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Tips To Keep Your Furniture Looking New

Good quality furniture is a long-term investment. These are pieces that most people purchase to last a lifetime, and often, owners will go the extra mile to maintain their furniture in pristine condition.

Tyrese Griffin
Jan 25, 202390 Shares1263 Views
Good quality furniture is a long-term investment. These are pieces that most people purchase to last a lifetime, and often, owners will go the extra mile to maintain their furniture in pristine condition. Although wear and tear is normal over time, here are 5 tips to help keep your furniture looking it’s best:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning sounds like an obvious thing to do, but you should be intentional with regularly cleaning your furniture. There are many cleaning products on the market suited for different textiles, and you should choose one intended for the type of material of your furniture. For example, if you have a couch made from wood and suede, you should purchase products designed for this instead of a general detergent. It will clean your couch more thoroughly and help it look new longer.
Another option is to consider the services of professionalcleaners, who will clean every nook and cranny to keep your furniture like it just left the showroom. You should do this at least twice a year in addition to regular cleaning.

Early Repairs

Accidents happen, and your furniture may get broken, stained, or damaged. This is common on beds, office furniture, TV stands, and more. The sooner you repair the damage, the more likely you will restore the furniture to a perfect or near-perfect state. If you don’t fix a damaged piece of furniture in due time, it will only worsen to the point of being beyond repair.
You can even fix some of the small breakages without getting professional help. Wood glue is a solid choicefor cracks, small broken parts, and minor breakages. If it is a major repair, consult a carpenter to intervene at your earliest convenience.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Too much exposure to the sun is detrimental to furniture. If you can avoid or minimize this exposure, it will go a long way in keeping your furniture looking new. Sunrays slowly penetrate through furniture, and you will notice the furniture layers wearing out over time.
If you have outdoor furniture, storing it in a shaded area or when not in use will help significantly to preserve it. Some homesinevitably receive a lot of sun throughout the day because of large windows. If this is the case, you can rotate your furniture pieces regularly, so that no single piece is under direct exposure continuously over a long period. Thick sheers can also help minimize the amount of sun entering your space.

Polishing Surfaces

Many furniture pieces are made out of wood. The benefit of wooden surfaces is that they are easy to clean and, with regular polishing, will look new for many years after purchase. However, be careful with polishing, as too much of it can destroy the natural finish of your furniture.
You can also polish other materials like leather, but make sure you use the correct chemicals or solution. It will help protect your furniture and maintain a natural shine. This way, your furniture will age gracefully over time.
Follow Care Instructions
When you buy new furniture, you will likely receive care instructions on how to best care for it. These instructions are very important and will determine the state of your furniture as time goes by. If you don’t get these in a booklet or care label, ask the sellers directly for any information about how to take care of your furniture.
When you buy preloved furniture, consulting with the previous owner on how to best care for the furniture pieces will ensure they last a long time.
With these few tips in mind, you can confidently buy furnitureknowing that it will last for years. Remember, these tips work best if you invest in good quality furniture from the get-go. If you compromise on quality, the effects of wear and tear are inevitable irrespective of how well you care for your furniture. Thus, quality and proper care is the remedy to keep your furniture looking new for longer.
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