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Things To Do During Your First Visit To Washington


The United States of America is a vast country full of amazing places to visit. Many of them are well known as the subject of big-budget movies and iconic TV shows. There are places like New York City with its landmark buildings and Broadway shows. California has the glitz and glamor of Hollywood as well as gorgeous beaches. When you move away from the coastlines, you can find many wonders of nature. Still more attractions are hiding in the corners of the country, in places like Washington state.

Washington is a blend of the best of city life and the beauty of nature. It has sprawling national parks and Seattle, one of the most famous locations in the world. And like a lot of other states in the US, Washington has legal sports betting. There is much fun to be had in wagering on a thrilling game, and Washington currently offers several games in its casinos. Places like the Lucky Eagle and Tulalip can serve as tourist attractions and place to place sports bets. Betting via online bookies isn’t yet available in Washington, but you can still have a thrill when placing bets from inside the exciting casino spaces.

If you’re looking to spend a few days taking in the sites of Washington state, here are a couple things you can check out in between bets at the casino. From bustling downtown centers to scenic nature reserves, this list will show you the best the Evergreen State has to offer.

1. Leavenworth

Those looking for a historical experience as well as some nature should check out Leavenworth. This town has a proud tradition as a Bavarian village, complete with wintry buildings and people wearing lederhosen. Winter festivals are this town’s claim to fame, and it offers amazing nature trails set near lakes and the Icicle Gorge.

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2. Seattle Center

Everyone knows about the Space Needle, but did you know that there’s a whole area around it that’s full of attractions? It’s true–there are museums, parks, and even a monorail that circles the area. There are also music and theatre venues around the Seattle Center, so you might be able to catch a show with good timing.

3. Olympic National Park

This park has everything nature lovers could ask for. There are snowy mountains, beaches, a hot spring, and forests in between. The official hiking trails can take you through it all, showing just how diverse and inspiring the landscape is. This is a must for those looking to hike beautiful trails.

4. Tacoma Museums

The city of Tacoma is home to many of the state’s most unique museums. Car lovers will want to check out the LeMay, which showcases cars from many different decades. The Museum of Glass might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it shows just how artistic this everyday material can truly be. Finally, the Washington State History Museum offers a reliable look at the past.

5. Future Of Flight

If technology is your thing, consider the Future of Flight tour offered by the Boeing Factory in Everett. Those who go on the tour will get to see how large planes are put together by watching it actually happen in a real, working aircraft assembly plant.

And those are just a few of the attractions that Washington has to offer. The state has plenty more parks and natural landscapes to see, thanks to its diverse climate that can support colorful flowers, cold mountaintops, and natural hot springs. Washington is definitely a state for nature lovers, but its cities offer plenty of museums and artistic installations for cosmopolitan types too.

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