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Top 10 Crypto News: 4th of May 2021

Top 10 Crypto News

Luke Evans
May 04, 202182903 Shares1884160 Views

About $440,000 Was Donated In Crypto To Support The Understanding Of Autism

On April 30, a virtual event featuring Jimmy Kimmel and NASA engineer Mark Rober raised $3M in contributions to support the NEXT Foundation for autismand its communities in the US.
A number of well-known comedians, singers, such as Jon Stewart, Adam, Chris Rock, and Charlize Theron, participated in the event.
Additionally, Nexo took the idea of virtual currency donation channels into the modern age through its platform and funding channels, allowing viewers to contribute through a diverse variety of cryptocurrencies. The Graph, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ether (ETH), received donations in Dai (DAI).
Now that the live stream has finished, fans will donate to Nexo's charity via the non-crypto portal. The corporation is yet to have a full and final tally of crypto donations.
Despite the popular acclaim, the Color The Spectrum Campaign has been harshly criticized by a sizable portion of the autism population. They signed an open letter to a foundation to draw attention to their frustration over NEXT for AUTISM's inability to speak to autistic organizations directly. The controversy over NEXT's contributions to the CAB has remained at a high degree. For the above, the autistic culture condemns eugenics, arguing that it is unethical and should not be tried.
Instead of ignoring or dismissing the open letter's comments on his treatment of personal matters, he has shown willingness to participate in a conversation with the writers of the letter and their concerns, contributing to a discussion that has been termed by the authors as constructive. This group feels their needs have not been addressed by anyone of late. Similarly, autistic advocates have now posted a new hashtag called #FinanceTheSpectrum to bring attention to NEXT's silence on the pervasive low and jobless aspects of the autism spectrum.
The giving block has in the past collaborated with numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Crypto organizations recently unveiled a campaign dubbed the “1% Pledge,” which asks for investors to make charitable donations for at least once a certain percentage of their assets each month.
Based on the capitalization of digital assets in late April, The Giving Block believes that the crypto industry will raise $20 billion for charity if everybody donated 1% of their holdings.

40% Consumers Are Planning To Use Cryptocurrency, Mastercard Survey Shows

Today, Mastercard released the results of their latest surveyon digital payments. 15,569 individuals from 18 countries, showed increased interest in cryptocurrency payments
According to the official survey, 40% of consumers in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa stated that they are planning to use crypto assets for payments over the next year.
Looking forward to meeting you at iFX EXPO – Succeeding!
Millennials'lalers in the Middle East and Africa are rapidly becoming fond of cryptocurrency, highlighting that 67% of users are excited about using it More than two-thirds of Millenials are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies.
Now consumers can purchase, sell, sell, and speculate on cryptocurrency. Many people are asking to use crypto as a form of payment in everyday items As global interest in cryptocurrencies increases, according to the press release, it says that 40% of North America, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific, and Africa intend to use it as a payment method in the next year.
In February 2021, Mastercard announced that it would be supporting cryptocurrencies.
Digital currencies are gaining popularity for payments due to their speed and cost Various financial firms are now starting to accept cryptocurrency payments. Mastercard, a rival, has announced that they plan to make Bitcoin, the world's largest currency, easier to purchase with Credentials. the CEO of Visa revealed that various financial institutions and digital wallets are working together
While interest in cryptocurrency is high, more work needs to be done to make sure that there is a sufficient supply of protection and choice available to the general public.

India's Millennial Population Stocking Up On Bitcoin Despite Proposed Ban

In the 12 months since the season of Bitcoin has lasted, its value has grown by 700% in BTC terms. The price of Bitcoin rose from under $1,000 in early 2017 to over $20,000 in January, only to have crashed and suffered large losses around the time of the peak.
Since then, the value of Bitcoin had been on the rise when it rallied following the Coventreepocalypse. During the last year, the Bitcoin price increased about by 3.2%. India's economic blockade inspired many to fall into the sea of digital currencies Indian trade volume is roughly equated to $60 million USD per day.
Millennials have found that there are numerous trading platforms and financial tools that are open to them in India. The signals and algorithms these platforms use are state-of-of-the-the-the-the-the-art It recommends when to invest and/automatically trades for you. For the novice investor, these are conservative bets.

Plenty Of Wonders: The Gemini Exchange Now Supports Dogecoin

Funniest and friendliest coin in the observable space: today we are proud to announce trade and custody support for Dogecoin(DOGE).
DOGE deposits are now available TRADE: Trading for Dogecoin will open soon.
We now offer 40 cryptos for trading and 11 more for custody, as part of the package with DOGE Cryptos you can learn about.
Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency of the people. I'm irreverent, it's organic and fun. Agnostic policies are not imposed on us by a central authority, nor chosen by the government. They are chosen by those who serve the people for those who live in a state of passion. Marvelous.
Most people find the idea of non-coercive money that is not subject to state regulation difficult to understand. We're accustomed to being deceived into thinking about money. Paternalistic money has long been the norm in our culture...Until recently, that is, when Bitcoin was introduced.
like dogecoin has carried on bitcoin's tradition of empowering people And money may be a meme. Belief in money is an extension of religion or belief since it can be accepted only on the basis of supply and demand. Over the course of several thousands of years, the bulk of the money has been considered to be whatever the majority of the people claim it to be (usually, metal, stones, or beads).
DogeCoin is an excellent means to express this basic principle of currency. DOGE serves this need and has legitimate merit in doing so. It is something like an approximation of the facts as they were in reality. We must begin to regard money as a token of trust, not anything given by an official — a conceit. Whether anyone said there is a stereotype, there is merit to that. Dogecoin's appeal is derived from its silliness.
Dogecoin has a meaning as well as a monetary value. That explains the teachings of Karl Marx on the purpose of money. We're one step closer to democratizing money. Fiat money and central banking are no longer playing under the same rules. Since these applications are developed by a small number of people, they favor those few overwhelmingly. Another problem is that too much wealth has been concentrated in too few hands.
[And] the whole world is coming to the realization of this. There's nothing like the wild ride that began with the "GameStop Saga" of video games. an individual investor, we were put in the position of seeing how badly the scheme is set up against us. Person investors are smarter than most institutional investors; we witnessed how. Quite interestingly, we discovered that the investor is eager to obtain additional options. It doesn't seem coincidental to us that global interest in crypto and Dogecoin both took off after people's investment portfolios were irreparably damaged
To put it another way, no one entity, company, or ruling body determines the worth of cryptocurrency – its value is decided by the amount of cryptocurrency you choose and how much of it there is to go around. transparent, deflationary, Dogecoin's money supply Every year, the Dogecoin protocol would give out a constant number of 5 billion Doge. Over time, DOGE's fixed stock would decline, year after year, to just 5 billion, representing a lower proportion of the total money supply. Dogecoin's money supply growth rate is currently decreased. So to put it another way, DOGE is disinflationary in a broader sense. This is analogous to how Ethereum now handles its money supply. As of late, the market for Dogecoin has far outstripped the available supply. About the same time, it's gone to the moon. The masses are on the move.
As the world wonders how an improper dog language has caught on, more are looking at globalized wealth and crowdfunding by being members of the Dogecoin network That's the most enjoyable part! They're enjoying it. Seize the day.
We are not going to provide you with financial advice. I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind. As a result, we're offering you greater decision-making authority, empowerment, and possibility.

My Employer Paid Me In Crypto. It Rose 700% In Value. Now He Wants Employees To Return The Crypto And Accept Dollars

I had a short-term positionin a high-tech company. He told me I would be paid in crypto by the CEO's beginning of 2020. The company may opt to pay in dollars
I demanded to be paid in USD because the price had appreciated, so I deleted that section of the contract.
in August 2020, I received cryptocurrency for the job Prices of cryptocurrency have increased since then. At this moment, my investment has seen a 700% increase in value.
As a result, I was fired for “If you did not generate any revenue and are not currently doing any work, you are to return all of the cryptos you got in August 2020. I can invoice the company for this work seven times what the currency is today
Additional parties have recently expressed interest in purchasing the company's services. to generate their first dollar in sales The objective of the contract was to generate sales and include a component for billable activities such as cold calling, setting up meetings, participation in pitches, and leading them, but I agreed to be compensated by commission.

Over $375 Million ETH Shorts Liquidated In A Day As Ethereum Tapped $3,450

The second-largest cryptocurrencyhas recently made headlines with consecutive all-time high records. Since the start of the year, the token has risen by about 350 percent, and its bull runs only intensified as it entered May.
ETH traded at $2,750 at that point but first broke over $3,000 in the next 48 hours. The cryptocurrency was unhappy with taking down this round-numbered milestone and continued up to its latest all-time high of over $3,450 marked hours ago.
The analytics resource CryptoQuant highlighted the latest price surge caused to bears by pain ETH. The firm said an all-time high hit the number of short liquidations across all derivatives exchanges. According to Bybt, liquidations in the past 24 hours were over $520 million, where the overwhelming majority were short positions.
Investors have become more interested in trading Ethereum than Bitcoin, at least on the crypto exchange Deribit, according to further Skew data. The trading volume of ether (ETH) options surpassed BTC's for the first time.
The cryptocurrency trading platform based in Panama City confirmed the flipping on Twitter, but remained impartial on development by saying, "We have no opinion."

EBay Open For Payment Acceptance Of Bitcoin

EBay CEO Jamie Lannone said that during a chat with CNBCthey were open to agreeing to pay for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The e-commerce giant seeks to utilize bitcoin as a modern way of paying so that consumers can use its platform more easily. Provided the site's success of trade card purchases, the company is also searching for NFTs.
When asked, "You know that one of the big things about our management is that we are widening the kinds of payments we take. Lannone said how eBay is handling cryptocurrency? So now we're paying Apple and Google is paying more for customers. More solutions like crypto-currency are also being examined. One of the big things about eBay is that it only appears on eBay when there is a new theme. We see in places such as the NFT how we can further discuss this." That's what we see.
While the words of Lannone appeared encouraging, a speaker later remarked that they had no intentions to implement crypto payments but were being taken into account.
"We are still considering and will continue to evaluate the most appropriate modes of payment in the future. We don't have imminent plans, but we are holding an eye on it (crypto-currency)," the spokesman said.
An EBay spokesman has said that the firm looks for more opportunities in the blockchain room to innovate.
"We are looking at a range of innovations in this field and we are fascinated by the fundamental capabilities and the way blockchain-driven collectibles carry trust and credibility, core retail elements, into the digital environment."

VeChain Price: VET On Cusp Of A Major Rally As Developers Pitch ENFTs

The VeChain pricehas risen for the past four consecutive days, as the market continues to reflect on digital currency's year-to-date performance. VET trades at $0.2172, 54 percent above April 23's lowest. Its market cap rose to over $14 billion, and its ranking stood at $14 billion.
VeChain news: The VeChain price has recently gained after the developers talked about the Enterprise Non-Fungible Token (eNFT) strategy. They argued in the paper that NFTs could also be used to unlock "unprecedented, sustainable value for the business." They also identified key building blocks for this eNFT to work.
First, it needs a valuable asset linked to NFT. This will ensure a greater overall value than the cost incurred. Second, NFT ownership must be enforceable and, finally, NFT trading must be enforceable. They noted that the blockchain network VeChainThor will be the best choice to enforce eNFTs due to strong proof-of-authority consensus, cheaper transactions, and fee delegation. They've written:
"As we continue to discuss their specific requirements and use cases with businesses, we will look at enhancing current NFT standards to fit business needs. The new standards will be published as VIPs and implemented as open-source software for developers."
The four-hour chart shows a recent bullish trend in the VET price. It also looks like the price has formed an upward triangle pattern, usually a bullish signal. The pair is supported by the 25-day and 15-day moving average as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) continues to rise. Therefore, the pair will probably break out as bulls target the next key resistance at $0.25. This prediction will be invalidated if the price moves below $0.20.

Corporations Purchased $8 Billion Worth Of BTC In Q1 2021

It's no surprise that crypto involves institutional money. The landscape is very different than it was five or six years ago when Bitcoin was worth about $450. Corporations have been watching the industry grow and mature. However, finding out how involved they are may be shocking.
In an interview with Blockworks, CEO of institutional trading company Genesis, and former associate of Citigroup, Michael Moro, explained how corporations had bought $8 billion of Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021. In that time, this made up 25% of Bitcoin purchases on Genesis. Moro gave two reasons why companies chose to.
One of the big reasons corporations have recently increased their BTC holdings, according to Moro, is because they want to follow the footsteps of companies like Tesla, MicroStrategy, and Square. All of which are known this year to buy huge quantities of BTC. Corporations saw these companies' financial gains, as well as positive media coverage, and wanted in. Moro referred to them as the "buy and hold" corporations– that is, they are not interested in making a quick profit, but rather watching their assets appreciate over time.
Clearly, any business doing this believes Bitcoin is nowhere near its lifetime price ceiling. Some might also believe in technology, like Tesla, now accepting BTC as a payment option. These are companies happy to have BTC appear on their balance sheets as it helps diversify their portfolio.
Along with those who "buy and hold," there's another group of corporate figures that entered the Bitcoin market early this year. Michael Moro called them "guys trying to trade their treasury." They are people with a separate treasury department trying to actively manage a company's Bitcoin portfolio by trading around different price points. They'd be retail day traders' equivalent, only they work with significantly larger sums of money.
Some are also engaged in trading options, hedging exposure, and experimenting with derivatives as they "gain creative volatility" Essentially, holding's the opposite.
Bitcoin's involvement of corporate treasuries is particularly fascinating as one of a treasury's primary roles is to manage and assess financial risk within a company. This could mean that companies are faithful that Bitcoin is still undervalued, which is fantastic news for the crypto industry as a whole, as the issue of Bitcoin's worth is one that appears to most enthusiasts' minds. This fits with current macro-condition activity, which seems to suggest Bitcoin could reach $100k this year.
It's a tough question to answer, as different people have different ideas about what crypto and bitcoin should be. Many people consider Bitcoin a financial tool designed for the masses, and worry about corporations using it going against the industry's ethos, possibly harming decentralization when it comes to mining practices.
On the other hand, corporations are instrumental in increasing adoption; for many people, corporate involvement legitimizes the crypto-industry as it shows that the economic world's upper levels pay attention and give their approval. So far, corporate involvement has, of course, appeared to play a major role in Bitcoin's price. It may take some years before we can be sure how important corporations are on both Bitcoin's price and how it works.

Young Koreans Less Keen On Crypto Taxation Than Older Generations, Poll Finds

According to the poll, South Koreans support taxing profitsfrom cryptocurrency trading, local media reported on Monday. In numbers, 53.7% of respondents support the initiative of authorities to levy taxes on capital gains from digital money deals, while 38.3% oppose it.
Youth in the country, or the most active cryptocurrency users, are more likely to disagree. 47.8 percent of respondents between the ages of 20 and 29 said they were against the planned tax, over 47.5 percent.
The largest share of supporters in their 40s (62.1%), followed by those in their 50s (57.2%) and 30s (55.4 percent). Slightly more than half of the people aged 70 and older (52.6%) agreed with the proposed taxation, Realmeter's poll among 500 Korean residents aged 18 and older indicates.
The survey, ordered by the YTN news channel, also shows Korean women are more willing to accept crypto taxation than men. According to data quoted by Yonhap, 60 percent of female respondents agreed with the government's move to impose a tax on gains from next year's crypto investments, while only about one-third voiced an objection. Distribution among male participants is split almost in half – 47.3% support the measure, and 45.7% oppose it.
A Korea Herald report notes that youth are the crypto space's most active participants. Citing numbers provided by lawmaker Kwon Eun-hee, the newspaper reveals that 2,35 million Koreans in their twenties and thirties traded coins at least once on one of the country's four largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Starting January 2022, Seoul's government plans to tax profits from such trades at a rate of 20 percent for amounts exceeding 2,5 million Korean wins (around $2,200).
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