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Toonkor Korean Website - Changing URL Issue As Encountered By Its Users


Comics have gained enormous popularity due to their straightforward but effective narrative. Korean webtoons are gaining popularity, especially now that they are available in color. Numerous individuals anticipate encountering and reading Korean webtoons.

If you're a manga reader, you've probably discovered some Korean webtoons or Manhwa on manga websites. Although there is a multitude of manga available, the availability of Korean webtoons is somewhat minimal. Korean Webtoons Wiki presently has information on around 366 webtoons. It's a rather tiny number! Toonkor is one of them.

What Happened To Toonkor?

Toonkor's URL appears to change on a regular basis. The most recent, according to user Su0su0, is toonkor.fit. When a website is not responding, the said user thinks that the downloaded chapters will change to "Offline" in the usual way.

Toonkor website with its manga and chapter list section that are both written in Korean language
Toonkor website with its manga and chapter list section that are both written in Korean language

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/toonkor/ by Elisa Mueller on 2022-06-27T04:22:08.073Z

According to user ronny1982, redirect works very well for him. He is capable of loading a wide variety of random mangas/chapters from toonkor.

Additionally, he stated that if a website cannot be accessed, just downloaded chapters will be shown. The website appears to have failed to load for a cause other than the domain change.

Su0su0 said that he can browse the website using Chrome, and that most titles on Hakuneko's toonkor operate properly as well, with the exception of a few bookmarked mangas. He also tested Hakuneko's Portable version.

Only mangas that have been bookmarked appear to have the "Offline" problem. User su0su0 also responded with a picture of the same manga, but with Hakuneko Portable (not previously bookmarked) on the left and Hakuneko Installed on the right (been bookmarked).

HakuNeko's portable version on the left and the installed version on the right
HakuNeko's portable version on the left and the installed version on the right

He attempted to remove and re-bookmark the page, but the issue persisted. The past two times this occurred, it was resolved when toonkor's URL was modified, so he just assumed it had something to do with that.

User ronny1982 contributed a commit and changed the domain, then asked user su0su0 whether any errors were displayed in the terminal (F12) when attempting to download the chapter list from the website. Su0su0 then thanked user ronny1982 and responded that toonkor is now operating normally and without errors.

Toonkor New Domain

Toonkor.com is now hosted on a server in the United States at IP address, where the local currency is USD and the local language is English. According to ourw3snoop.com information, toonkor.com is a privately registered domain name owned by Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org).

If toonkor.com were to be sold, it may fetch as much as $578 USD (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 24 month period). Each day, Toonkor.com receives around 273 unique visitors – a great amount of traffic! This report was most recently updated by the said website on January 20, 2022.

Toonkor Korean Website - Reviews

According to user 4ceOfCups, the website is unlawful. Authorities are attempting to apprehend the website's founder in order to prevent the webtoon's authors and artists from losing their work.

These websites are unlawfully stealing the images from webtoons and profiting from them. He also added that he's sure anyone will still continue to read on toonkor. However, even if it is removed, they deserve to be removed.

The user BlueRainAlchemist then responded to the user, stating that while they may be unlawful, they do not employ trashy age verification methods that rely only on South Korean IDs. Additionally, they provide greater variety than any legitimate website.

He also attempted to create accounts on legitimate SK websites but was unable to do so due to South Korean phone number verification or social security ID verification. And legitimate English translation websites are worthless and lag far behind the raws.


Toonkor.com is rated 3 477 621st in the world, 192 329th in Vietnam, and 23 728th in the category "Arts and Entertainment / Animation and Comics" in terms of popularity. Contains obvious negative dynamics when it comes to drawing traffic.

Between July and December of 2021, this site's attendance dropped from 74 168 to 17 600. (-123.28%). There were 5 135 visitors in December 2021. The average session lasts 3.29 page(s) and 13 second(s).

Simultaneously, the bounce rate is 46.08%. It is the most popular site in Vietnam, garnering 45.92% of total visitors from this nation. The most major source of traffic is "Direct" (89.48%), followed by "Referrals" (5.73%), "Social" (4.79 %), "Search" (0.00%), "Mail" (0.00%), and "Display Ads" (0.00%).

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