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TikFail - It Can Even Mirror Deleted TikTok Videos

TikFail is a web application that lets users generate copies of their own TikTok videos using their own videos as a template.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jul 14, 202222 Shares652 Views
TikFailis a web application that lets users generate copies of their own TikTok videos using their own videos as a template.
TikFail and any other domains that are part of the service for downloading videos are not connected to or backed by, Bytedance Ltd., or any other business that is part of the service.
A phone with a tiktok logo wallpaper in pocket of the pants
A phone with a tiktok logo wallpaper in pocket of the pants
All rights are reserved by the original proprietors of the works.
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Main Features

Watch Deleted TikTok Videos

Unlike other TikTok downloader sites, it keeps a copy of each video you download, so you can still watch them even if deletes them.

A Massive Video Archive

It has over 300,000 unique TikToks in its database. If you want to add to this TikTok library, you can mirror one yourself and join the thousands of other users who are already doing this.

A Quick And Simple Experience

It takes great satisfaction in offering its users a fantastic service. No download or speed restrictions, and no intrusive advertisements.

TikFail - Best Deleted TikTok Videos Downloader

Simply copy a URL from TikTok, put it in the space provided on the official website, and you're good to go!
There is no catch; you can make permanent copies (by downloading them) of all of your favorite TikToks with as little effort as possible.
Screenshot of tikfail website homepage
Screenshot of tikfail website homepage

View Deleted TikTok Accounts And Videos

Since it hosts each and every TikTok mirror, you will always be able to watch your favorite video on tikfail, even in the unfortunate event that it is removed from TikTok.
Have you ever come across a TikTok link that stated that it was "Currently Unavailable"? Make an effort to search for it on this app, and you will definitely find the video.

Extensive APIs

With's easy-to-use APIs, you can copy any TikTok video or look up hashtags and trending data. This site is for people who are good with technology.

Quick Mirroring

It has a single API endpoint that gives you all the information you need about the mirror so that you can use it programmatically.
After you give it a URL, it will send you a JSON object with the hash ID, a direct link to the video, and the page where users can watch the stream on your website.

TikFail Not Working

If tikfail is online but not functioning properly for you, you can try the solution listed in the following paragraph.

Refresh Your Browser

  • By simultaneously hitting the Ctrl and F5 keys on your keyboard, you can force a thorough refresh of the page you're viewing in your browser.
  • All three major browsers—Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome—should support this.
  • To make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of tikfail, you should delete your browser's temporary cache and cookies.

People Also Ask

How Can I Watch Deleted Tiktoks?

You can watch deleted TikTok videos on tikfail.

Where Can I Find Archived Tiktoks?

You can find all kinds of archived videos on tikfail.

How Do I Find Recently Deleted Videos?

You can find recently deleted TikTok videos on tikfail.


An easy-to-use API that automates the archiving of TikTok content, tikfail is a platform for sharing and downloading TikTok content.
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