you are an intuitive individual and desire to help people live a better and healthy life, then you might just make a successful spiritual healer. In various studies of spiritual healers, they all share the following attributes:
  • They are known to be sensitive to man and the nature that surrounds him;
  • They live a quiet and introverted lifestyle;
  • Their responses are instinctual; they are fully aware of the energy in them and the one in the world;
  • Their biggest happiness comes from investing a part of their lives, time, and resources into helping others;
  • They derive joy from healing people;
  • They are compassionate and creative;
  • They place more attention on the spiritual than the religious.
If you have all the attributes above, then you are likely going to have a career as a spiritual healer. Most times, you don’t even need to go on a deliberate search to find out if you possess any of these characteristics. Sometimes, you feel “pulled” to the profession.
What you need to understand is that the energy of the universe dwells in every man. This means we all carry a bit of healing within us. If you ever entertain the idea of going into spiritual healing, maybe now it’s the high time you needed to stop delaying and find one or two courses to establish yourself in the field.
However, if there’s a spirit in you telling you that this is perhaps not for you, then it might just not be for you.

The Top 17 Online Spiritual Healing Courses In 2021

If you can invest enough and resources to register and complete training or certification if you have the determination and ambition to pursue a career in the spiritual healing industry, try to get one or two qualifications to ensure you are successful as a healer.
Here are the latest courses available in 2021 for those aspiring to become spiritual healers. Some of these courses have been around for a few years but continue to maintain relevance in the field of alternative medicine. Each of these courses discussed here comes highly recommended.

Reiki Course

If you are fed up with the traditional Reiki classes that are expensive and usually take a long and windy path, then this Reiki Courseis just for you.
Offered by the International School of Reiki Free Reiki Course, it is perfect for students of all levels willing to learn through self-instruction. Through it, you can become certified in Reiki Level 1, 11, and Master Levels.
All you need to have is a general understanding of energy healing and metaphysical practices and then you can go on to learn about Reiki and how to perform or activate it on yourself and others.
The Reiki Course and certification include the following:
  • Worldwide accredited Reiki Diploma (All Levels)
  • Reiki Attunements from certified Reiki Grandmaster (All Levels)
  • Dozen of PDF Handbooks
  • High-quality videos following the lectures and manual for each level of Reiki so you can study at your own peace.
  • Receive a diploma and certification within 24 hours. Certification recognized worldwide.
What this course will do for you is to change your life and open you to a new level of existence that you are yet to experience. It will also extend your link to the superior powers that lie within you, help you grow in self-love and also to find new and exciting meanings to life by

Other Benefits Are

  • Gives you a working system for healing yourself, your friends and your loved ones...
  • Helps you discover the power of Reiki from Mikao Usui's original writing... a precise, eloquent and simple application of the art...
  • Gives you what you need to learn Reiki without face-to-face contact with a Reiki instructor (Mikao Usui himself clearly indicates what it takes to learn and become proficient at Reiki, and it does not include direct contact with a teacher or practitioner).
  • Teaches you a direct and proven path to moving from Reiki practitioner to Reiki Master faster than you would ever believe...
The Reiki course costs just $29 and you can make your payment via PayPal.

The Energy Healing Summit

Offered by the multimedia publishing company, Sounds True, this course promises to be one of the most comprehensive and patronized healing courses. This huge claim is probably true when one considers the number of people who take it per year. Within the time frame of 10 days, those interested in a career in energy healing are taught by some of the world’s most recognized experts in energy healing. One interesting thing about this course is that all traditional healing traditions from many parts of the world–eastern, western, ancient, and even modern medical practices are studied.
The Energy Healing Submit costs approximately $300, with an option to upgrade to have unlimited access to the courses and other information.

Meditation For Deep Healing

This course is offered by Sura Flow for 21 days and focuses on healing chronic stress, illness, and pain. One key product of this course is that it also blends in energy, inner balance, and a sense of clarity to the participant.
This course is quite ideal for participants who wish to make important progress in life in general since it focuses more on meditation as a viable means of healing.
The people who will find Meditation for Deep Healing more useful are health professionals with the passion to learn more about spiritual energy healing and mediation. Taught through videos for 30-45 minutes daily, the course goes for about $200.

Reiki Infinite Healer

A brainchild of one of Reiki’s certified Masters, Dave Nelson, the Reiki Infinite Healer course puts the participants through how to reduce pain, anxiety, and emotions that are not good for the individual. A lot of people move through life with an energy that they don’t understand. If by any chance you are one of these people, this course will help you to understand how your body operates and align with the energy in you. For $50, you can take this course at your pace, and a certificate at the end of the 3 levels of Reiki.

Certified Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma

In the Certified Advance Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma, you will be guided through the 7 archangels, pay a visit to the archangelic realm of Lyra, and learn about the golden angelic rays. You will also go over all the necessities needed to establish a business as an advanced level angelic healer. On completing the course, you will earn an accredited completion diploma from the online school, the Academy of Ancient Magik.
During and after the course, you will
  • add DIP Dip AH after your name once you have successfully completed the diploma
  • enjoy access to 59 Lectures, 7 Downloadable Resources, 7 Articles, and a Full Lifetime Access
  • gain knowledge of cutting-edge procedures with demonstrations
  • learn how to advance your psyche and intuition
  • look at the golden angelic ray of healing.
  • overcome your queries and share instructions to aid you in getting better stability.
  • understand the significance of the energy of Venus to humanity

The LifeForce Energy Healing

One of the primary purposes of this course is to awaken your mind, body, and spirit to ensure that you are synced with your true-life purpose. Offered by Deborah King, you will discover how to utilize energy for yourself and others. Running in 12 online lessons and for about $200, Deborah King will guide you through breathwork, chakra healing, and practical healing methods. You will also be included in a strong support group on Facebook where you can connect with other students like yourself.
You will also be able to join in on Soul Family video calls with students that happen monthly to help support students and further learning.

Certified Energy Healer (Energy Healing Certification)

The Certified Energy Healer (Energy Healing Certification) is an online healing training course that is practical and equips you with the principles and ethics of healing and also how to heal yourself. If you want to offer services by teaching and being a guiding light to others, even as you maintain a commitment to your personal healing, light, and strength, then this is the course for you.
In the Certified Energy Healer (Energy Healing Certification), your instructor will also put you through grounding sessions, chakra balancing, guided meditations, and many more.

The Academy Of Energy Healing

Going for $290 and offered through the Academy of Energy Healing, this course opens its students to access employment in energy healing, especially if they intend to get insurance before going into the healing business. The Certificate in Energy Healing here has global recognition after passing through courses that are largely available online for 6 months. In most cases, while the courses are still online, you can complete the course in just a month.
While taking this course, you will join your instructor once a month and participate in a group healing session and workshop.

Reiki Level I, II, And Master Teacher Program

Offered through Udemy, Reiki Level I, II, and Master Teacher Program puts students through how to use Reiki to heal themselves and others. They can complement this healing with an emphasis on personal growth and development in all aspects. The course goes for about $200 and, especially at the onset, emphasizes the history, growth, modification, and eventual spread of Reiki over time.
There are five hours of video lectures, over 30 resources for learning, and a 250-page manual for additional aid in Reiki teaching practice. Apart from its 30 days money-back guarantee, Reiki Level I, II, and Master Teacher Program promises unlimited access to the course

Sounds True Presents: Qi Gong For Health And Healing

The Sounds True Presents Qi Gong for Health and Healing guides you through the practices of qi gong and Taoist meditation. Using a course content that intertwines both historical, theoretical, and practical information, you will be guided until you move into the more advanced topics, after which you must have been equipped enough to develop your own healing remedies by understanding how your spirit, mind, and body respond to the practices and meditations taught in the class.
One big motivating factor for taking this course is that you don't even need to have any previous experience on spiritual healing. There's always an instructor with years of experience to give you important advice and to also explain ideas with practical and suitable illustrations.
Available with unlimited access to 78 lectures, 57 articles, and downloadable resources, at the end of the course, you should be able to heal yourself, bypass illness, and connect to your energy.

The Vital Energy Program

This is one of the cheapest healing courses around. It puts people through how to manipulate energy for optimum health. Available on audiobook created and offered by Susan Taylor, the Vital Energy Program course teaches you how to use your metabolism concerning breathing, movement, nourishment, and relaxation– the body principles of energy. At just $40, other things you will learn from this course are:
  • ability to utilize energy through the food you eat and the time you eat it.
  • breathing principles that lessen your stress levels, and have a direct impact on your nervous system. The aim is to equip you to think clearly and quickly.
  • individual-based exercises to circulate and purify stagnated energy, while also stimulating every organ in your body.

Chakra Healing Certificate Course - Effective Energy Healing

Offered through Udemy, the Chakra Certification Course puts you through how to understand Chakra basics, use your Chakra, use Chakra micro-meditations for fast healing, learn how your Chakras connect physically and emotionally, and what issues manifest from blocked Chakras, where in your body are Chakra blockages, using Chakras for maintaining your body, mind, and soul, and how to use the techniques taught in the class to interlace with other modes of healing such as Reiki and massages.
The course’s primary focus is entirely on the basics of Chakra and how to understand it through variously provided examples.
If you want to understand how Chakras work and teach others the same, then this course is for you

The Golden Angelic Ray Of Healing Teacher Training Course

The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher Training Course is also offered through Udemy. In this course, you will be taught how to begin a career as an Angelic Healing practitioner teacher. One of the most practical programs out there, there are various resources available for you to complement setting up and run a successful workshop to offer your services to others.
Other important aspects of the Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher Training Course are:
  • study actual experiences of people with their angels along with video footage.
  • unlimited access to 54 lectures, 13 articles, and 5 downloadable resources
  • utilizing marketing as a spiritual teacher.

Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma Course

If you wish to create a unique Angel Healing Therapy business, then this diploma course is for you. Offered through Udemy, you will understand the intricate workings of therapy, the specific type of angel to summon, and the unique responsibility of each.
The Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma Course not only teaches how to read angel signs, history, and pyramids but puts you through making connection with your guardian angel.
The Academy of Ancient Magik gives an external certificate diploma once you have successfully completed the course.
Other benefits of the program include case studies and study materials that will guide you on how to run a successful Angel Healing, and access to 47 lectures, 6 articles, 16 downloadable resources, and one Full Lifetime Access.

Energy Medicine Training

The Energy Medicine Training is offered through the Four Winds. With a $10,800 tuition with a non-refundable deposit of $2,000 for reservation, this is one of the most expensive healing courses out there. It is especially for those who want to create a successful career out of energy healing. Using lectures and live webinars and running, your instructors will divide students into small groups to encourage engagements with other students and to access help throughout the duration of the course which is twice a year– from January to July, and from June to December.
You will also be given into a password-protected virtual village where you can attend meetings, be part of group forums where you can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, and have a life-changing connection with teachers.

The JVP Spiritual Healer Certification (JVP School Of Mystical Arts)

Everyone has the astonishing ability to heal and be healed. This is what the JVP Spiritual Healer Certification Course will help you unlock.
Through live group coaching calls, enlightening weekly assignments, discussion forums, and many more, you will come to learn how to master the art of unlocking your exclusive spiritual abilities, turn your life into a conduit for divine healing energy, get rid of energy blockages, and uncover various ways of reading and balancing your chakras.
There is support from instructors and other students, a chance to become an enlightened channel of Divine wisdom, and also availability to have access to various sections that are broken down to make it easier for you to follow.

Professional Certification In Spiritual Healing

This course is for anyone who wants to use spiritual healing techniques for life transformation. It’s a step-by-step course that will teach you how to heal yourself and others using various spiritual healing techniques. You will also learn how to stay alert to your four Clair senses– Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, open your third eye and also balance your chakras to enable you to have access to your healing energy.
Currently offered through Udemy at just $ 12.99, the Virtued Academy International grants you an accredited certificate at the end of your course.
One important thing about this course is that you can use it in other fields such as self-improvement, shamanism, angelic communication, meditation and mindfulness, hypnosis, spiritual personality development, and many more.

What Next After Getting Satisfied?

Spiritual healing is a big thing to get involved in. Knowing all you can in your newly chosen field– the history of spiritual healing, and the kind of healing you are hoping to provide for people, will help you make the right professional decisions. People will also trust you with their lives and their deepest secrets if they are aware that you have not only invested in your profession but also have gone a great distance to be certified in it.
Certification gives confidence in you and your work. People believe in you to give them the results they wanted before deciding to come to you. They would not have to be afraid of things turning out negatively when they are with you. Neither would they be motivated to never return to you for service again!
So, what are you waiting for? If you ever dreamed of being a spiritual healer, take any of these courses here and begin your journey.
Wishing you great success while you’re at it!
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