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Meet Mark Cuban's Wife Of 20 Years—Tiffany Stewart


As the wife of billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, Tiffany Stewart is well-known in the media. The loving couple has been married for almost two decades and continues to enjoy a happy marriage free of strife. How, on the other hand, did Mark Cuban meet his wife?

Stewart is also the proud mother of three children, two daughters, and a son, with her husband. The family of five currently dwells in a multimillion-dollar estate in Dallas, Texas.

Who Is Tiffany Stewart?

Tiffany Stewart is a former advertising executive and the current wife of billionaire Mark Cuban. She was born on January 1, 1970. She is also the mother of their three children, Alexis (18), Alyssa (14), and Jake (14). (11).

Compared to his more outgoing husband, Stewart is the more reserved choice. Cuban occasionally publishes photos of her family on Instagram, despite the fact that she doesn't have any active social media profiles.

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Since they were kids, Tiffany and her sister had a lot of fights and their mother would instruct them to run three times around the house until they made up, but the two haven't gotten along since. When Tiffany had her own children, she included this throughout their upbringing.

She graduated from a local Dallas high school in 1993 with a bachelor's degree following matriculation at an unnamed university.

How Did Mark Cuban Meet Tiffany Stewart?

Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart in a party, both wearing black
Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart in a party, both wearing black

In 1997, Mark and Tiffany met at a Dallas gym. She was 25 and he was 39 at the time. In 2000, Forbes questioned the entrepreneur if he would marry Tiffany, considering that they'd been dating for three years, and he refused to discuss their relationship. He told the publication, "That's a no-win question for me."

After selling his sports streaming website, Broadcast.com, to Yahoo for a stunning $5.7 billion in 1999, Mark acquired a 24,000-square-foot Dallas chateau, where Tiffany resided with him. He became a self-made billionaire six months after selling his stake.

Tiffany revealed in an interview with the New York Times in 2000 that she had to have "huge patience" to live with her husband Mark. She found the residence "impractical" and didn't like "coming home to" it. Mark's anti-furniture stance made their living condition a bit more difficult.

It was also revealed that Mark's time was divided into "blocks of seconds," which caused scheduling issues in their relationship. Both of them slept at different times, which was typical. Tiffany put it down to a glitch with his laptop. "He can't switch it off. There is no way he can do this! She informed the press. "It's such a significant commitment," Mark said in response to NYT's question on marriage.

Two years later, on September 25, 2002, Mark and Tiffany were married in front of 20 family members and friends at the Royal Pavilion Resort in Barbados. When and how the Dallas Mavericks owner altered his opinion about marriage are still a mystery, but the couple soon began planning their future.

Alexis, 18, Alyssa, 14, and Jake, 11, are Mark and Tiffany's three children today. When it comes to handing down morals to his children, the former Dancing With the Stars participant has been open and honest. Mark grew up in a "middle-class" family in a "working class" household in Pittsburgh.


As a saleswoman at an advertising agency when she met Mark, Tiffany continued to work for a few more years before deciding to become a full-time housewife and mother to their two young daughters. Currently, she is employed by her husband and is in charge of some of his personal matters.

Net Worth

Tiffany Stewart with her whole family in Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
Tiffany Stewart with her whole family in Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Her net worth is thought to be around $1 million. In addition, Tiffany Stewart's husband Cuban has a fortune estimated at $4.4 billion. He has amassed an enormous net worth as a result of his numerous lucrative business ventures. Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise was purchased by Mark in early 2000 for $285 million.

Along with millionaire Todd Wagner, the business tycoon is a co-owner of 2929 Entertainment and a Shark Tank investor on ABC.

Cuban, a Kelley School of Corporate alumnus, worked in a couple of dead-end jobs before breaking into the business world. He worked as a bartender for Elan on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas, before joining Your Business Software as a salesperson.


Tiffany Stewart has definitely proven that she's a great wife, mother, and entrepreneur. We can only hope that her family life will continue to flourish as well as her husband's career and wealth.

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