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4 Tips To Host An Unforgettable Pizza Party


These days, hosting a pizza party is pretty common, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be boring. If you want to do more than just throw some pizza on a table for your guests, here are some tips for hosting an unforgettable pizza party.

Make Real Pizza From Scratch

Most pizza parties serve cheap takeout pizza because it’s easy to feed a lot of people for less money. This option works if you’re just trying to give people something to snack on while you tend to business and don’t expect people to enjoy themselves. However, if the goal is to ensure your guests enjoy the party, make real pizza from scratch.

You can start with pre-made pizza crust if you don’t want to go all out, but at least prepare the toppings fresh and bake the pizza yourself. If you’re hosting the party at your house, having an outdoor pizza oven will make this easy.

Baking outdoors is easy whether you need to bake one, three, or ten pies. An outdoor pizza oven with good heat retention makes it possible to bake numerous pizzas without having to re-fire the oven. It’s better than baking your pies indoors because you want your guests to smell the pizza as it cooks. Smell plays a major role in how people enjoy their meals, and according to some studies, people feel happy when they smell a pizza baking in the oven.

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Offer a Plethora of Toppings

Many people hold back on toppings when they order pizza because adding more items gets expensive. Some pizza parlors charge $2 for each additional topping, even though not much goes on the pizza.

To make your pizza party amazing, offer a wide selection of toppings. You can do this whether you get delivery or bake your pizza onsite. For onsite baking, let people select their toppings for personal pizzas. If you get delivery, put some dishes with extra toppings around the table. For instance, prepare minced onion or green onion, diced or sliced tomatoes, sliced black olives, and whatever else you might like.

Provide Dipping Sauces

Not everyone is into sauces, but most people who are typically dip their pizza in marinara sauce or ranch dressing. While there’s nothing wrong with providing your guests with traditional dipping sauce, try branching out a bit and get creative. In addition to the staples, offer more interesting dipping sauces like:

  • Pesto sauce (both nut-based and nut-free versions). Pesto makes a great pizza sauce, whether on the pizza or served as a dip.
  • Buffalo sauce. Some people like to put buffalo sauce on everything.
  • Barbecue sauce. This is a classic pizza dipping sauce, but it’s not for everyone.
  • Garlic paste. For those who love garlic and want it in every bite.
  • Sweet chili sauce. This will add some sweetness and zing.
  • Nacho cheese. Almost everyone likes this liquid gold, and it’s a popular pizza dipping sauce for kids.
  • Honey. At first, honey might sound weird, but the sweetness balances a spicy pizza really well.
  • Chipotle mayo. Mayonnaise is probably not the first thing you’d consider as a pizza dip, but some people love it. Chipotle mayo is even better.

With plenty of dipping sauces to choose from, your guests will have way more fun at your party and they will definitely remember the food.

Have Your Party Catered

If you have the budget, get your pizza party catered by a company who makes their own pies fresh to order. Send an invitation to your guests ahead of time asking what kind of pizza they prefer. Give them menu options to choose from, and ask them to RSVP to ensure their preferences are included. Once you have everyone’s preferences, order your pizzas through the catering company.

The benefits of a catered pizza party are huge. You won’t have to shop for ingredients, prepare the toppings, cook, or even slice your pizzas. All you have to do is order what you want, wait for it to arrive, and your caterers will set up your tables with piping hot, freshly baked pizzas.

Some catering companies also offer beverages and may even provide you with the option to hire a server and/or sommelier for the day.

Throw a Party and Then Add the Pizza

At the end of the day, throwing a memorable pizza party takes more than just tasty food. The key is to create an atmosphere people will enjoy and serve amazing pizza inside that environment.

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