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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning - An Image Of People's Hopes And Dreams

When the Tower tarot card appears in a reading, tarot readers experience conflicting emotions. It, along with the Death card and the Devil tarot card, is one of the most feared tarot cards, especially when it appears in the future position of the reading.

Like the other 78 cards, the Tower Tarot Card meaning has both positive and negative aspects. Those of you who drew the Tower in a tarot reading may be worried.

The Tower is frequently associated with tragedy or release. In some cases, it may also indicate new beginnings in your life journey.

Continue reading to find out more about this Major Arcana card and what it might mean for you if it appears in a reading.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism

In The Tower card, a massive tower structure perches perilously atop a rugged mountain. As the building is set on fire by lightning bolts, two people jump from the windows, face first and arms spread. It's a scene of utter devastation and chaos.

Despite its appearance, the Tower can be brought down by a single bolt of lightning due to its weak foundations. It represents people's hopes and dreams that are based on false and incorrect assumptions.

Lightning represents a sudden burst of energy and wisdom and represents a breakthrough or revelation. It blows off the crown as it enters from above, a metaphor for how energy flows down through the crown chakra.

People are fleeing the burning building, but they have no idea what will happen to them as they fall to their deaths.

The 22 flames represent the 12 zodiac signs and the ten branches of the Tree of Life, implying that divine intervention is always present, even in times of calamity.

Keywords Of The Tower Tarot Card

To help you understand the meaning of the upright and reversed Tower tarot cards, we've compiled a list of the most relevant keywords associated with this card.

  • Upright – Unexpected Change, Tragedy, Damaged Pride, Turmoil, and Revelation
  • Reversed – Delayed Catastrophe, Averted Tragedy, Pain Aversion, Transformation
  • Numerology – 16
  • Planet – Mars
  • Element – Fire
  • Yes or No – No
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – None

Meaning And Guide Of The Tower Upright Card

The Tower Tarot Card with a black crystal beside it
The Tower Tarot Card with a black crystal beside it

When the Tower card appears in a reading, tarot readers should expect the unexpected. Whatever the cause, it can have an impact on your mental and physical well-being.

It could be anything from a loved one's death to financial difficulties, a natural disaster, or job loss. The consequences cannot be avoided. The change will cause much upheaval, mayhem, and destruction, but it will all be for your benefit.

When you think things can't get any worse, a Tower moment arrives and throws you for a loop. The lies and delusions you've been telling yourself have been exposed for what they truly are, as if by a bolt of lightning.

You may discover, during this period of self-discovery, that your existence has been built on shaky ground, based on incorrect assumptions, delusions, and outright lies.

Your perception of reality is being eroded. You're starting to question the validity of your previous beliefs. What can you rely on and what should you avoid?

If your fundamental beliefs have been challenged, this can be very perplexing and disorienting. Your previous beliefs were based on a faulty perspective, whereas your new beliefs are more accurate depictions of reality.

It's ideal if this structure crumbles so you can re-establish yourself and re-focus. Furthermore, when confronted with the Tower card, you have no choice but to succumb to the ensuing chaos and destruction, no matter how painful it is.

It is difficult to go through such profound change, but you must have faith that life is working in your favor rather than against you. You must believe that everything occurs for a reason. This obliteration will allow for new growth and soul evolution.

You will leave the Tower with newfound strength, wisdom, and fortitude, as well as a new perspective on life.

Even if this process causes you pain and anxiety, it is necessary for your spiritual development and awakening. Your honesty and integrity will usher in a positive change in your life.

Fortunately, The Tower is not always a symbol of loss and conflict. If you are very attentive and in tune with your inner self, this Tarot card may represent a spiritual experience or revelation.

You may be able to detect the first signs of trouble and prevent the entire structure from collapsing. Before you are forced to make a transition that is your only option at that point, a dramatic change may be required.

In its most favorable form, the Tower card represents an opportunity for you to break free from outdated ways of thinking.

Meaning And Guide Of The Tower Reversed Card

If you see The Tower Reversed, it means you're going through a major life transition.

However, this is not the case in The Tower Upright, where the transition is frequently forced upon you by external events. Instead, the Tower Reversed forces you to reconsider your core beliefs, values, and sense of direction.

Spiritual awakening may occur if you discover a new path to enlightenment. Change your thoughts and attitudes about certain topics because you can no longer maintain the previous ones. Some people experience an existential crisis in which they question the meaning of their lives.

Trust the process and recognize that it is for the best, even if it is a stressful time. By bringing about change and transformation, you are transforming yourself into a new and improved version of yourself.

The Tower Reversed could be a sign that you're avoiding change and putting off the inevitable upheaval and devastation.

You might be refusing to acknowledge that things are changing. In some cases, you may be clinging to a belief system that is no longer relevant or beneficial to you.

Even if you don't want to, you must go through this painful experience in order to learn an important lesson and make genuine progress in your personal and professional development. If you resist this change, it will simply force its way into your life.

The Tower card should bring about a lot of change and progress. It will not go away no matter how hard you try to hide or ignore it; instead, it will grow louder as the chaos intensifies.

If you're in tune with your intuition, The Tower's reversal can mitigate the impact of the impending change in your life.

As a result of being informed or sensing that something major is about to happen, you may make plans to mitigate the damage.

The Tower In Money & Career Tarot Reading

The Tower tarot card represents insecurity in many aspects of life, most notably finances, money, and career.

Some of the most common outcomes of the Tower tarot card are job loss, extended unemployment, or a particularly stressful work environment. The Tower card has an absurd ability to predict failure in business.

The Tower card generally represents financial ruin, legal difficulties, or bankruptcy, and this can apply to all aspects of your financial life. Unless this card has fallen into the past position, now is not the time for reckless spending or large purchases.

Keep your hats on and be cautious until this time has passed. Even the Tower's dramatic changes, thankfully, will not last indefinitely.

The Tower Tarot Spirituality Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card placed on a wooden table
The Tower Tarot Card placed on a wooden table

The Tower card represents illness and disease in terms of wellness. If you see a Tower card in your health reading, it could indicate an unexpected illness, miscarriage, or a long bout of depression.

This Tower card number 16 is frequently associated with grief, despair, and discouragement. Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own body or mind, powerless to change the things you really want to change?

You may not be able to prevent the Tower from collapsing, but you can learn to accept your current situation. Instead of focusing on what you can't control, consider what you can do to influence things.

If you drew this card in response to a question about spiritual or psychic development, the answer is slightly more favorable. Even if it requires letting go of long-held beliefs, now is the time to accept your true self.

The Tower Yes Or No Tarot Reading

When the Tower tarot card appears in a yes or no reading, it means that the answer to your questions is NO. This card indicates that things will not go your way.

It may not be the best time to change jobs, start a new business, or become overly involved in a relationship. Before you can do anything useful, you must wait out the impending storm in your life that the Tower card will bring.

However, there is no need to panic. What rises must eventually fall. Don't be concerned because the bad times will not last forever. Only after the storm has passed will you begin to rebuild your life.

Love And Relationship For The Tower Tarot Reading

According to the Tower card, relationships frequently end in either a breakup or a divorce. Tarot Major Arcana cards, such as the Tower, have a bad reputation when it comes to love and relationships.

The climax of many stories involves the discovery of some sort of deception and the eventual unraveling of the truth. Emotional breakdowns and rage outbursts are possible. It's the same in life; not everything is sunshine and butterflies.

It can be devastating to lose someone you love or plan to spend the rest of your life with. If things were never meant to be, this may be an unavoidable change in circumstances.

The initial transition is frequently the most difficult aspect of making a change. Remember that living a true life is preferable to living a fictitious one.

Drawing The Tower Card In Tarot Reading

That brings us to the end of our investigation into the Tower tarot card's significance! It's a good sign if you don't get scared when you draw the Tower in your reading. It means you recognize that life's 'up' and 'down' moments are both necessary for your growth.

We can appreciate the good times more when we contrast them with the bad. What are some of your most precious blessings? Keeping a gratitude journal can have a significant impact on one's outlook and well-being.

People Also Ask

What Does The Tower Card In Tarot Mean?

The Tower tarot card represents adversity, crisis, devastation, and liberation. It's a metaphor for sudden, unanticipated, and unexpected change.

What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean Upside Down?

If you see the Tower Reversed, you are undergoing a significant personal change, transformation, or upheaval. These changes are taking place from within.

Change is generally brought about by external factors in the case of the Tower Upright, and you may feel that this change has been imposed on you.

What Does The Tower Card Mean In Love?

The Tower's love tarot meaning predicts significant changes in your relationship. Weak or collapsing foundations can cause a relationship to fail. These changes may appear difficult at first, but they pave the way for greater things to come.

Can The Tower Tarot Card Be Positive?

The Tower, like all 78 cards in the tarot deck, has both positive and negative aspects and attributes. A tarot card's main purpose is to guide you toward fulfilling your life's purpose.

Is The Tower A Bad Card In Tarot?

You must realize that there are no good or bad cards in a tarot deck. However, a few cards, such as the Tower, Devil, and Death, are frequently viewed negatively. However, keep in mind that each card serves its own purpose in assisting the reader in bettering his circumstances and making changes in his life for a better future.


In conclusion, the Tower Tarot Card meaning is a new beginning. Do not attempt to rebuild the same tower that fell so that you could start over with a new structure.

If you keep making the same choices and making the same mistakes after this experience, you will end up back in this situation until you learn your lesson. Take advantage of this opportunity to build something you've never done before.

Seek out new experiences or test your limits. What you are used to in your life may no longer be appropriate. In love readings, the tower can indicate that you avoided a bad relationship with someone who could be violent or unkind.

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